Military watch straps: its the details that count

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Sometimes, its the small details that make an outfit look particularly polished and well thought out. And whilst 80s digital watches are nice, they have become a bit ubiquitous. Striped, military style watch straps – particularly when paired with a vintage watch face – can make a statement. Actually part of the preppy uniform (those bold colours and stripes) and available at stores like Rugby Ralph Lauren in the States, the striped military watch strap can also be found here on grooming site, Carter and Bond.

Brandish’s too good for Father’s Day gallery

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We’re all for giving, but how many times have you been out shopping for someone and bought something for yours truly? Our Father’s Day gift guide is great if you want to give your dad a push in the right style direction, there’s nothing too out there or kooky, just a few pieces that will give a little panache to …

Gucci limited edition Olympic watch

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Commemorative items usually have more value in their ‘collectability’ than practical appeal. More often than not they’re emblazoned in dates and logos, losing the piece its timelessness – it becomes a snapshot of a moment, rather than something you can use day in, day out for years to come.

De Grisogono ‘Meccanico DG’

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There’s always demand for gimmicky watches. Or at least there must be, as one gets released every other month. De Grisogono have jumped on the bandwagon with a ‘mechanical-digital’ watch, which uses a standard wind-up mechanism to switch LED-style segments and fake a digital screen. Nice idea. Couple more detailed pics after the jump…

Brandish Competitions: Guess watch

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A bottle of Amouage fragrance is being sent to a lucky Brandish reader as we speak, but fear not we have a fantastic competition for you this week. Sitting in Shiny Towers is a retro Guess watch with croco leather strap which retails for an impressive 109 quid. It’s a pretty classy watch with a polished silver rectangular face, multifunction …

Yay or Nay: Eleeno’s Radar watch

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Okay, am I justified in thinking that this is a really, really, really cool watch, or am I giving into some misplaced desire that’s a product of my disadvantaged childhood? When I think about it, this is the sort of watch I’d have loved when I was ten years old, but would’ve got a clout round the ear instead. Taking …