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Dries Van Noten pink and red boxing shorts

By admin on June 4th, 2008

dries van noten boxer boxing shorts.jpgPink and red is one of my favourite colour combinations, it’s perhaps not the most classically stylish colour combination but the pairing of masculine red and feminine pink makes for a satisfying clash.

Now we come onto the fact that the item in question is a pair of Dries Van Noten silky boxing shorts (£205) and it becomes a little harder to wear. We’ve already written about pyjamas as outerwear so this could conceivably be the next step but to be perfectly honest I at a bit of a loss as to how you’d wear them… Any ideas?

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Paul Smith navy swim shorts

By admin on May 19th, 2008

paul smith navy swim shorts trunks.jpgHopefully this summer will sound the sartorial death knell for knee-length boardshorts. They’re fine on teenagers and actual surfers, but on a twenty or thirty-something male the look is a bit tragic.

Something a little more tailored and fitted looks far more fashion-savvy, these Paul Smith shorts are a reasonable £45 and look a lot more stylish than post-pubescent baggies. The neutral colour combination is so chic people will mistake you for a classy European on the beach. Team with Reebok classics at your peril!

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Toddy lead the sleepwear revolution

By admin on April 21st, 2008

toddy.jpgCuriously, pyjamas are fairly high on the agenda right now. Between Fantastic Man’s latest photoshoot, and Alexis Petridis weighing up the practicalities of sleepwear-chic; it sounds like PJ-inspired looks are being talked about with completely straight faces in fashion circles.

Australian label Toddy are waiting to take advantage of the current climate with their casual/sleepwear range. Featuring a selection of singlets, long johns, cardigans and classic PJ tops in plain and plaid prints, they’re surprisingly wearable. It’ll still take a brave man to team it all with something else from the wardrobe and step outside, though.

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Russell’s Been Reading Brandish…

By Will Reid on April 17th, 2008

What can I say? We do try our best here on Brandish and every so often an iconic-well-dressed-mega-major-celeb pays attention. Russell Brand is one of my favourite modern personalities and his part in the new film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” looks set to provide more embarrassingly-crude but absolutely hilarious viewing. Watch the trailer above and look out for Russell’s short-shorts beach/ Yoga look (mistaken my those not as dedicated to the shorts debate as simple sportswear!)

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Fundies: ‘the underwear built for two’

By admin on April 7th, 2008

fundies underwear for two.jpg
Essentially a large pair of pants, Fundies allow you to share undergarment space with a loved one; I’ve never seen anything quite like it before but they are up for grabs on eBay for $4.99 (link kind of nsfw). Why Dov Charney hasn’t picked up on this and decided to release a range of Fundies modelled by a pair skittish underlings I don’t know, it seems perfect for the brand.

If American Apparel decide to get in on the Fundies idea I definitely want full recognition though, perhaps in the form of a pair of gold lamé legging Fundies.


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Frank Dandy underwear

By admin on November 29th, 2007

Ever since Calvin Klein revitalised the men’s
underwear sector, men all over have lazily reverted back to them every time
they needed a pair of new undies. To be fair, I qualify as one of those men.
Underwear is the most annoying thing to buy because you (understandably) can’t
try them on before you buy them. For this reason, I (and millions of other men)
tend to stick to underwear they know. Relatively new underwear designer Frank
aims to stage a similar branding takeover.

In terms of self-obsessed branding, Frank
Dandy certainly does outdo Calvin Klein. His name isn’t just along the top of
the boxers, it’s also repeated all over the rest of the boxer briefs, hammering
his name into your subconscious in the most unimaginative way possible. It’s
the visual equivalent of someone yelling their name at you repeatedly for about
half an hour. The designs are nice though and at 35 EURO for  two pairs their cheaper than Mr Klein’s pants too.

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JBS men’s underwear, as modelled by women

By admin on August 28th, 2007


The majority of men’s underwear promotions feature well toned, well-endowed men strutting their stuff, or simply a close up of the offending pants along with the "bulge". Men are intimidated by these images because 1) most of us are either buttery blubber-boys or eight-stone weaklings and 2) our bulges are more like mild swellings.

Enter JBS, a Danish menswear company specialising in pants and boxer shorts that does away with the chiselled abs and stuffed-pocket style adverts and instead gives us what we want – scantily-clad women. Their latest campaign features a series of females in various states of undress, wearing or holding JBS underwear, promoting the idea that "women like these pants and if I wear a pair, they’ll like me too".

However, what I do find disconcerting is that some of the women appear to be smelling them. No sane women would ever pick up a pair of men’s pants and have a good sniff…

[Via Nuacco]

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Djimon Hounsou fronts Calvin Klein underwear range

By admin on July 16th, 2007

Despite his acting ability and the fact that he’s appeared in some cracking films over the past few years, Djimon Hounsou has yet to become a household name. The talented actor has appeared alongside Russell Crowe in Gladiator and, more recently, co-starred with the big-faced-small-headed man-child Leonardo DiCaprio in the acclaimed Blood Diamond, being Oscar nominated for his role in that film.

Although he’s not as well known as he should be, Calvin Klein is hoping that what Freddie Ljunberg did for his underwear a few years back, Djimon will be able to do for his latest campaign – Klein Steel, which sounds like one of Ben Stiller’s "looks" in Zoolander.

And I’m guessing that it won’t be Djimon’s acting ability that will be under scrutiny when the print and billboard ads launch in the Autumn, as this new role needs filling in a completely different way…

[Via FasionWeekDaily]

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David Beckham’s underwear pics with Posh for W magazine

By Isabelle on July 11th, 2007


Looking tanned and toned the Beckhams posed for photographer Steven Klein in a raunchy photoshoot days before their arrival in Los Angeles. Wearing skimpy clothes and practising their loved-up poses the Beckhams will be featured in a 9-page spread in the August issue of W magazine, as well as appearing on the cover. This is what W Magazine had to say on the matter: “When the soccer star married the pop singer, it was a match made in British tabloid heaven. Now David and Victoria Beckham are determined to become the new American idols.” See after the jump to find out where you can get pants similar to David’s tighty whities.

[Via: Perez Hilton]

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HOM underwear

By admin on June 14th, 2007

Men can be divided into roughly three groups. Boxers, briefs and jockeys. No, they’re not allusions towards different professions, but the type of underwear we sport ‘neath our trousers. You do have your "fringe" groups though – the type that wear giant, holey y-fronts or tiny cartoon character pants, but we won’t discuss them now…

Personally, I’m a boxers man – they’re comfy and loose, letting me swing free n’ lo. But recently I’ve been thinking. If, by some chance, I get lucky with the opposite sex in the future, will she appreciate my gingham-style cheapo boxers from Next? Hmmm… possibly not. So I could do a lot worse than procure my self a pair of HOM briefs or jockeys. They’re actually a good looking range of pants (I can’t believe I just wrote that) more so than Calvin Klein’s. Personally my favourites are the Vintage Sports (£16.99) available in black and white. I bet they don’t make your abs look like they do in that picture…

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Dead Good Undies sale

By ShinyMedia on May 8th, 2007

SloggiIs your underwear drawer full of greying y-fronts and saggy boxers? There’s a 20% sale on at Dead Good Undies until the 14th of May which gives you the opportunity refresh your underwear collection. Take your pick from Hom, Sloggi, Mey Bodywear and you could even purchase a pair of the impossibly named Budgy Smugglers swim trunks. My personal favourite are the bold red Sloggi trunks, which will only set you back £9, not including the discount.

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HOM underwear

By ShinyMedia on April 24th, 2007


HOM made waves in the ’70s with their mesh and cotton anatomically seamed briefs, and continue to push the boundaries with their 3001 range of men’s lingerie. Their garden hipster (middle) is £38 and features lacy side panels. If you prefer something a bit more conventional their plain underwear comes highly recommended in this month’s Fantastic Man magazine. A pair of low waisted briefs will set you back 15.99 from their website.

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