The Apple iRack video

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‘Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the iRack!’ Priceless Steve Jobs/Apple parody that also manages to take a pop at America’s foreign policy (say iRack aloud for a clue).

Sony PlayStation 3: ‘How to kill your brand’ song

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This musical attack on Sony’s PS3 is much more entertaining than a PowerPoint presentation. And I have to say I agree with a lot of what is being said. The Wii is fun and innovative, Xbox 360 has Live! and a growing library of great games, while the PS3 has a lot of catching up to do. The console itself …

Peep Show Mac ads

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So the lovely Peep Show boys, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, have taken the corporate shill and done a series of UK-specific ads for Mac. In fairness, if we were going to take the corporate shill, we’d want to take it from Apple too. From behind. Click on the image to watch the ads. They’re pretty funny. Not as funny …

Vid of the day: How women treat men

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OK, this may not strictly be true or very accurate, but it’s funny all the same. A great little animation about the way women treat us poor blokes. Be careful if you’re on the pull this Christmas.

Vid of the day: Golden Axe

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As you get older, you don’t actually stop wanting toys and computer games. To remind you of a time when games didn’t feature actual footage of people talking and, well, shoddy graphics, here’s someone getting whupped on Golden Axe. Still ace though aint it?

Japan’s extreme alarm service

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Heavy sleepers in Japan can pay good money (around £5) to be woken up by an attendant with a vacuum cleaner. Other methods include wasabi up the nose, cake in the face and wax on the nipples. More vids of bizarre Japanese alarms after the click… [Via Gizmodo]