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Topman announce Lens designers including newcomer Kaspar Harup-Hansen

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Brandish Special- Celeb Style at The Batman ‘Dark Knight’ Premiere

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Dress for Dinner serviettes

spoon sisters serviette napkin dress for dinner.jpg

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Primal Scream play concert hosted by Diesel Black Gold

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Spotted: Drop crotch trousers in Italy

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Even Marc Jacobs can get chucked out of art galleries if he dresses badly enough

marc_jacobs_page_1_image_0001.jpgThis is only slightly fashion related, but it was suc...More

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Hedi Slimane contemplating comeback

Kriss Van Assche must be shaking in his billowing trousers right now. Hedi Slimane is contemplating a r...More

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False alarm! Victoria Beckhams mens line will go ahead as scheduled

Apparently, news of dVB's mens denim line being pushed back was either wrong or premature. A re...More


It not you, it’s us – comments will return soon

Dear Brandish readers, If you’ve tried to comment on any of our posts recently you’ll notice that… you haven’t been able to comment on any of our posts recently. This is just a temporary measure which we’ve needed to bring in due to technical reasons far too dull and clothing-unrelated to go into here. At […]...More

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Office Wear Chic In The Independent

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WISHLIST: Blend Swimshorts from Juju Brighton


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Justin Lee Collins? Bob Geldof?! Brandish’s Top 5 Unlikely Male Style Icons


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Vogue Germany- August 2008: Daniel Craig


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Victoria Beckham’s denim line unwanted by retailers

1522articleimage_2.jpgIf you couldn't wait to get your hands on a pair of men's dVb jeans, you'll...More


Just For Fun: Human Tetris!

I found this video on Youtube and couldn't resist putting it on Brandish....More

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