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Lightascope TV art


If you've splashed out on an uber expensive flatscreen TV make the most of it with a Lightascope....More

Grooming, Video

Brandish Video: MD Formulations shaving creme

Here it is, our first grooming video for Br...More


Ted Baker shirt at Sarah Coggles


Sarah Coggles is a great store I've had the fortune to visit on family trips to York. It's a wonder to go through their menswear which is more interesting than...More

Accessories, Luggage & Travel

Monsoon manbags


Monsoon have got the best manbags at the moment, combining neutral canvas with leather for an aged feel which a...More


Burton Floral Shirt

Gentlemen. Do not be afraid of floral shirts. It doesn’t mean you’re a pansy. They are cool and will make you feel like some killer 70s dandy. One great floral shirt for this summer is the white floral print shirt from Burton. A measly £25.00 will make you look cool in the sun, and the […]...More



Check. This. Rude. Boy. Out. This gents, is the mighty KTM X-Bow (£TBA; 2008) and it is an all-new sports car from the storied motorcycle company. With a body weight of approximately 1550 lbs., the X-Bow’s 220-horsepower Audi engine propels the racer from 0 to 62 in 3.9 seconds. Other high-end features abound, such as […]...More


American Apparel Tyvek jacket

TyvekI was mildly obsessed with Tyvek when I was younger; it was pretty trendy, Björk wore a Hussein Chalayan Tyvek jacket on the cover of her Post album and I had my eye on a Topshop Tyvek shirt (I'm a g...More


Dr Parsons comic genius


Comic superhero Dr Parsons received critical acclaim for his garish guerre-ish cartoons (see what I did there?) depicting Ge...More


Red Burton flip flops

RedflipsI'm not such a fan of flip flops, but


Martin Margiela ’80s jacket

MmjacketSporty is coming back, I know that for menswear it never really went away, but it's less about saggy trackie bottoms, and more about futuristic chic....More


Topman summer lace-ups

TopmanshoeIt's raining cats and dogs right now, but my reliable colleague Kim has informed me this summer will be scorching....More


Cassette tape zippy purse


More cassette tape craziness on Brandish with designer Marella Foschi's purses. Just like Honorable Mention's


Harry and William step out in bowler hats.


Princes Harry and Wills stepped out in the uniform of bowler hat and suit to commemorate VE day looking a lot like the dad ...More


Ted Baker Cardigan

Hopefully, you’ve stopped thinking about cardigans as a piece of clothing donned by geography teachers and grandpas. Cardigans are the hip alternative to pullovers and the like. We’ve featured quite a few on Brandish, and this one is at the top end of the cardi scale. This Ted Baker ‘Yardi’ cardi is a long sleeved […]...More


Topman 50′s sunglasses

The weather has been a bit patchy of late… but we have to stay optimistic that the sun will come out with his hat on (hip hip hip hooray). With that, we can’t go around squinting because that would make us look mightily unattractive wouldn’t it? To give the bog standard aviators a swerve, you […]...More

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