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The Loft Cube

Ever fancied building an extention on  your house that doesn’t bore you to tears on sight? Well, one thing worth looking into is this beautiful Loft Cube (From $111,000). The Cube was designed to be a temporary living structure, which can be placed anywhere providing you have the room. The interiors are customizable by client, […]...More


Return of the Dandy

David Just last week I wrote about the return of the Dandy at Kingston University's graduate fashion show where Joshua Kane presented a collection of menswear inspired by the 1800's style icons. It is definitely emerging as a big upcoming trend within menswear and is sure to cross over in to elements of women's wear too....More


Bright Chloe inspired outfit

Chloe’s Spring womenswear collection featured lots of neutrals mixed together and enlivened with coral, mustard, aqua and cobalt blue. You don’t need to be a woman to get in on this trend, Topman’s coral shirt looks great when teamed with the different browns and greys in the trousers, shoes, blazer and tie. Some bright blue [&hel...More

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Nucleo Grass Garden Chair

Need new garden furniture? Want to landscape your garden? Strangely enough, you can now do both at the same time. The Terra Grass Chair by Nucleo ($235.00) seems like a weird concept, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. For one, it’s a lot more attractive than cheapy, plastic chairs […]...More


Perry Bible Fellowship Tees

No, this isn’t a post intended to insidiously recruit you into the Christian ranks via the medium of men’s fashion. It’s an attempt to get you to buy one of these nutty tees ($20) depicting images from my favourite comic strip. The Perry Bible Fellowship is actually a series of surreal, smutty and downright sick […]...More


Fashion inspiration: Devendra Banhart

It’s festival season and what better sartorial inspiration than musicians? Some musicians are harder to emulate than others, David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust era sticks in my mind! No such problems with greasy folkster Devendra Banhart, all you need are some flared cords, lanky hair and a beard (that might take some forward planning). [&hell...More


Oversized plastic sunglasses

Not since the 60s and 70s have men had the balls to sport a fine pair of oversized sunglasses. Well, you should make a change to that. Aviators are not cool – Fact. Why look like Top Gun when you can strut dandy-like, clicking your heels like Brian Jones with some dope frames on your […]...More


Ace flipbook!

Being a bloke, there is always something better to do than the washing up right? Why don’t you partake in a bit of arts and crafts and make a flipbook? If you upload one to YouTube, link us to it and we’ll feature the best ones!...More


GFW Street Style: Andrew and Mo

Sometimes when you’re doing street style pics you have to break into a little sweat chasing after people, luckily for me these two guys were happy to pose for pictures. Both men are great examples of how to look well-dressed and understated, and it’s no wonder as Andrew Abi, (on the left) is Senior Menswear […]...More

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Wire coatrack

Inspired by the humble paperclip, designer Tom Dixon hand welded stainless steel to create this wonderful Wire Coatrack. Sold in two-foot sections, the Wire Coatrack is infinitely extendable, and can even be installed around corners. The welding skills demonstrated in the design of this item aren’t the result of art school (Dixon dropped out ...More


Issey Miyake/Seiko watch

A lot of watches leave me cold. Too many are designed to look like you’re some kind of explorer or biggles. To be honest, as cool as said people are, I don’t really wanna look like ‘em. So,in my quest to find myself a nice watch, I stumbled across these great timepieces on RetroToGo. The […]...More


Topman painted tee

Hats off if you can create your own homemade version of this t-shirt with a few paints, some brushes and sponges but for those less creative types it will cost you £14 from Topshop. Lollypop colours give this tee a summer feel but the black keeps it tough. Using as a hangover top to induce […]...More

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Oluce outdoor lighting stones

Patios are dull. Just deal with it. They have lighting that looks like security spotlights and decking that works better in a sunny climate, as opposed to rainy old Britain. So what can we do to liven up our backparts? Well, these beautiful Oluce outdoor stone lamps should do the trick. They are made from […]...More


YMC Mesh trainers

The YMC Mesh Trainer is something I’ve had my eye on for a while. They’re not quite trainers… they’re not quite shoes… they’re something in between! They remind me of the kind of things that old dapper gents wear and for that reason alone, I think they’re too cool for school. Urban Outfitters are selling [&...More


Elemis post-shave recovery mask

As a guy, you know that there’s nothing like a wet-shave to keep you looking fresh and well groomed – electric shavers generally just leave you looking like Homer Simpson. But as a guy, you also know of the dreaded razor burn. It’s an evil affliction, and to me extremely unfair. I mean, as men […]...More

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