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Patrik Ervell, the king of chic sportswear

I’m a little obsessed with the sportswear trend at the moment, last seen way back in the ’90s. But it’s not about wearing your tatty old tracksuit; as if fashion is ever that simple! It’s much more formal and minimal than that: imagine a very smart old gent, wearing suit trousers, shirt, tie and an […]...More

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Nike abomination

"What… the hell… is that?" I hear you ask. I said exactly the same thing when I saw it. I was innocently trying to find you a sweet pair of sneaks for your shopping pleasure when I accidentally stumbled across one of these… these… things. And understand that some weirdo hasn’t just gone and bolted […]...More


Grooming Guide: Skin care

Basic skin care is something we can all aspire to as "blokes". We don’t have to be a "metrosexual" and we don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to get a presentable mug. Having a blemish-free face makes all the difference in our everyday lives – it makes us feel more confident, looks more […]...More

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Calvin Klein at Milan’s men’s fashion week

Calvin Klein’s utilisation of sunset-pastel hues stood out on the runway at Milan’s men’s fashion week, where much of the offering from other designers were simple blacks and grey shades. That’s not to say that Klein didn’t exhibit icy-white ensembles and crisp, black shirts, but his strongest display came in puces, po...More

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Jefferson Hack speaks to Christopher Bailey in his new column for the Telegraph

It’s a great time for menswear at the moment, we are seeing more adventurous designs -on the catwalks at least- and the masculine influence in womenswear is testament to people’s interest in all things menswear. Hilary Alexander recently commissioned Jefferson Hack to write a fortnightly column for the Telegraph about menswear and it...More


Love and Hate BMX gloves

Save yourself the pain and regret of getting love’n'hate tattoos on your fists (also, don’t bother getting ACAB on your forehead) by purchasing these ace BMX gloves which say… well.. ‘love’ on one hand and ‘hate’ on the other. Retailing at £16.99 (click here to buy) from BMX types Bicycle Union, these Love...More


Threadless T-Shirts

Forgive the grainy image, but I didn’t design the internet. Anyway, enough of my gripes, believe me when I tell you that this t-shirt (pictured left) is a damned handsome item… and a rare thing… it’s funny without trying to be too brash. It’s not available yet as it’s featured on Threadless (which lets you [&hell...More


Edition Space retro speaker system

It’s all very well getting dressed up, but you need the pad to match your swish gear. I mean, you can’t sit there like a regal dandy whilst living in a hovel. Brighten a corner up with this great Edition Space 50s-style speaker system. The Space 071 is a drop dead gorgeous sound system that […]...More

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The art of dressing up

Today’s young people have returned to the dressing up box, our media obsessed culture has created a young tribe of attention seekers. They know how to reference better than anyone, they eat images, they devour them. We are heading for an energy crisis and it seems at times that the world is moving toward a […]...More


Burton straw hat

I’m so glad Burton have seen the light and decided to put a regular straw hat up on their site, their natural straw stetson is only £14 and looks a damn sight better than their artificially faded monstrosity I mentioned last week. With hats there’s always a danger you’ll end up looking like a idiot […]...More

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Fila Zizzore Top

It seems like you can’t buy an item of clothing these days without it being an "original", "distressed" or "vintage", such is our obsession with fashion of the past. Not that I’m too bothered. Most "modern" clothing is crap. Just look at the Nu-Rave look. Twats. In truth, I do have a bit of an [&h...More

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EIO tee

After complaining yesterday about wanting something a little different printed on my tees, my prayers have been suddenly answered by EIO clothing, makers of some seriously original men and womens clothes. They have some great looking prints, with big, brash colours that are great for Summer on one hand, like this Beach Babe tee (£25) […]...More


Nixon The Dictator watch

Not really sure what to make of this one. It looks like a tiny, wrist-mounted guitar amplifier, but it’s also reminiscent of the watch/communicator thingie that Dick Tracey uses which, with its voice recorder – hence The Dictator – is possibly a better analogy. Record one side of a conversation then play it back when […]...More


Topman Invader top

If you’ve always wanted to look like the screen of an iconic 1970s arcade machine, now’s your chance. Continuing the general trend of exploiting people’s nostalgia, Topman have released the Invader Hoodie (£30), obviously based on Space Invaders. Despite my cynicism, I really like the top, but I think they missed a trick by not [...More


Topman rolled sleeve polo

This Topman polo (£22) is intriguing, at first glance it looks like an ordinary casual polo, but the longer sleeves made me look twice. They give it an added air of smartness taking into shirt style stakes, which puts it exactly on the cusp of smart and casual. The faded wash takes it back to […]...More

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