Billy Liar gets the Blu-ray treatment

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As any Smiths fan knows the classic early single, William It Was Really Nothing, was Morrissey’s homage to the masterpiece of British new wave movies Billy Liar. Well, a few years after the death of Keith Waterhouse who penned the novel in 1959, the film is to be celebrated again with a feature-packed Blu-ray edition plus a couple of screenings. …

Goths looking awkward in everyday situations – genius Facebook page

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If you have a spare few minutes check out this rather lovely new Facebook page. It is called Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations and features images and videos of our dark-hearted pals in normal boring everyday situations such as shopping, holding a baby, hanging by the pool etc. Its mantra is It can be hard to be the dark lord …

The five best ever kids TV shows (for adults) – Press Gang, Horrible Histories and more

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So the BBC is finally pulling the plug on showing kids programmes on mainstream channels like BBC 1 and if you want to entertain your youngsters you’ll now have to plonk them in front of CBBC or any one of about a hundred US channels. In the general scheme of things this matters very little. It does however give me a cheesy hook to highlight five great kids programmes that quite frankly …

Sponsored post: Crack the case and become the next James Bond with Heineken

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Sponsored  post Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next James Bond? Then take part in this interactive video courtesy of Heineken below. Challenging you to defy Bond’s enemies and ‘Crack the Case’, you will be taken on an epic journey. The interactive experience begins exactly where the TV advert leaves off, with viewers invited onto a train …

Tarantino XX collection is the “Royale with cheese” of Blu-ray box sets

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You know what they call a 10-disc Quentin Tarantino box set at Brandish? They call it a “Box Set Royale, with cheese”. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the superlative “Tarantino XX” Blu-ray box set, a 20-year retrospective of the grindhouse director’s work. The box set includes eight films ranging from from Reservoir Dogs to Inglorious Basterds, as well as …

VIDEO INTERVIEW: We chat with the legendary Daley Thompson about the London 2012 Olympics and SEGA’s official videogame

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You may or may not have realised, but Britain is gearing up for one of its most sport-filled summers of all time. Playing host to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the world’s finest athletes will be competing with the best that Britain has to offer in iconic venues across the capital. And who better to shed light on Team GB’s prospects at …

Rick Owens A/W At Oki-Ni.

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The first drop of the Autumn Winter installment of Rick Owens’ fantastic collections has become available to purchase from Oki-Ni. Featuring now classic Rick Owens silhouettes such as long-line tops biker leathers and drop crotch trousers the first drop is his casual offerings. There is so much left to come as you can see from the ‘Gleam’ show.

Adidas Originals – The Street Where Originality Lives (Extended Version)

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The extended version of the Adidas Originals video released a few weeks ago has just been put online. Adidas have really outdone themselves with their recent campaigns and collaborations for Adidas Originals and are one of the few brands that are managing to fuse streetwear with mainline fashion and pull it off. The video featured Noel Gallagher, David Beckham, Snoop …

Palladium Boots Pirate Radio Documentory.

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Watch the documentary HERE. Part of Palladium Exploration series, this is #6. It documents the pirate radio scene in London. This is really interesting. it charts the effect of the internet on pirate radio, how they set up the transmitters by climbing up buildings, and how exactly they know when OffCom are on to them. If you enjoy this, I …