Ceramic crinkle cups

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http://www.clio-home.com/ProductImages/Med_405.jpg People often want to appear quirky and interesting. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you go down the novelty tie route, which as we all know, will make you more unpopular than the plague (even if you are trying to be ironic).

Well, a nifty little way of doing it is to buy some of these crinkle cups…

The Xmas List, No.18: Cube-Works CAM-08 walking robot

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Japanese company Cube-Works brings you the all new Cube Robot Project CAM-08 walking robot. CAM-08 takes advantage of cutting-edge joint & rotary technology resulting in its eerily natural walking motion. Cam-08 is a simple, affordable (around $160 from Audiocubes) design robot. It comes with a wireless infrared four-button remote (forward, backward, stop, sounds), so you can easily control him. Hands …

Nintendo Wii can damage your living room

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Nintendo, you have spawned a monster… the nunchuck (emphasis on ‘chuck’) controller for the lovely Wii is innovative but it’s also proving to be rather destructive. Some gamers lucky enough to own a Wii have found that the remote can fly off in all directions, putting any objects and people in the vicinity at risk. There’s even a website dedicated …

Day-Lab Kung Fu coasters

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As the folks at Day-Lab say, nothing irritates a Kung Fu master more than rings on his wooden tables. That or being stabbed in the face with a Ninja Star… but I digress. This cool set of four cork-backed Kung Fu Coasters will keep your precious tables nice and ring free… and match the decor of your imaginary dojo. So …

Perstel Bluenote DAB radio

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http://techdigest.tv/bluenote-thumb.jpg Digital Radio… DAB thingies… um… whatever you think of them, you’re going to need one soon. Obviously, some digital radios are just not worth their price-tag… I mean, who really listens to the radio now? Well, should you want to dip your toe into the world of DAB then…

VW snow sleds

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If a humble wooden sled is too old-school for your taste, then take a look at Volkswagen’s fancy snow sleds, which bring precision German engineering to the slopes. These sleds get steering wheels, padded seating and cold resistant plastics. Our favourite models are the Schlitten Snow Future GTI (pictured) and Snow Flyer Herbie versions which are inspired by the Golf GTI …

Retro NES skin for Nintendo Wii

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http://www.uncrate.com/men/images/2006/12/nes-wii-skin.jpg Those of you who are lucky enough to already own a Wii, your life isn’t quite complete yet. Why. Because you need the superb retro NES skin for your Nintendo! It’s called the Retro Revolution which gives a nod to the original codename for the “Wii” (‘revolution’) and not merely some random name plucked from a hat…

Greg Hansen speaker amps

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http://www.handsomefamily.com/Busker.jpg With a feature on weird and wonderful guitars (that you’ll never get to own), let’s look at a bunch of weird and wonderful amplifiers that you CAN own…

Five best mobile games for this Xmas

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Getting a shiny new phone under the tree this Chrimbo? You’ll be wanting some games to play on it, then, if only to distract you from how rubbish underwhelming most mobile TV is. Here’s five mobile games worth downloading – and each should cost you less than a fiver! All should be available on your mobile operator’s portal. 1. SUPER …

DIY pizza maker

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Gadget site Iwantoneofthose.com reckons its new Pizza Maker will provide a tasty alternative to "grabbing a dirty kebab on the way home from the pub", which grossly underestimates the ability of the average drunk man to a.) walk past a kebab shop without going inside, and b.) work electronic equipment when he gets home. Still, it’s pretty cool, using prepacked …

War On Terror board game

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It’s that time of year again, when normally intelligent people walk into shops and buy boardgames for Christmas, despite the obvious fact that a.) it means spending more time round the table with relatives on Christmas day, b.) they always lead to rows, and c.) nobody understands the rules after six glasses of port anyway. Nevertheless. If you must insist …

London Underground retro rug

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This rug, at first glance, might look simply like a stylish little rug with a cheeky nod to pop-art. Now, let’s take a closer look at it and… BINGO BANGO… that’s right! It’s the London Underground rug. The ‘Interchange’ is a unique collection based on the classic 20th century design icon, namely, the tube map. It’s a growing range of …

Voice-activated R2D2

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http://images.skymall.com/images/products/HAM/69753124d.jpg Star Wars is probably the most franchised thing in the history of anything, and with that, you sadly get a lot of tat. Well thankfully, it’s not all rubbish. This great little voice activated R2-D2 is a…

Mi Jam electric guitar

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Tsk, air guitars are so 20th century, grandad. And actual proper electric guitars are even more boring. The hot new thing (we hope) is the Mi Jam guitar, which costs just £26.99, but is a world of musical fun in your hands. Something like that, anyway. Basically, you can play it as a ‘normal’ guitar, with background rhythms if you …

Hillcrest Labs Freespace TV remote

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Fed up with pressing boring old buttons to change channels? Hillcrest Labs may have the answer. It’s developed a technology called Freespace, which puts motion-sensing into traditional TV remotes. Its first product is called The Loop, a bracelet-shaped remote that has two buttons and a scroll wheel, and can also translate your arm-wavings into on-screen actions.

Finger Frenzy Party

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When Brandish was young, people learnt to touch-type in secretarial school, or by using PC applications presented by a stern-looking woman called Mavis Beacon. Nowadays, it’s a bit different. You can practise your typing skillz by playing web games that involve challenging your mates to type obscenities as fast as they can.

GM Hummer O2 eco concept car

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Engineers at General Motors, makers of the eco-unfriendly Hummer, have created this very cool concept Hummer. It’s called the O2 and it boasts a number of interesting features, including a ‘phototropic’ body shell that contains algae-filled panels. The algae’s waste provides oxygen – hence the car’s name – for both the O2 itself and the surrounding environment. This is exciting …

Links of the day

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Top 10 YouTube videos of the year. [SMH]Top seven girl-on-girl kisses in videogame history. [Games Radar]The greatest hip-hop impressionist we’ve ever seen. [YouTube]Top 20 Wii videos on YouTube. [Wii Wii]Get ready for PlayStation 4. In 2010. Bah. [TechEBlog]

Airdrummer electronic drumsticks

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http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/store/assets/images/product/rhysti/rhysti_lg.jpg We’ve all been there. Stood on the middle of a dancefloor – blind drunk – playing terrible air drums whilst all around us pirouette like ballerinas. Well, thankfully, you can get a bit of practice in at home without looking like a complete chump. Dear reader, welcome to the drumsticks that don’t need a drum-kit!

Linerider online game

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Has anyone tried the sublime online game, Linerider, yet? Basically, it’s a game that you draw yourself, and send a little chap on a sledge down the various precarious hills that you’ve created. Sounds a bit dull from the off, but this game is more addictive than crack, and once mastered, is more than rewarding. For an example of how …