Vintage Vinyl Record Bowl

We’re absolutely loving these vintage record bowls, made from classic vinyl LPs. Choose from rock or jazz genres for a unique piece of homeware. They’re not suitable for keeping liquids in (the hole in the middle kind of makes that a no-no), but for anything else you might want to keep in a bowl – nuts, popcorn, Quality Street – …

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ShinyMediaVintage Vinyl Record Bowl

Mini Desk

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t like the classic British Mini or not… if you saw someone with one of these, you’d want one. There is no price on this inventive creation as yet, but whatever the price, you’ll be gagging for a go on one. Why? Well, the Mini Desk is made from original British Minis and the …

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mofgimmersMini Desk


It’s nice to adorn your walls with a little bit of your soul. Well, until someone creates a soul copying device, you’ll have to make do with the brilliant DNA Art. This genius idea allows you to create abstract art from a sample of your DNA. Each custom piece is as original as you are, and is created on the …

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mofgimmersDNA Art

Apostrophe Chair

It’s all very well buying a three piece suite, but what about the furnishings in your second room? Maybe it’s the room where you keep all your old LPs? Well, you’ll need a decent place to kick back on and what better than this ace Apostrophe Chair? It’s a low curved chair of extra-padded sturdy tweed complete with a matching …

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mofgimmersApostrophe Chair

‘Jesus is the light’ ashtray

Smokers: You can’t beat a witty ashtray to divert your attention from the fact that you’re breathing in poisonous and addictive fumes. I love that Jesus guy, even though he didn’t smoke – or did he. I’m not sure if the Bible mentions Marlboro? Available from Urban Outfitters, for just £6. BUY IT More groovy stuff for your home. (I’ve …

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ShinyMedia‘Jesus is the light’ ashtray

Vintage Milk Bottle Light Shades

A lot of the stuff featured on Brandish is super suave and cool in design (we think so anyway), so to give you the flip side, here’s something quirky, retro and fun… and eco-friendly. Eco Home are selling vintage milk bottle light shades which will look great around the house. All the bottles in the range (there’re many than the …

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mofgimmersVintage Milk Bottle Light Shades

New coloured iPod Shuffles look edible

Mmm, I could eat up Apple’s new coloured iPod Shuffles. Goddamn, they look like hi-tech Quality Street. Spec-wise, they’re identical to the original silver 2nd-gen Shuffle – 1GB of storage, 12 hours battery life, belt-clip, impossibly small, easy to lose etc. BUY IT More gadgets on Brandish

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ShinyMediaNew coloured iPod Shuffles look edible

Win £1000 cash plus a NavMan N60i sat nav system

Still feeling a bit strapped after Christmas? Well, how about £1000 cash on us, plus the latest N60i sat nav system, courtesy of our sponsor, Navman. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, just send in an image of your favourite place – that’s it! Visitors to the NavPix site can vote for their favourite – …

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ShinyMediaWin £1000 cash plus a NavMan N60i sat nav system

Limited-edition Gorillaz action figure set, by Kidrobot

If you’re a fan of the Gorillaz (Noodle, 2D, Russel and Murdoc), then why not own your own version of the animated super-band, in the form of this limited edition set of action figures? Designed by Jamie Hewlett and produced by Kidrobot, each soft vinyl figure comes in a unique box with exclusive accessories and stand between 6-8 inches tall. …

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ShinyMediaLimited-edition Gorillaz action figure set, by Kidrobot

Would you buy a paper iPhone? Thought not…

None of us can get our hands on the iPhone yet (not that we really want to), but if you’re desperate for a little Apple glamour in your life, then we have found an answer [Via TechEBlog]. Yes, some joker is actually selling a 3D paper model of the iPhone on eBay. It was originally used for promotional purposes and, …

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ShinyMediaWould you buy a paper iPhone? Thought not…

Danger Mouse 25th Anniversary car

Crumbs chief! There’s a brilliant Danger Mouse car for sale! In fairness, it’s a toy, and won’t fly around and help you defeat the dreaded Baron Greenback but it is a handcrafted resin model of Danger Mouse’s car, complete with Danger Mouse looking cool in his eyepatch and Penfold looking like he’s about to shit in his pants. The model …

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mofgimmersDanger Mouse 25th Anniversary car

The Onion’s Cheat-To-Win wristband

The Onion‘s most excellent Cheat-To-Win ‘lifestyle bracelet’ – yes, it looks a lot like another yellow lifestyle bracelet – is inspired by disgraced U.S pro cyclist Floyd Landis, who won the 2006 Tour de France but then failed a drugs test. Oops. As such, it’s ‘perfect for your deceitful lifestyle’. $2.99 (plus p&p) from The Onion’s Store, and they do …

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ShinyMediaThe Onion’s Cheat-To-Win wristband

Kwispelbier, the new beer for dogs

If, like us, you’re tired of having to share your lager with your pesky pooch, then the Schilde brewery in Holland has the answer. Kwispelbier (‘Kwispel’ is the Dutch word for wagging a tail), a beer brewed from beef extract and malt (mmm, tasty) is being marketed as ‘the beer for your best friend’. This trend-setting beverage is the idea …

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ShinyMediaKwispelbier, the new beer for dogs

Evel Knievel Stunt Set

Older readers of Brandish may well recall their youthful years being frittered away with a bloke trying not to kill himself on his motorbike. Of course I’m talking about Evel Knievel. You may also recall that brilliant rip and rev toy of the great man. Well, you can now relive some of his crazy stunts with the Evel Knievel Super …

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mofgimmersEvel Knievel Stunt Set

Free stuff: Top 15 babe blogs

There are literally thousands of blogs devoted to pretty women – or ‘babes’, as the internet calls them – wearing not-very-much-at-all. In theory, this is a very good thing. In practise, it can be hard (no pun intended) picking out the good ones from the wastes of web space. Luckily for you, dear Brandish readers, we’ve done our research and …

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ShinyMediaFree stuff: Top 15 babe blogs

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Good lord. We’re actually living in the future! Not only do we have the chance to wear futuristic digital T Shirts, but now you can use a keyboard that doesn’t actually exist. An amazing glimpse of the promised retro-future (by which I mean a future that looks like Tron) has just arrived at ThinkGeek in the form of the Bluetooth …

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mofgimmersBluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Burton Dominant snowboard

If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding (the real thing, as opposed to on a dry slope), then you’d better get a move on – global warming is really kicking in now, and several resorts have had to shut down this winter, due to a distinct lack of snow. Oh well, at least in 2086, my grandkids will have a …

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ShinyMediaBurton Dominant snowboard

Lifepod Rocksteady retro iPod speaker bag

There are loads of things to plug your iPod into, but none as cool as this. Retro design crashes headlong into modern technology with the fabulous Lifepod Rocksteady retro iPod speaker bag. It’s pretty much a vintage holdall (very much like the sports bags from the late seventies) in a range of colour schemes and has all the room that …

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mofgimmersLifepod Rocksteady retro iPod speaker bag

Most wanted: Ducati 1098 motorbike

Ducati’s new 1098 is essentially a MotoGP (the bike equivalent of F1) bike for the public road. And that is a damn scary thought. The 1098 is the lightest, fastest-stopping, quickest-lapping Ducati ever produced, so as well as £14,000 spare cash, you’ll also need balls the size of watermelons to handle this beast – it’s the most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle …

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ShinyMediaMost wanted: Ducati 1098 motorbike

Five lovely skateboards

Now I don’t claim to know anything about skateboarding, apart from the fact that a lot of ‘decks’ (isn’t that what the kids call ‘em?) feature rather lovely artwork and graphics. Here’s a few choice boards for you to check out, all of which are available from online skate & clothing shop Route One. More wheely-good stuff on Brandish

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ShinyMediaFive lovely skateboards