Black Dice watch

They say accessories make the man. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but accessories are a pretty important addition to any man’s wardrobe. If you’re tired of constantly getting your phone out to check the time, a watch is a must. Black Dice are a relatively new watch brand, claiming to ‘sit at the intersection of music, design & urban …

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adminBlack Dice watch

Opus Duae by KinkyForm and Electric Heat: The most gorgeous watch ever?

Going from what some might consider the ugliest watch of all time, to one with indisputable handsome looks. The Opus Duae is a timepiece born of German engineering (so you know it’ll tell the time, on time) and it just oozes style. The watch itself is uncomplicated, with no flashy extras, chronographic dials or swivelling bezels, its elegance is all …

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adminOpus Duae by KinkyForm and Electric Heat: The most gorgeous watch ever?

Yay or Nay: D&G’s test-card pattern Medicine Man Watch

I’m featuring this more as a curio than anything, but maybe I have some subconscious desire to wear a test pattern on my wrist, perhaps as a results of all of of those years of just going to bed just as TV was shutting down. You young ‘uns don’t know you’re born, what with your 24 hour TV, interweb and …

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adminYay or Nay: D&G’s test-card pattern Medicine Man Watch

Jaegar Lecoultre watch makes you feel like James Bond

While it doesn’t have a laser for searing off padlocks or an inbuilt magnet that’ll help you snatch your Walther PPK from those hard to reach places, this James Bond-esque limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatch will unlock and start the engine on your new Aston Martin DBS 510bhp. Despite the fact that this is about as far as the technology …

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adminJaegar Lecoultre watch makes you feel like James Bond

Abacus watches can’t tell time, but look cool

In a prime example of style over substance, Abacus watches (from £70) are timepieces without those bothersome hands that mar an otherwise perfectly good face. Instead, each one has a ball bearing that rolls about inside the casing until you stop flailing about, which then, thanks to the power of magnetism, stops at the correct time. Or a part of …

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adminAbacus watches can’t tell time, but look cool

CECT W100 wrist phone

Just like the concepts of flying cars zooming through the sky or hand-held lasers that can stun a perp at 100 paces, the idea of a wrist mounted communication device has been just that – an idea. The reality is that "flying" cars can barely get off the ground, "hand-held" lasers need to be coasted around on trolleys and wrist-phones …

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adminCECT W100 wrist phone

Roamine Gerome Titanic DNA watch made from the actual doomed ship

Isn’t this just grave robbing? The Titanic DNA watch from Roamine Gerome uses actual pieces salvaged from the sunken ship to make up its casing, which itself resembles a port-hole. You can choose from several different materials, including a brass finish (above left) and the more authentic looks rusted steel (top right). All the watch faces are made from compressed …

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adminRoamine Gerome Titanic DNA watch made from the actual doomed ship

Jolly Roger crystal encrusted watch from Vabene

Designed for the pirate who wants everyone to know he’s got more than his fair share of the booty (arr, oi mean treasure, not bums), this Swarovski crystal encrusted watch from Vabene allows anyone to keep track of the time amidst all that plunderin’ and pillagin’. I admit that I, along with half of those exposed to internet culture, love …

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adminJolly Roger crystal encrusted watch from Vabene

Amazing vintage digital watches for sale!

Looking at this watch shows how fun and innovative digital watches were back in the 80s. This particular one (the 1981 Alba Y666 Soccer LCD Game Watch) features a brilliant football game (soccer to US readers) which is, essentially, every boys dream. Of course, games on our mobiles and PSPs have usurped all these things from the 80s, but the …

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mofgimmersAmazing vintage digital watches for sale!

Wood Coin watch from Fossil

Fossil, apart from putting their watches in very nice tins, also make very nice watches. Good thing eh? After perusing the Fossil website I came across this gem. The Wood Coin watch has a stainless steel bracelet and case with wooden accents and dial. It also features a "coin-edged top ring" and bold blue second hand. It’s water resistant up …

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mofgimmersWood Coin watch from Fossil

Patricia Urquiola buckle watch

This smart buckle watch, designed by acclaimed Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, is a great twist on the modern watch by integrating a buckle with snap closure into the case. The contemporary round stainless-steel case has a satin finish with high-polished accents, mineral crystal, and quartz movement. Currently retailing at $135.00 from the MoMA store. This certainly provides a fun and …

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mofgimmersPatricia Urquiola buckle watch

Nixon The Dictator watch

Not really sure what to make of this one. It looks like a tiny, wrist-mounted guitar amplifier, but it’s also reminiscent of the watch/communicator thingie that Dick Tracey uses which, with its voice recorder – hence The Dictator – is possibly a better analogy. Record one side of a conversation then play it back when your friends are about so …

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adminNixon The Dictator watch

BRM titanium double dial watch

This great BRM gents watch has more features than you can shake a stick at… not to mention it’s striking good looks. Most eye catching is the unique double dial and bright orange rubber strap. The casing is titanium with stainless steel lugs and push buttons which compliment the black logo trim on bezel. The black dial with double Swiss …

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mofgimmersBRM titanium double dial watch

Tag Heuer update the classic ‘Monaco’ watch

The TAG Heuer Monaco Vintage is a black, mean, stylish timepiece that sets the heart racing on first glance. This  watch is a copy of the world’s first square-cased chronograph and designed to match Steve McQueen’s suit in the movie Le Mans, which itself was a replica of the one worn by the first driver sponsored by TAG Heuer  – …

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mofgimmersTag Heuer update the classic ‘Monaco’ watch

Issey Miyake/Seiko watch

A lot of watches leave me cold. Too many are designed to look like you’re some kind of explorer or biggles. To be honest, as cool as said people are, I don’t really wanna look like ‘em. So,in my quest to find myself a nice watch, I stumbled across these great timepieces on RetroToGo. The Cabane de Zucca Eye Patch …

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mofgimmersIssey Miyake/Seiko watch

Ted Baker Watch

Ted Baker has always managed to turn out fresh and innovative design whilst maintaining a traditional edge, and the Daoside Watch (£95) is no different. Sleek and simple, the Daoside combines a contemporary watch face with a classic, stainless steel case and a black or brown leather strap. Personally I prefer the brown leather – It’s more elegant and conjures …

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adminTed Baker Watch

Etnies Ticker Watch

Etnies are famed for their great skatewear and tough trainers. However, as a slight swerve, Etnies have created this great Ticker watch… and with it being skateboard related, you can bet your arse that it will be tough enough to withstand a fall (be it a fall from a half-pipe or a drunken stumble on a Friday night). The strap …

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mofgimmersEtnies Ticker Watch

D&G Test Card watch

D&G aren’t the company who would normally be associated with weird and wonderful retro designs. Amazingly, D&G have come up with something that is both retro and incredibly quirky with this Test Card watch. The watch is inspired by the first ever BBC "electronically generated" test card. Features include quartz movement, one-touch backlight, water-resistance to 50m and a steel bracelet …

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mofgimmersD&G Test Card watch