Check. This. Rude. Boy. Out. This gents, is the mighty KTM X-Bow (£TBA; 2008) and it is an all-new sports car from the storied motorcycle company. With a body weight of approximately 1550 lbs., the X-Bow’s 220-horsepower Audi engine propels the racer from 0 to 62 in 3.9 seconds. Other high-end features abound, such as a carbon fibre monocoque, Brembo …

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mofgimmersKTM X-Bow

Street Art Coasters

Coasters are normally very very dull… and normally geared toward the taste range of the lady of the house. Why? Probably because we don’t care about these things… most of the time. For those times when you want to make the effort, or maybe save a new glass table from getting hammered, then buy these brilliant street art coasters from …

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mofgimmersStreet Art Coasters

Keep calm tea-towel

The drudgery of the washing up is enough to drive a po’boy mad. However, a calming influence is at hand in the shape of this dapper tea-towel. The design is from an old World War II poster (advising people what to do in case of an invasion from ze Germans) and was re-discovered by a small bookshop in an old …

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mofgimmersKeep calm tea-towel

Ring-Thing bottle opener

There is nothing worse than being at a barbecue and scrambling around someone’s kitchen looking for that elusive bottle opener. The sun is out and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want your beer now! Well, help is literally at hand with a simple band of stainless steel. Slip the Ring Thing on your finger that you’ve give the bird with …

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mofgimmersRing-Thing bottle opener

Edgar Allan Poe figure

Star Wars figures a bit old hat? He-Man toys aren’t cutting it anymore? You want something a bit more grown-up and macabre? You obviously need an Edgar Allan Poe action figure. Find yourself piping up "once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…" whilst beating up Darth Vader with your 5.5" tall Mr. Poe. Of course, you …

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mofgimmersEdgar Allan Poe figure

Ace Robot Calculator

What can you say about this really? It’s a calculator. It adds up numbers and stuff. It stops your brain from doing any hard work. Blah blah blah… the reason why this is being featured is because it looks so bloody brilliant! Manufactured by Hog Wild, it has all the usual functions that you would expect with the added bonus …

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mofgimmersAce Robot Calculator

Women think men find size zero sexy

A survey conducted for New Woman magazine indicated that 58% women thought that men found size zero attractive. Without wanting to get into the whole "I like a bit of meat of my woman" debate, unless you’re 5 foot nothing size zero is gross. I’m quite surprised that women actually think that heterosexual males prefer their potential mates to be …

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IsabelleWomen think men find size zero sexy

Vintage Ray Gun

Who wants a ray gun? Of course the answer is that EVERYONE wants a ray gun. Everyone certainly wants a retro ray gun that evokes the "nostalgia of a lost age of exploration and discovery, and possess an intentional sense of humour and fun" according to the official blurb. I just think it looks really really cool. Only 500 of …

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mofgimmersVintage Ray Gun

We like short shorts (L&P Kiwi ad)

The Aussie contingent at work were going wild over this video, it’s an advert for L&P who are "World famous in New Zealand". L&P, or Lemon and Paeroa is a refreshing carbonated lemon drink, drunk all over New Zealand. The advert shows the rise in popularity of ‘stubbies’ which I always thought was those small bottles of Victoria Bitter that …

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IsabelleWe like short shorts (L&P Kiwi ad)