I Love What You’re Wearing: Jack

As you can tell there were quite a few stylish men in Brighton for the Great Escape. Jack is student and does a great job of showing Johnny Borrell how to wear white jeans. They look great with the pale gingham  shirt which is an ancient H&M purchase, but the thing that tops the outfit […]...More


Royal College of Art Menswear shows

The Royal College of Art signalled the start of the student fashion season yesterday with its annual graduate fashion show. Thirty-five postgraduates got their chance to showcase their final collections which culminated in a eye-popping and imaginative catwalk presentation incorporating every fabric and form of material you can think of. The futuri...More


Ted Baker Watch

Ted Baker has always managed to turn out fresh and innovative design whilst maintaining a traditional edge, and the Daoside Watch (£95) is no different. Sleek and simple, the Daoside combines a contemporary watch face with a classic, stainless steel case and a black or brown leather strap. Personally I prefer the brown leather – […]...More

Accessories, Luggage & Travel

Top Five: weekend bags

Chances are after this atrocious Bank Holiday weekend you’re dying to get away somewhere where the weather doesn’t taunt you mercilessly. If you need some travel inspiration and tips check out Lost Weekend, our new travel blog for men. We’ve picked out five great bags that will keep you looking stylish whilst lugging around the [&...More


Topman Cardigan

With the preppy look now a staple in men’s fashion, you won’t go far wrong with with this geeky cardigan (£30) from Topman. I love the pale yellow shown, but it also comes in four other colours. Best worn over a collar for that "Buddy Holly-Weezer" look, pair up with the straightest slacks you can […]...More


Porky’s (One Size Fits All Edition) available to buy on DVD

Boys growing up in the eighties will certainly recall the smutty comedy Porky’s and Porky’s Revenge. A group of teens giggle and guffaw at boobies and get into all kinds of scrapes in their attempts to get laid. Essentially, Porky’s is the older brother to Road Trip and American Pie. Besides the original 1982 classic […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Oxio retro laptop bag

Check THIS out! Oxio have released these great retro laptop bags that look like they’ve just dropped off Planet 1967! These great bags are retailing at £64.99 and offer a great alternative to the plain black numbers usually seen carrying laptops around. To quote Oxio: "The Oxio RetroStriper looks like an extra from a 1960s […]...More


I Love What You’re Wearing: James and Matt

I managed to collar two young chaps at the Great Escape music festival in Brighton who turned out to work in Resident, a local independent record shop and made me realise the limitations of my musical knowledge, shucks! First up is James, wearing a cool stadium jacket in a wonderful grey and burgundy colour combo. […]...More

Lifestyle & Gadgets

Graffiti chocolate bars

Chocolate has never been as cool as this dope graffiti set. Probably not something you’d want to chow down on as these will be instantly collectable as the the wrappers are designed by ten legendary New York City graffiti artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar […]...More

Designer Spotlight

Paul Smith exhibits Berkoff

This June, Paul Smith is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the work of Hollywood actor Steven Berkoff. Best known for his productions of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’ and for villainous roles in films such as ‘Octopussy’ and ‘War & Remembrance’, Berkoff adds another string to his bow with a show o...More


LRG Thousand hand slap boardies

These shorts (£39.95) probably belong more in an opium den than on the beach and maybe they say "sleaze" more than "surf", but as long as you do stick to wearing them in the sea rather than under your silk smoking jacket, you should be fine. If you fancy something a little less brave, LRG […]...More


Cool Analog Belt

Unless you’re a girl, over sized and conspicuous belt buckles are pretty naff. You only have to think of a particular design and the label that its lumbered with to feel all cringey and jelly-like.  An American eagle means you’re a Hell’s Angel. A skull and you’re a goth. Any band names makes you fourteen. […]...More


Arctic Monkeys

In a recent interview Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders jokingly suggested he’d like to collaborate with one half of Gnarls Barkley on a fashion line. "Danger Mouse was interested in collaborating with us [Arctic Monkeys] on the new album," he said. "He wanted to meet but we never ended up getting together. I want to [&hellip...More


Asteroids Tee

For fans of all things retro and gaming, you’re going to wet yourself over this cracking Asteroids tee from Airsideshop. Designed by Chris Rain for Airside, it’s all in the detail. Vector graphics just like the original arcade machine and a spaceship hidden as the letter "A". But that’s not all, there’s a backprint...More


Crazy New Terratag Tee

With a range of designs that includes giant, laser-wielding mechanoids, Japanese schoolgirls and Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation slogan printed on their clothing, I really shouldn’t be surprised by Terratag’s new range of t-shirts, but I am. And on reflection, it isn’t just surprise I’m feeling. It’s fear. Fear be...More

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