Five cool mobile phone games

5 THE SIMS 2: MOBILE EDITIONYou wouldn’t think The Sims, which on PC relies so heavily on the mouse’n’keyboard combination, would translate to a mobile keypad. But thankfully it does, providing a stripped-down version that’s retained all the character of its big brother. The goal is still the same – meet people, get a job, bling up your bachelor pad …

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adminFive cool mobile phone games

JVC Pulsating Sphere speaker

Forget the legion of high-end hi-fi jargon: even us non-audiophiles can get excited about JVC’s new concept speaker. Why? Because it’s called the Pulsating Sphere. It’s not actually a sphere, mind. Instead, it’s got a 12-sided dodecahedral design, projecting sound in every direction. Despite the name, you’re not just restricted to playing The Orb albums and other ambient ‘soundscapes’ on …

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adminJVC Pulsating Sphere speaker

Lego Batmobile

Sometimes I wish I was nine years old again, so I could have a legitimate excuse to save up and buy this Lego Batmobile (Lego never did superheroes when I was a kid). Guess I’ll just have to pretend it’s for my nephew’s birthday… BUY IT If you’re feeling really flash and a Batmobile is just not enough, you can …

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ShinyMediaLego Batmobile

Dualit DAB kitchen radio

The point about a kitchen radio is that you should only have to buy one once or twice in your life. They’re purely utilitarian items – you don’t really care too much about sound quality or looks of a kitchen radio. Their job is to sit there for years on end, next to the toaster, pumping out the Top 40 …

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ShinyMediaDualit DAB kitchen radio

Airfix crashes and burns

Terrible news for boys of all ages – Airfix, one of my favourite ever brands, has gone into administration. At the height of its success, during the Sixties, Airfix shifted 350,000 Spitfires, 80,000 Hurricanes and 60,000 Lancasters a year, but by last year sales were down to a third of that level. A good chunk of my childhood was spent …

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ShinyMediaAirfix crashes and burns

New Apple iMacs with Intel chips

Another day, another Apple update. This time the iMac gets a facelift. All iMacs now feature the speedy Intel Core 2 Duo processor, delivering up to 50 percent faster performance than the previous iMac. A gorgeous new 24-inch iMac with widescreen display has been added to the 17- and 20-inch models. Prices start at an eminently affordable £679 for the …

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ShinyMediaNew Apple iMacs with Intel chips

Brandish says hi. Hi!

You’re very welcome to Brandish, Shiny Media‘s new site dedicated to The Coolest Stuff in the World – we’ll feature must-have gadgets, fashion that won’t make you look like a metrosexual arsehead, illegally fast cars, fine Cuban cigars, that sort of thing. Only the best stuff gets in – Brandish is like an exclusive gentlemen’s club, but without the high-backed, …

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ShinyMediaBrandish says hi. Hi!