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Retro festival chair

Seasoned festival goers will know that you really can’t rely on the weather during the British festival season. I have never taken a pair or wellies and always managed. The main thing that I’ve been troubled by is the lack of dry spaces to sit in. This is when I go green at the sight […]...More

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Retro birds courier bag

As a human of the lady persuasion I love things with little birds on, and this bag is no exception. Managing to combine sweet little retro birds with good pocket skills this vintage style courier bag nevertheless manages to look quite, well, manly. it is a woman’s bag but don’t let that stop you, I […]...More

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Dead icons for Doc Marten

Doc Marten have decided to honour the longevity of their shoes by coming up with a new ad campaign showing some of famous Dr. Marten wearers. The one thing these musicians have in common, is they’re all dead and departed. The dead stars, Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer (above), are all […]...More


French Connection Stanton Jacket

Gaudy, slogan infested tee-shirts and tatty shorts that reveal your skinny, pasty legs are fine for those steaming Summer days, but what about for the breezy evenings relaxing in your favourite beer garden or dining Al Fresco without a convenient patio heater nearby? Well my sweaty, little friend, the answer lies in this slick, lightweight [&hellip...More


Scalectrix T-Shirt

Are you like me, and fondly think of your youth sat crossed legged watching cars hurtle around a Scalectrix track? Did you ever stick a penny in your mates track to impede his progress? Well, for fans of what our American cousins call ‘Slot Car Racing’, you’ll be thrilled at this cracking T-Shirt from Nerdy […]...More


Paul Smith paisley dressing gown

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying myself a paisley smoking jacket for a while now. I fancy the idea of strutting ’round my house and smoking a pipe and coupling up a paisley smoker with a cravat or something. Well, with perfect timing, Paul Smith have designed this killer paisley dressing gown which […]...More


Abercrombie Gill Brook Polo

Polo shirts these days seem to be the preserve of everyone, and I mean everyone. From the (fake) Hackett clad Chavs, to the trendy, little emo boys, to the toffee-nosed, Richmond-Rugby set, most blokes favour this "smarter" alternative to its collarless cousin at one time or the other. But for all its ubiquity in the […]...More


Ewan McGregor loves AussieBum, not Wonderjock

Ewan McGregor has hit the news recently thanks to his love of AussieBum pants, the brand that includes Wonderjock, the undercrackers that emphasise your assets. A substantial order of the pants lead to a credit check which prompted the news story but Ewan’s people were quick to deny the story: "AussieBum has written an apology […]...More

Top Five

Top Five: Lemon Yellow

Yellow can be a really difficult colour to wear, but keep the brightest yellow for accessories (left) and wear pale lemons and buttery yellows near the face for a flattering look. The creamy colour looks great with dark denim jeans, or if you’re a lemon convert try out American Apparel’s jeans. See after the jump […]...More


Martin Margiela sun flare top

This cool sunset print top as Browns like to call it is known as a lens flare in Photoshop amongst graphic designers, and as I know what a typeface is or as I like to call them typefont, I like to think I’m an honorary graphic designer. Martin Margiela are responsible for this cool top, […]...More

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Ace tent for the festival season

Are you considering a jaunt to the countryside to get wrecked, get covered in muck and poo in hellish toilets? Oh, I forgot… and to watch some live bands too? Well, you might need a new tent. One great tent is this floral print two-man tent from Millets. This Eurohike Oriental Design Mix ‘N’ Match […]...More


Spoiler T-Shirt

Are you the kind of person who likes to spoil people’s fun? Good, you’re in the right place then. Why? Well, if you look closely at this brilliant T-Shirt from Threadless, you’ll see that it pretty much gives away the twists and story-ends to ever great film ever made!   This great Tee will cost […]...More


Vans Era Trainers

I’ve been known to buy Vans just for the pure audacity of some of their designs – My current pair are a bright blue Mexican-skull and Paisley type deal-y. So I was surprised when I found myself salivating at the sight of these simple, little tennis shoes. The leather laces and matching piping give an […]...More


Funky New Spunky Season

Traditionally "urban wear" has simply been a byword for dressing like a giant toddler with colour-blind parents, but Spunky have been redefining street fashion for the last nine years, combining classic grafitti style with some seriously sureal imagery. Working with hundreds of different "designers", Spunky considers  submi...More


Fine and dandy

The Sunday Times interviewed three young men about their love for the dandy style. Guy Hills who runs Dashing Tweeds said: "I dress to amuse both myself and others. I like it when people smile at me in the street, when what I wear provokes a reaction from passers-by. People have no problem approaching me, […]...More

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