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Luke 1977 ‘Cool Hand’ red dial watch

By admin on March 25th, 2008

luke 1977 watch red dial.jpgRed’s a bit of an unusual choice for a watch but a subtle flash of colour doesn’t go unnoticed and the Cool Hand watch is a classy timepiece.

It’ll give a sober suit or simple outfit of v-neck jumper and jeans a bit of pep and the large face is an unusual but attractive quirk. The black finish steel bracelet and domed red dial carry on the individual theme and stylish good looks.

If red’s not your thing the watch also comes in plain black, white or tan all of which are available from Luke 1977 for £220.

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Pick of the blogs

By ShinyMedia on January 4th, 2008

Sanyetta Baptiste writes:


Off the Cuff and Iluwfashion encourages men to ‘watch’ the trends this year with some great watch suggestions.   
A Suitable Wardrobe reflects Fred Astaire shiny chic. Who said patent leather oxfords and button down cardigans were passé? Whether updating those black jazz shoes with Refinery29′s suggested and-I’s lounge wear or a traditional country club cardigan, formal footwear deserves a place in every man’s closet.   
For those gearcravers who still are not convinced of the versatility of the cardigan, how about a Burton Mark XIII Fortress jacket?  Completely waterproof and insulated, it’s perfect for singing in the rain.
Manolo for the Men takes a look at the oddball style in the new Tom Hanks film Charlie Wilson’s War.

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Shiny Video Review: Tutorial on how to read Tokyo Flash watches, part 2

By ShinyMedia on November 1st, 2007

Tech Digest’s Kat has embedded the 2nd part of her Tokyo Flash tutorials for your otaku pleasure. She’s showing you how to use two more of their beauteous watches, specifically the ‘Pimp’ and ‘Barcode’ models. Both retail for £99.90, and you can pick them up from Tech Deals.

Tokyo Flash watches at Tech Deals

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Shiny Video Review: Tutorial on how to read Tokyo Flash watches

By ShinyMedia on October 29th, 2007

Our two geeky sisters in the know, Kat from Tech Digest and Susi from Shiny Shiny, recently got their gadget-obsessed hands on a couple of watches from Tokyo Flash, which we’ve featured on the virtual pages of Brandish before.

In this video, they look at the Retsu and Twelve 59 models, available for £75 and £80 respectively, and are perfect for otaku Japanese-loving geeks who don’t need to read the time by just a quick glance – these demand a good 30-second long stare, but gosh do they look groovy.

Tokyo Flash watches at Tech Deals


Brandish Competitions: Guess watch

By Isabelle on October 3rd, 2007

A bottle of Amouage fragrance is being sent to a lucky Brandish reader as we speak, but fear not we have a fantastic competition for you this week. Sitting in Shiny Towers is a retro Guess watch with croco leather strap which retails for an impressive 109 quid. It’s a pretty classy watch with a polished silver rectangular face, multifunction dial and retrofuturist numbers. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and will give your everyday look a bit of panache.
If you want to be in with a chance of winning this great prize simply answer:

Name the four brothers who founded Guess way back in 1981
Send your answer along with your name and address to:

You can obtain more info about this watch by emailing or phoning the stockists on 01604 678940. 


Wear the watch of a real man with Casio’s snappily titled WVQ-570DBE-1AVER chronograph

By admin on October 1st, 2007

I love a sleek but unfussy steel n’ leather watch as much as the next man. The sort of watch that forces you to "subtly" pull up the cuff of your Saville Row tailored shirt just so the guys at the gentleman’s club can get an eyeful of your smart timepiece and feel a little tingle of pride as they squirm with envy.

But there are other times when you really want to feel like a man; the sort of man who sails across the Atlantic buy himself, who wrestles sharks and catches wild boar with his bare hands, who climbs mountains without oxygen or boots. And that’s what chronographs are for.

You don’t know what all those dials are for, you don’t need Wave Ceptor technology to pick up the time calibration signals from radio transmitters and you certainly won’t have a use for a built-in velocity meter. But you can imagine what you’ll need them for. Which is why you need the succinctly monikered WVQ-570DBE-1AVER from Casio, a watch that features all the aforementioned technology. Truly, this is a real man’s watch, even if real men are more likely to sink a pint than sail a ship.


Yay or Nay: Eleeno’s Radar watch

By admin on September 27th, 2007


Okay, am I justified in thinking that this is a really, really, really cool watch, or am I giving into some misplaced desire that’s a product of my disadvantaged childhood? When I think about it, this is the sort of watch I’d have loved when I was ten years old, but would’ve got a clout round the ear instead.

Taking its design from a radar screen, this watch amazingly does tell the time despite its confusing looks; the outer "hand" denotes the minutes and the inner hand lets you know the hour of the day. My one real concern about the watch is trying to detect the time after a couple of beers…

Soon to be available on Tokyoflash, the watch will cost a mere £30. Although, for some, that may be £30 too much.


Diesel watches make you look stupid by pretending to be bracelets

By admin on September 26th, 2007


How sexy are these shiny industrial-style watches from Diesel? Based on a cursory glance, they look just like a couple of men’s bracelets, but by the power of a pinch of the side buttons on either side of the watch face, the time magically appears courtesy of the aqua-coloured OLED display.

The watches do have serious retro appeal despite their contemporary stylings – they remind me of the old back lit digital watches from the 1980s. The all-metal affair will take around £135 of your hard-earned cash, while the leather strapped version is just £100.

Via [Technabob]

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High-concept Incognito Watch is also highly invisible

By admin on September 25th, 2007

Would you hand over £275,000 of your own cash in return for a product that you’d not even seen, let alone layed your hands on it so you can have a tinker with it? No? Well, there’s a surprise.

However, that’s exactly what one doofus with more money than sense has done, buying a timepiece that has yet to be completed. The auction was one of many that took place at Monaco’s Only Watch 07 event, which saw a series of limited and first edition watches sold off to the same people who can afford docking duties in the city’s harbour.

The ultra high-concept Incognito Watch (is that meant to be ironic?) by House of DeWitt was present at the auction in name only, without even a concept drawing in sight. However, watch "architect" Jean-Michel Wilmotte described the watch "an exceptional horological creation and authentic machine of future time." So it tells the time then? Check out the unbelievable press release here.

But for all my cynicism, I must point out that many of the proceeds went to charity. Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?

Via [Tech Digest]

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Cool Japanese robo-watch tells time, stares dumbly

By admin on September 25th, 2007

I love the cute "classic" toy robot design of this Japanese watch from Dipiu. And in true Transformers fashion, this is a watch in disguise as, not content with just been worn on the wrist, the little mechanical blighter pops off the wrist-strap so that he (I think it’s male) can sit happily on your desk.

And, if you’re inclined toward wearing timepieces in a more "gentlemanly" fashion, the robo-clock can be attached to a chain as a pocket-watch. That’s sophistication, and all for about £20. The only problem is that you’ll have to figure out how to order one from overseas on Cataloger’s Japanese website.

[Via Tech Digest]


Black Dice watch

By admin on September 21st, 2007

They say
accessories make the man. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but accessories are a
pretty important addition to any man’s wardrobe. If you’re tired of constantly
getting your phone out to check the time, a watch is a must.

Black Dice are a relatively new
watch brand, claiming to ‘sit at the intersection of music, design & urban
living’. Their trademark is a chunky strap, which is featured on all of their
watches. Some of their designs can be a bit over the top, but they also have
some more subtle versions, such as this brown analogue watch. It costs £65 and
is available from elements.


Opus Duae by KinkyForm and Electric Heat: The most gorgeous watch ever?

By admin on September 18th, 2007


Going from what some might consider the ugliest watch of all time, to one with indisputable handsome looks. The Opus Duae is a timepiece born of German engineering (so you know it’ll tell the time, on time) and it just oozes style.

The watch itself is uncomplicated, with no flashy extras, chronographic dials or swivelling bezels, its elegance is all in the simplicity of its build. But I also love the intricate details of the watch face, etched with a layered, abstract design that doesn’t detract from the watch itself. Even the back of the watch looks smart, with a glass covered "port hole" for viewing the workings of the precision mechanics.y

The £800 price tag might seem a bit steep, but considering that the run is only limited to 25 watches, its a small price to pay to have something as refined as this on your wrist. Let me know your thoughts.


Yay or Nay: D&G’s test-card pattern Medicine Man Watch

By admin on September 17th, 2007


I’m featuring this more as a curio than anything, but maybe I have some subconscious desire to wear a test pattern on my wrist, perhaps as a results of all of of those years of just going to bed just as TV was shutting down. You young ‘uns don’t know you’re born, what with your 24 hour TV, interweb and transportable telecoms!

There’s nothing particularly special about the Medicine Man Watch (£158) from D&G, except for it’s unique design – it just tells the time. But when you’ve got something like that on your wrist, I don’t think you’re the sort of person who gives a flying monkey’s about practicalities.

Personally, I’d only buy the watch if they changed the design to incorporate a demonic toy-clown and a child who looks like she has murder on the mind, but what do you guys think?


Jaegar Lecoultre watch makes you feel like James Bond

By admin on September 12th, 2007

While it doesn’t have a laser for searing off padlocks or an inbuilt magnet that’ll help you snatch your Walther PPK from those hard to reach places, this James Bond-esque limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatch will unlock and start the engine on your new Aston Martin DBS 510bhp.

Despite the fact that this is about as far as the technology goes (don’t think that you’ll be controlling the car from the safety of your own living room), just imagine how suave you’ll look slinking toward your DBS, pointing the watch at it and listening as the engine purrs to life.

Yes, just imagine, because unless you’ve got a spare £17,500 lying around in your swiss bank account, you’re just going to have to make do with using the car’s boring old electronic key. But that’s after you’ve mortgaged the house to pay the £150,000 for the DBS in the first place…

[Via Gizmodo]


Abacus watches can’t tell time, but look cool

By admin on August 28th, 2007

In a prime example of style over substance, Abacus watches (from £70) are timepieces without those bothersome hands that mar an otherwise perfectly good face. Instead, each one has a ball bearing that rolls about inside the casing until you stop flailing about, which then, thanks to the power of magnetism, stops at the correct time. Or a part of it, anyway. Abacus don’t do minute or second hands, you understand.

Well, I don’t either to be honest, but they look great in their pure simplicity. Having style is always an excuse for being late.

[Via Technabob]

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