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Dezeen Opens Designer WatchStore

By Laura on November 15th, 2010

Dezeen one of the most popular and influential architecture and design blogs online has just opened the Dezeen WatchStore in London and Online for their collection of designer watches, which include striking timepieces from the likes of Naoto Fukasawa and Crispin Jones.

The store which specializes in watches by named designers and boutique brands has a number of amazing pieces ranging from £90 – £2,500. Check out 4 of our favourites below

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Hackett London And TAG Heuer Release Limited Edition Watch Collection

By Laura on November 12th, 2010

Another watch calibration has been announced today, this time between Hackett London and TAG Heuer.

The designer menswear brand Hackett London and watch manufacturer TAG Heuer have collaborated to develop two limited edition customized watches under the Hackett name, manufactured and branded by TAG Heuer.

The collection, set to launch this month includes the ‘Chronograph’ and the ‘Watch’. According to Hackett, the watch is the “perfect complement” to its “Essential British Kit” whatever that means. The collection is limited to 100 of each piece, and each watch is individually numbered with an engraving on the case back.

The Watch will cost you £1,450 and The Chronograph £2,350.

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Casio and Red Bull Racing Collaborate On Limited Edition Watch

By Laura on November 12th, 2010

Thumbnail image for Redbull watch

Casio and Red Bull have teamed up to create the new limited edition watch for the EDIFICE collection.

The cumbersomely named EFA-131RBSP-1AVEF, was inspired by Red Bull’s F1 team.

The solar powered watch boasts WaveCeptor radio-controlled technology, which updates the watch up to six times a day from international radio transmitters, ensuring that the watch is never a second off. It also includes all the usual sports functionality including a triple sequential chronograph and water resistance up to 100m.

The watch will be available from the end of November from Casio for £150

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Whatever It Takes Launches New Watches Featuring Celeb Artwork

By Laura on November 5th, 2010

Whatever It Takes has just launched a new collection of Limited Edition classic watches featuring artwork donated by a host of celebrities including George Clooney, Giorgio Armani, Samuel L Jackson, Donna Karan and Stella McCartney.

The watches are being sold as a part of the Whatever It Takes campaign launched by 21st Century Leaders Foundation to raise funds for key global development causes such as environmental conservation, poverty alleviation and the protection of children.

The collection features a range of rose gold, gold, and brushed steel faces, along with brown or black leather straps. The watch faces all feature artwork donated by a celebrity and come with a personalized message from the celebrity. Prices start from £69.99

Check out the collection below.


Storm introduces Pop X watch in time for Xmas

By shinychris on October 6th, 2010

Designed with the Xmas market in mind, Storm’s new Pop X watch range comes with removable fascias that can be put in different coloured straps to suit your mood – much like iPods in different coloured skins.

Six gift sets are available for £59.99: blue with purple and black straps, pink with black and purple straps, orange with black and blue, green with black and blue, black with blue and orange and purple with black and pink.

Other designs shown at today’s press launch in London’s Soho included the Lamour tattoo watch with crystals and glitter and the Plex sporty watch. Most designs are available in several different colours. See gallery below for more information.

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Military watch straps: its the details that count

By cchapman on July 13th, 2009

military_watchstraps.jpgSometimes, its the small details that make an outfit look particularly polished and well thought out. And whilst 80s digital watches are nice, they have become a bit ubiquitous. Striped, military style watch straps – particularly when paired with a vintage watch face – can make a statement. Actually part of the preppy uniform (those bold colours and stripes) and available at stores like Rugby Ralph Lauren in the States, the striped military watch strap can also be found here on grooming site, Carter and Bond. A bargain detail at £15 and worth digging around to find the perfect, vintage watch face to pair it with.

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Brandish’s too good for Father’s Day gallery

By admin on June 17th, 2009

We’re all for giving, but how many times have you been out shopping for someone and bought something for yours truly?

Our Father’s Day gift guide is great if you want to give your dad a push in the right style direction, there’s nothing too out there or kooky, just a few pieces that will give a little panache to dear poppa’s wardrobe. Should the selection be too outlandish for pater then you might even want to snap up some of the items for yourself!


Casio dual time silver watch

By admin on February 9th, 2009

casio dual time silver watch.jpg

Click image to enlarge

This watch is the silver version of the black dual time Casio which we featured a while back. It wouldn’t normally warrant a mention but the combination of silver strap and black face is odd enough to give this watch another look. You can snap it up for 29.90 Euro from German website Coutié.

It has a geeky, ’60s space age feel and reminds me of the sharp characters in 2001, A Space Odyssey. They were dressed by the now, sadly defunct label Hardy Amies and the watch seems to embody this highly functional but undeniably stylish aesthetic. See after the jump for a shot of the besuited astronauts.

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Timex 80 now in 4 colours at OkiNi

By Colin Chapman on January 15th, 2009


The Timex 80 watch is available in four new metallic colours at OkiNi: bronze, burgundy, black and white, adding a fresh note to the now-ubiquitous timepiece. The black and white versions, in particular look very sharp in a two-tone 60s way.

This classic digital style has all of the basic functions including time, date, stopwatch feature, alarm and of course, the all-important indigo backlight. Your Timex 80 arrives complete with a rather snazzy 80′s style neon plastic, slide top box … perfect to keep as a retro pencil box.

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Leonardo DiCaprio takes over from Brad Pitt at Tag Heuer

By admin on January 12th, 2009

leonardo dicaprio kate winslet golden globes tag heuer.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Leonardo DiCaprio scrubbed up fairly well for the Golden Globes last night, the shiny pinstripe material was bad but it’s nice to see him go for something slightly different. The textural contrast between the suit fabric and velvet waistcoat and lapels, satin tie and patent shoes is very satisfying.

The Hollywood star wasn’t up for any awards himself but he’s succeeding Brad Pitt as the face of Tag Heuer, the LVMH-owned Swiss watch company. DiCaprio will be splashed across billboards and magazines wearing the Carrera Day-Date watch for three years according to the terms of the million-dollar contract.

Stay tuned for more Golden Globes coverage on Brandish


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Present Tense: last minute Christmas gifts

By admin on December 18th, 2008

cdg man tomex christmas gift urban outfitters habitat topman.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Everyone is guilty of it, (well not everyone, I have a colour-coded Google Docs spreadsheet, natch!) but last-minute Christmas shopping can often leave you with gifts that have an air of desperation about them.
These picks have something for every wallet and they all carry an air of “What this? I bought this in November” insouciance. The Habitat lamp is a tasteful nudge for every Ikea junkie, and the watch will help the wearer get the ‘Sexy Cab Driver’ look which is going to be very important in ’09. A ‘To Do’ tattoo list is useful when compiling all those New Year’s resolutions, and all the more useful because they’re temporary. Resolution, what resolution?!

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French Connection launch watches

By admin on September 23rd, 2008

French_Connection watch sunray vintage time.jpgFrom next week you can get some French Connection Time, as the new watch collection from the retailer debuts on Monday. Prices range from £80 to £160 which is a good price for your first ‘proper’ watch.

My favourite from their selection in the vintage-inspired sunray dial watch which will set you back £100. I like the contrast between the silver bezel and the copper-coloured face markings, it’s distinctive without shouting for attention and will give a quirky retro touch to your outfit.

Click image to enlarge

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Casio’s black watch hides its skeezyness behind a black resin strap

By admin on September 18th, 2008

casio black resin strap watch 80s retro.jpgI know Casio watches are a bit ubiquitous nowadays but I’m still hankering after a gold Dual Time Casio for that sleazy uncle/skeezy factor. There’s something amazingly creepy about having two kinds of time on one watch, and I love it.

For a less tacky and more durable (in trend terms anyway) go for the the black resin strap version. It hides its ’80s retro geeky looks under a cloak of minimalist respectability fooling people into thinking it’s a plain old boring watch. Furthermore it does all of this for the utterly stupid price of £10.97, brilliant!


Gucci limited edition Olympic watch

By admin on May 1st, 2008

gucciolympic.jpgCommemorative items usually have more value in their ‘collectability’ than practical appeal. More often than not they’re emblazoned in dates and logos, losing the piece its timelessness – it becomes a snapshot of a moment, rather than something you can use day in, day out for years to come.

Fine if it’s a band tour t-shirt or the World Cup ’98 football I kicked into a tree and never bothered to get back. But when it’s something like a quality timepiece, you want to be sure you can still get away with wearing it once the event in question is over.

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De Grisogono ‘Meccanico DG’

By admin on April 12th, 2008

grisogono.jpgThere’s always demand for gimmicky watches. Or at least there must be, as one gets released every other month.

De Grisogono have jumped on the bandwagon with a ‘mechanical-digital’ effort, which uses a standard wind-up mechanism to switch LED-style segments and fake a digital screen. Nice idea, no? Couple more detailed pics after the jump…

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