Brandish says don’t: Chinese symbol ring

Men’s jewellery can be tricky, it’s nice to adorn yourself but when faced with a Chinese symbol ring always say no. Fair enough Burton have got a dodgy reputation, but some of their stuff is very nice and we’ve featured it on Brandish a fair few times. So why the Feng Shui circa 1997 ring? […]...More

Lifestyle & Gadgets

Giant wee funnel to stop stray splashes

When I saw my first boyfriend have a wee after a few pints in the pub I suddenly understood the reason why my bathroom smelt of piss. Forget the eternal seat up-seat down conundrum this giant Gold Man wee funnel clips over your toilet providing a much larger catchment area. It looks quite scary to […]...More


Topman salmon v-neck

It’s Glastonbury time and short of wearing a jester’s hat (don’t) there’s not much room for festivity in menswear. Instead take some mouth-watering fruity colours that will make you easy to spot in a crowd. Topman’s astoundingly cheap salmon v-neck (£6) will flatter your sunkissed skin and adds a bit of pep to khaki s...More

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Good grooming: Shaving

"Shaving? I don’t need no shaving lesson! My dad taught me how with the blunt side of a Bic and a load of imperial lather when I was eight years old! It shows. Go and look in the mirror. You probably haven’t shaved in at least a couple of days. If you have shaved within […]...More


Aldo Valerio shoes

I’m a complete bum – I don’t feel more comfortable than when I’m sitting about in a pair of raggy shorts and a nicely worn in tee. But there is the odd occasion when I like to wash behind my ears, spray on a bit of cologne and dress acceptably for social interaction. This is […]...More


Topman bandana

Probably more catered to the nu-rave set, I still can’t help but like this Topman bandana (£4). It’s less the design and more to do with the fact that it reminds me of Dexys Midnight Runners, one of my favourite bands when I was a kid. I also reckon the New Wave-Nu Rave-Hobo look is […]...More

Clothing, Designer Spotlight, News

Maharishi sale

Look fashionable on the battlefield without giving away your position to the enemy or hurting your wallet – Maharishi is having a sale, with up to 50% off of their catalogue. I’ve picked out a couple of choice items that I really like, but the sale is pretty extensive – there seems to be an […]...More


22 carat gold woven belt for 20ltd

There are a few things which even the most hardened fashion spendaholic will balk at purchasing, and I’m pretty sure that this gold belt is one of them. Made by Marie Helene de Taillac for 20ltd the belt is handwoven from 22 carat gold (is this starting to sound like a fairytale?) and is part […]...More


Burberry’s latest campaign features Patrick Wolf, Larrikin Love and Agyness Deyn

Burberry’s latest ad campaign features the cream of British beauty and talent in a series of glamourous black and white pictures. Christopher Bailey chose to juxtapose Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson and Keira Gormley with Patrick Wolf, Larrikin Love and members of the Paddingtons and the View.“The British medieval mood of the show was the...More

Footwear, News


Vans are essentially a sports shoe, designed to take the rough and tumble associated with aggressive skating. That fact doesn’t stop them looking darn good though. Just check out these Vans TNT II. They’ve got the classic Van shape but have apparently been "upgraded" with a new type of sole that means they’ll stand up [&...More

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Rapha Racing / Paul Smith collaboration

Rapha, the respected "road racing" (that’s cycling in normal terms) clothes maker and Paul Smith (who needs no introduction) have teamed up to produce a small, but perfectly formed, range of cycling apparel. The first release from this range is this rather smart racing jersey (£175) which commemorates Le Grand Départ of the Tour d...More


Superdry polo

Superdry have been around for quite a while now and while they attained some notoriety amongst fashion plebs (they make the "Osaka" tees you sometimes see banging about) they’ve not really taken off as I would have expected. I’d love this to change, simply because they make some really decent clothing, especially this Chest St...More


Eye hurting shirt from Topman

Checked shirts come back into their own every Summer. This year, it seems the smaller the check, the better, although there’s still a place for country bumpkin-style picnic tablecloth checks. Usually, you’ll get two or three colours in a shirt, which is fine. But not here. It seems Topman have included the whole spectrum to […]...More


BRM titanium double dial watch

This great BRM gents watch has more features than you can shake a stick at… not to mention it’s striking good looks. Most eye catching is the unique double dial and bright orange rubber strap. The casing is titanium with stainless steel lugs and push buttons which compliment the black logo trim on bezel. The […]...More


The Pallamano from Diadora

The Pallamano from Diadora is a shoe that was specifically created by the sportswear company in the ’80s for professional Handball players. Now Diadora have reproduced the classic shoe is canvas with a rubber sole. Its classic shape allows the bold colours to come forth in all their brightness and the trainer is available in […]...More

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