Vid of the day: USB humping dog

Not sure whether this gizmo is brilliant or just another Bigmouth Billy Bass (ie. funny once or twice and then very, very, very annoying). For now, we like… More cool toys on Brandish

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ShinyMediaVid of the day: USB humping dog

Honda Asimo vs stairs. Stairs win

Brandish thought the whole stair/robots debate had been settled when the Daleks learned to fly in the recent Doctor Who remake. But no. It seems cutting-edge robotics still can’t quite cope with an average flight of stairs. Check the video at this link for an example of Honda’s Asimo robot trying (and failing) to reach the first floor without falling …

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adminHonda Asimo vs stairs. Stairs win

Who Ate All The Pies?

Us gentlemen are known for enjoying a bit of football aren’t we? From reading Roy of the Rovers, to still hanging onto a dream that you could offer your club of choice something even though you’re a bit overweight and cough up terrible things after running for longer than a minute. Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is …

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mofgimmersWho Ate All The Pies?

Gears of War, for Xbox 360

Gears of War, for Xbox 360, is the greatest video game we’ve played this year. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is immersive. Whereas a lot of new 360 games don’t really look so different from Xbox titles, GoW really does show off Microsoft’s next-gen capabilities, as the clip below shows… BUY IT

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ShinyMediaGears of War, for Xbox 360

Video games in the real world

Ever wondered whether you could recreate your favourite games in real-life? No, not Grand Theft Auto. Click here to watch five of the best video-game re-creations from a bunch of Swedish students doing Pong and Space Invaders and a real-life Punch-Out battle, through to one man spending 60-80 hours shooting and editing his own Counterstrike short film. As you do. …

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adminVideo games in the real world

Nokia Shorts mobile movies

Want to get in early on the next Spielberg or Scorsese? You could do worse than check out the finalists for this year’s Nokia Shorts competition, which have just been announced. The rules were simple: entrants had to submit 15-second short films, which have now been weeded down to the five nominees. Brandish’s pick? ‘Ah Youth’, which sees an old …

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adminNokia Shorts mobile movies

Sony Bravia paint ad

A few days ago we mentioned Sony’s new Bravia ad, the one with 70,000 litres of paint being fired at a grey building. Well, you can watch it here – and pretty damn stunning it is too. One of the best ads we’ve seen in ages:

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ShinyMediaSony Bravia paint ad

5 cool YouTube vids of the week

5 PLAIN GIRL + PHOTOSHOP = SUPERMODELBy model standards, the girl featured in this clip is average-looking. But thanks to some creative make-up and the ceaseless wonder of Adobe Photoshop, she is transformed into a stunning supermodel.

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ShinyMedia5 cool YouTube vids of the week

OK GO spoof video

Have you seen the OK GO! video that’s causing a stir all over the internet? (If you haven’t click here to see it) Well, here come the spoofs and tributes. This one is a particular favourite of mine… probably because it ends in injury.

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mofgimmersOK GO spoof video

Penis Kleen TV ad

Is this for real? It claims to be a TV advert from 1963, for a domestic spray cleaner. I smell a hoax (the web address at the end gives it away somewhat), but it’s a semi-amusing hoax nonetheless.

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ShinyMediaPenis Kleen TV ad

Xmas shopping, 1986 style

We’re in October and should really be thinking about Christmas shopping. Well, to give you a hand, have a look at what we were buying from Curry’s twenty years ago. I’d gladly take a ZX Spectrum (with a free joystick and software) this year.

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mofgimmersXmas shopping, 1986 style

DJ sets world record for T-shirt wearing

155 t-shirts to be precise, put on over the course of four hours by Matt McAllister, a DJ on Californian talk-radio station 99.9 KTYD. Watch until the end, when he’s obviously struggling to keep a straight face.

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ShinyMediaDJ sets world record for T-shirt wearing