Vintage silk scarf

More psychedelic goings on here with this smart paisley silk scarf. The silk scarf is perfect for those of you who fancy yourself as a bit of a dandy… but not only that… for the more macho bloke, this scarf is also very mod-esque. Coupled with a sharp tailored suit, you can strut peacock style […]...More


Schuh flip flop

There’s an old psychedelic tune that starts with "Summertime’s here kiddies and it’s time to take a trip… " Now, we at Brandish can hardly advise you to start taking hallucinogenic drugs (although it is the easiest way to touch the hand of God) but we can use it to give you a tenuous link […]...More


Mr Hopkinson’s Computer

MrhcompHow can a computer produce better songs than a human? Well if that computer is Mr Hopkinson's computer, and the human is James Blunt I'd have t...More


Marc Jacobs Milan menswear show postponed

Marc Jacobs has postponed his first formal menswear show due to venue issues. back in March Robert Duffy, Jacobs’ business partner said “Marc’s new men’s line is going to show in Milan. The clothes are made there, so it’s just easy.” Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, who take care of the shows organisation di...More


I Love What You’re Wearing: Heather and Ollie

Clothing, Top Five

Top Five: waterproof jackets

TopmanwatersA light waterproof jacket is fast becoming an essential in this changeable weather....More


Retro Mario Mouse

On Brandish, we love retro gaming stuff. Drooling over classic Nintendo images and dreaming of playing Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum… well, if you’re like us, then you’ll probably love this Mario pixelated computer mouse, or if you prefer, the golden star mouse. These are all fur coat and no knickers… as in… [&helli...More


Abercrombie and Fitch shorts


Summer is on it's way, so get yer legs out! Of course, walking around in tanga briefs will see you getting your head kicked in, More


Breath powered USB charger

Instructables have managed to make an amazing device that charges your USB appliances through the power of breathing!...More


Topman hexagon print hoody

Hoodieman Jazz it up with this Topman hoodie with graphic print and shiny foil bits. The '90s style bubbles and squiggles look quite nu-ravey, but it will add some pep to a standard grey trousers a...More


Burton mesh black and blue belt




Pink embroidered silk tie

So, you’ve checked the floral shirts and retro gear out. What about those of you who aren’t brave enough to go the whole hog and get decked out in flowers? Well, one way of brightening up a plain shirt is with an exciting tie, and this Debenhams effort is a great paisley number that exudes […]...More


PF Flyers ribbed Polo shirt

Have you noticed the spate of great retro gear knocking around of late? Be it a lovely floral shirt or a smart knitted tie, retro gear is always where it's at. With that in mind, check out this killer......More


Peckham Rye knitted tie


Peckham Rye make the most perfect ties, avoiding being trendoid (yes that's a word!) skinny they're just the right kind of slim.

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Boombox briefcase


Sometimes you have to mean business, but still want to express your personality. Well if part of your personality is loving ove...More

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