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Breath powered USB charger

By Isabelle on May 18th, 2007


Instructables have managed to make an amazing device that charges your USB appliances through the power of breathing! You strap the ingenious device to your ribcage and the movement of your chest winds it up powering your ipod, fan or other USB powered device. This cool contraption actually makes me want to go out for a run, so I can be multitasking. Just wait till they come up with breath powered laptops, then we’ll be cooking with gas!

[via Gizmodo]



By mofgimmers on May 15th, 2007


Check. This. Rude. Boy. Out. This gents, is the mighty KTM X-Bow (£TBA; 2008) and it is an all-new sports car from the storied motorcycle company.

With a body weight of approximately 1550 lbs., the X-Bow’s 220-horsepower Audi engine propels the racer from 0 to 62 in 3.9 seconds. Other high-end features abound, such as a carbon fibre monocoque, Brembo brakes, optional DSG transmisison, and an F1-style crashbox. In short. It looks evil and goes really really fast. Click here for more information.


Dr Parsons comic genius

By ShinyMedia on May 15th, 2007


Comic superhero Dr Parsons received critical acclaim for his garish guerre-ish cartoons (see what I did there?) depicting George Bush and Tony Blair. Still making works of pictoral accomplishment Dr Parsons continues to amuse and educate. Just don’t mention Gannett media.


Swedish FireSteel

By ShinyMedia on May 4th, 2007


Impress your friends and family with this Swedish FireSteel ($15.99) from Think Geek. The red-blooded name denotes the awesome fire-making properties of this invaluable tool, never again will you feel inferior, because you have the power of fire! Simply strike the metal part against the FireSteel and it will create a flurry of sparks which you can use to ignite grass, moss, or paper (c’mon, you’ve all seen ray mears do it!). It last 12,000 strikes and can even be used as an emergency signal which is perfect for attracting the attention of your friends at festivals.


Fashion Icon: Kel Knight

By ShinyMedia on May 1st, 2007


I must confess I have a bit of a crush on Kel Knight; I don’t know if it’s the grey leather moccasins, the collection of coordinating manbags or his fabulous dancing skills but the man’s a definitely an icon. Go forth to the charity shops and pick out an outfit that will make you look as "spunky" as the Aussie hunk himself.


H&M retro watch

By ShinyMedia on April 25th, 2007


H&M have got a great range of men’s watches this season, my personal favourite is the retro design above. With it’s boxy characters and circle cutouts on the strap it’s perfect to a add a bit of style to a plain suit outfit. You can get your mitts on the watch for £29.99, which is reasonable enough to leave you some cash for novelty socks.


Italian swim trunks

By ShinyMedia on April 24th, 2007

Ever fancied lounging around the beach or pool in the summer looking like a Lothario? Ever felt like haveing more holiday romances than days away? Ever wanted to feel the sun beating down under a thick carpet of chest hair? Then these are the shorts for you. Parade around with the Italian flag festooned upon your body, and let the brass buckle show off your tan. It also comes with cute little cinching buckles, and costs $35 from Rice and Beans Vintage.


Clarks Originals Re Heat shoe

By ShinyMedia on April 23rd, 2007


I love Clarks Originals, I may hate pie-crust shoes more than anything but some of their less copied styles are lovely. These shoes feature an all-important punched leather part which is very trendy at the moment, but more importantly keeps you cool. The Re heat name might be a reference to the crepe sole, which can easily rejuvenated by heating in a oven, but please don’t take my word for it. They come in easily dirtied greige suede but see after the jump for a slightly more wearable "mackerel" suede and white leather combo.

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Firetrap lace-ups

By ShinyMedia on April 16th, 2007


These Firetrap shoes are a gem. Just the other day I was out with my boyfriend and he wondered out loud why all lace-ups have to have clownlike extended toes. I personally think it’s an awful look, especially when teamed with an Estate Agent suit. Then we spotted these shoes, with a toe as round and smooth as a pebble. The leather looks like it will improve as it becomes aged and battered and you can buy the shoe in a grey-brown (right) or more of a conker (left) shade. They’re available for £69.99 from Office, so buck the trend for clown feet and get yourself a pair.


Street Art Coasters

By mofgimmers on April 13th, 2007

StreetartcoastersCoasters are normally very very dull… and normally geared toward the taste range of the lady of the house. Why? Probably because we don’t care about these things… most of the time.

For those times when you want to make the effort, or maybe save a new glass table from getting hammered, then buy these brilliant street art coasters from Elsewheres. Each set is handmade and retailing for $50. A bit pricey for some coasters, but hey, you get what you pay for… if you go any lower you’ll end up with some coasters with old Guinness adverts on or something.


Keep calm tea-towel

By mofgimmers on April 12th, 2007

Calm_teatowelThe drudgery of the washing up is enough to drive a po’boy mad. However, a calming influence is at hand in the shape of this dapper tea-towel.

The design is from an old World War II poster (advising people what to do in case of an invasion from ze Germans) and was re-discovered by a small bookshop in an old box of books. Since then, it’s become very popular indeed.  This incarnation is a tea towel, with the design housed on a fine quality linen cloth.

You can pick one up online for £8.50. For more infomation, visit RetroToGo.


Collection of Style menswear

By Isabelle on April 11th, 2007

There’s no denying that women get the best deal on the high street but COS, the latest H&M offshoot  offers what I think might be the best high street clothing for men. I paid a visit to the Regent’s Street store this morning and tried on some of their women’s clothing, but for obvious reasons couldn’t get dressing room shots of the men’s stuff! I did have a good look though and it’s all fashion conscious, without trying too hard. Simple clothes allow features like interesting cuts, on-trend colours and pretty prints to shine. There was lots of dove grey, navy and chartreuse green. See after the cut for more COS images.

Read my womenswear COS review on Catwalk Queen

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Ring-Thing bottle opener

By mofgimmers on April 10th, 2007


There is nothing worse than being at a barbecue and scrambling around someone’s kitchen looking for that elusive bottle opener. The sun is out and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want your beer now!

Well, help is literally at hand with a simple band of stainless steel. Slip the Ring Thing on your finger that you’ve give the bird with and you are ready to tackle your unquenched thirst. You wear the Ring Thing with ‘cat’s ears’ facing your palm
and hook a beer bottle cap, lift wrist and you’re away. It’s available from Think Geek in sizes 8-15 and yours for a measly $7.99. 


David Bowie curates H&M High Line festival

By Isabelle on April 5th, 2007

BowieAnother icon, this time the wonderful David Bowie who
is curating an H&M sponsored music festival in New York this May. The High Line festival is a new multi-discipline arts festival that will be curated by a different artist each year. Spread over ten days there will be music, comedy, film, visual art and performance all handpicked by the Thin White Duke himself. The festival is named after the area which contains the High Line, a disused
elevated rail structure soon to be a community space with wetlands and meadows which runs
through the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Hells
Kitchen. Bowie picks for the festival include Arcade Fire, Laurie Anderson, art by Claude Cahun and comedy with Ricky Gervais.


Special Edition ‘Good versus Evil’ Opus football table

By Isabelle on April 4th, 2007

Our lovely Bag Lady Kat found a gem of a toy for me, an amazing limited

edition football table with Good and Evil as the football teams. It’s available from 20ltd, the site that offers 20 special limited edition products at a time. The full squad line-up is after the jump but manufacturers The Eleven Forty Company are pitting Santa Claus and Mary Poppins against Pol Pot and the Childcatcher; the picture above shows Hitler trying to psych out Francis of Assisi. The hand-painted detailed figurines are set into a hand-crafted maple cabinet which retails at £14,500. It sounds quite pricey but 400 man-hours go into making each table. The only dilemma is which side you’re on; sounds like a perfect toy for a philosopher’s games room!

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