Superdry Kojak Sunglasses

Superdry, the company that produces those "Osaka" prints that you see from time to time, are in the the midst of releasing their new Summer range. I was going review one of their t-shirts, but when I saw these I just had to bring them to your attention. Inspired by the lollipop-lickin’, follically challenged ’70s […]...More


Monsoon Coco Hawaiian Shirt

Summer usually brings out the worst fashion sense in men – Shorts, flip-flops, silly hats, socks with sandals etc. But no more keenly is this felt than the desire to wear the gaudiest, loudest and most embarrassing Hawaiian shirts not seen since a Rodney Dangerfield wardrobe auction. Luckily Monsoon are on hand to provide this […]...More


Fred Perry Perf Tipped Cuff Plimsoles

The best thing about summer is the amount of sales that crop up. In Manchester’s finest boutique, Oi Polloi, it’s no different. One of the picks of their sale are these great Fred Perry Perf Tipped Cuff Plimsoles. They come in brilliant white and feature a unique perforated white leather upper. The shoe also features […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Katherine Hamnett ‘Choose Life’ travelcard wallet

Katharine Hamnett has teamed up with Oxfam to produce the Choose Life travelcard wallet, based on those horrendous slogan t-shirts she was famous for creating back in the 1980s. Thankfully, it looks great on a smaller scale on this limited edition wallet which will no doubt be much sought after… and once it’s gone, there […]...More


Adidas red leather jacket

I love a good sale, maybe it stems from being dressed in the finest Cromwell’s Madhouse had to offer as a child but I rarely see the point in spending obscene amounts on clothing. This Adidas jacket is on sale, reduced by almost half it’s still £240 so I won’t be buying it but if […]...More


Zoo York Preston Polo

I know I had a bit of a rant about polo shirts a few weeks back, but then I remembered I actually owned this one shown and probably should have added Zoo York to the list of designers who make decent polos. The Preston Polo (£37.50) is nothing short of perfection – Thick, good quality […]...More


Topman Striped Shirt

Lime isn’t an easy colour to pull off by any means, but this Topman shirt (£28) seems to combat that trend by offsetting an otherwise sickly hue with black stripes and a tailored, army cut that’s complimentary to anyone’s wardrobe. Combine with a pair of khaki shorts and some flip-flops for ultimate Summertime casual or […...More


Adidas 2005 Edition Superstars

Original retro sneaks, especially those that were part of limited edition runs, can be pretty expensive. Take the Adidas/Run DMC Brougham, a product of a collaboration from 1986 – £375! Worth it if you’re a serious sneaker collector (probably) but silly money to me. However, at the same time there are some bargains out there. […...More


Ted Baker Mortar Satchel

Personally, I don’t carry anything about my person that doesn’t fit into my sagging pockets or can’t be transported in my clumsy hands. Does that mean I can’t own this bag? Hell no. When a bag looks this good, you don’t need to care what’s inside. In this case, it’s very much what’s on the […]...More


River Island blue cardigan

Preppy is one of my favourite looks, especially when you have a bit of a subversive edge to it. Short of getting some dreaded deck shoes and writing swear words on them in tippex (hang on… I quite like that idea!) you can buy River Island’s bright blue cardigan with contrast piping for £29.99. For […]...More

Clothing, News

M&S iPod suit

Male? All ‘podded up in your DRM-’goodness’? Still continue to believe Marks & Spencer is the acme of fashion? There may be a way for you to combine your love of Steve Jobs’s love-muscle (the iPod, sordid-imagination-in-overdrive) and M&S’s cutting-edge (for librarians) fashion, with their new £149 wool and ly...More


Burton hula girl flips flops

I’m not a massive fan of flip flops, except for the beach or in the park but I am a massive Pete and Pete fan. If you’ve always hankered after a lady tattoo like Pete Wrigley Jr’s "Petunia" on Pete and Pete but never had the guts to get needled then just get these babies. […]...More

Designer Spotlight

The Future of Men’s Fashion?

As reported in our sister blog, Graduate Fashion Week has come to a close and, like last year, it was male fashion that really made a lasting impression. However, unlike last year, there were TWO winners taking a joint first prize in the River Island Gold Award – The jubilant designers being Nicholas Thomas […]...More


French Connection lavender shirt

Lavender is a wonderful colour, gently bringing out the peachy aspect of your complexion. If this all a bit too flowery bear in mind that lavender looks great with grey, so this French Connection shirt (£50) is perfect for adding a bit of individuality to a suit. Similarly, if you team the shirt with jeans […]...More

Lifestyle & Gadgets

In home sauna

Do you like a good sauna to cleanse your filthy pores? Well, if you are already well aware of the benefits of spending time in the sauna, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can get all those benefits from your own home. The Infusion Three-Person Infrared Sauna ($2300) features healing infrared heat, a magazine […]...More

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