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Bookmark of the day: iPhonic, your one-stop Apple iPhone blog

By ShinyMedia on March 5th, 2007

Shiny Media, esteemed publishers of this very site (and many others that you should have in your bookmark list), have just launched iPhonic, a rather fine blog dedicated to Apple’s rather fine iPhone. So if you’re after features, hot news, rumours and other tasty iPhone-related morsels, then iPhonic is definitely the site you’ve been looking for. iPhonic, uPhonic, we all Phonic…

PS We particularly like its Top 10 potential iPhone rivals post.


Let’s Rock candle

By ShinyMedia on February 27th, 2007

This Let’s Rock candle is truly the Ozzy Osbourne of candles. Or the Motorhead of candles. Or the Iron Maiden of candles. Or the Whitesnake of candles. Or… well, you get the picture – it’s a candle for rock gods, and also you. It comes in a range of bright colours, including black, black and, er, black. Henry Ford would approve; Ozzy, Lemmy and co would obviously accept nothing less.

And yes, there is something a little disturbing about a candle in the shape of a ‘double viking’ fist – which finger will burn down quickest, do you think? Available from Urban Outfitters, for the reduced price of £15 (was £18). BUY IT

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R2-D2 Pedal Bin

By mofgimmers on February 26th, 2007

R2d2_pedalbinStar Wars, as we all know, is the king of merchandising. Quite a lot of it is complete tat aimed at 10 year olds… but occassionally, you get a diamond amongst the rough.

This particular gem comes in the form of a pedal bin shaped like R2-D2. The Artoo bin is made by Japanese company Heart, but is being imported to various countries at the moment – including the UK. It stands 24 inches tall, has a foot lever that flips open R2′s head for your waste and a removable interior for ease of emptying. You can order one now, but it’s not cheap. Currently going for £99.

[via RetroToGo]


Lost ‘Hurley’ action figure

By ShinyMedia on February 22nd, 2007

We love the concept of a Hurley ‘action’ figure. Look at him: he’s the ultimate anti-action hero.

You can also buy figures of square-jawed Jack, sexy Kate, druggy Charlie, and crazy Locke – but Hurley is definitely our favourite. Available from Gamestation for £12.99.  BUY IT

Btw, if you don’t watch Lost, this post will mean less than nothing to you. Sorry about that. You really should watch it though, it’s very good.

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Hug salt & pepper shaker

By ShinyMedia on February 21st, 2007

Q: How cute is this ‘Hug’ salt & pepper set?

A: Very very cute indeed. In fact, it’s probably the cutest salt & pepper set we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something, because we’ve seen a lot of cute salt & pepper sets in our time (not really).

So what else can we tell you about it? Well, each pot is made of porcelain and is roughly three inches tall. That’s all you need to know. Just look at them!

Available from the magical online shop that is Elsewares, for just $24 (around £13). BUY IT


Samsung X830 Mobile Phone

By mofgimmers on February 20th, 2007


Mobile phones are getting slicker by the second. Now you can have super suave design with all the hi-tech wizardy as well. It’s called having your cake and scoffing it down in one. Well, one of the coolest phones on the market is the Samsung X830, going for $335.

Available in black, orange, white and pink, the tri-band GSM phone has 1GB of memory onboard and can be used as a standalone MP3 player. It also has features like Bluetooth and EDGE support, bit what’s most cool is the rotate-to-open design. Try doing that with a clamshell. It’s also incredibly small, at 72g, so it won’t feel like it’s pulling your slacks down.



Gaggia 74886 Deluxe Espresso & Capuccino maker

By ShinyMedia on February 16th, 2007

Gaggia coffee machines sell so well because they prize function over form – which is great, because making a cup of coffee is essentially a functional process. They’re pretty basic machines at heart, easy to use and they last forever. This model does both a mean espresso and a delicious capaccino, or, as old people like to call them, ‘expresso’ and ‘campuchino’. Bless old people and their comedy mispronunciations.

Available via Amazon for £218.99 BUY IT

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8-ball ashtray

By ShinyMedia on February 16th, 2007

Picture_1_281It costs loads, it stinks up your clothes and it can kill you. Yes, smoking is very, very bad in so many different ways – can you tell that Brandish is now a reformed, self-righteous non-smoker? – but if you have to do it, at least use a stylish ashtray, rather than a mug or silver-foil Mr Kipling tray. This 8-ball model is something of a design classic, with its clever push-and-spin top, easily deployed to hide unsightly ash. BUY IT from Urban Outfitters, for just £8.

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Urban Outfitters python hip flask

By ShinyMedia on February 15th, 2007

Every man needs a good hip flask in his arsenal. Anything that is specifically designed to hold booze and slips neatly into your coat pocket is bloody essential. However, most hip flasks are essentially quite dull to look at. Not this faux-python-skin model though. It’s the sort of hip flask Indiana Jones might pack, next to his bullwhip – although his would be made from real python skin – cause, as we all know, Indy ‘hates snakes’. Available from Urban Outfitters, for £13. BUY IT

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Giant Anthem Zero pro mountain bike

By ShinyMedia on February 12th, 2007

At £2,999, the Anthem Zero, by Giant, is what we would consider a very expensive mountain bike – I mean, you could buy a second-hand BMW for less. We’re not a specialist mountain bike site, so we won’t go into all the specs and stiff. We will say that this is one shit-hot, competition-standard bit of kit, hardly any different from the wheels used by Giant’s pro riders – ie. it’s very light, very high-tech and very fast. Don’t expect to keep that pristine white paint-job free of mud splatters though. You don’t want people thinking you just bought it ’cause it looks cool… BUY IT

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Vintage Vinyl Record Bowl

By ShinyMedia on February 12th, 2007

We’re absolutely loving these vintage record bowls, made from classic vinyl LPs. Choose from rock or jazz genres for a unique piece of homeware. They’re not suitable for keeping liquids in (the hole in the middle kind of makes that a no-no), but for anything else you might want to keep in a bowl – nuts, popcorn, Quality Street – they’re perfect. Available from Elsewares for $26 (plus whatever p&p it costs to get delivered to the UK). BUY IT

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Mini Desk

By mofgimmers on February 6th, 2007


It doesn’t really matter if you don’t like the classic British Mini or not… if you saw someone with one of these, you’d want one. There is no price on this inventive creation as yet, but whatever the price, you’ll be gagging for a go on one. Why? Well, the Mini Desk is made from original British Minis and the desk is hand-built to your specifications, with your choice of desk top, car color, rims, tires, and license plates.

Not only that, it features a stereo in the dash with speakers in the parcel shelf, and fully working headlamps, hazards and spotlights. It’s designed by Glynn Jenkins and will be a real coup for any Mini enthusiast. FIND OUT MORE



By mofgimmers on February 6th, 2007


It’s nice to adorn your walls with a little bit of your soul. Well, until someone creates a soul copying device, you’ll have to make do with the brilliant DNA Art. This genius idea allows you to create abstract art from a sample of your DNA. Each custom piece is as original as you are, and is created on the highest quality canvas.

They’re available in a variety of colours (chosen by you) and are going for $390.00. Sadly, it’s only available in the US and Canada at the moment. More news when we get it. For those of you lucky enough to reside on the other side of the Atlantic, spend away! BUY IT


Apostrophe Chair

By mofgimmers on February 6th, 2007


It’s all very well buying a three piece suite, but what about the furnishings in your second room? Maybe it’s the room where you keep all your old LPs? Well, you’ll need a decent place to kick back on and what better than this ace Apostrophe Chair?

It’s a low curved chair of extra-padded sturdy tweed complete with a matching ottoman, both finished with short lacquered legs.  Available in orange (pictured left) and a cherry number. Made in the USA and spot clean. It’s going for $330 (about £150) and would look great in just about any young gent’s house!



‘Jesus is the light’ ashtray

By ShinyMedia on February 2nd, 2007

Smokers: You can’t beat a witty ashtray to divert your attention from the fact that you’re breathing in poisonous and addictive fumes. I love that Jesus guy, even though he didn’t smoke – or did he. I’m not sure if the Bible mentions Marlboro?

Available from Urban Outfitters, for just £6. BUY IT

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