Howies “Earn Your Beer” t-shirt

HowiesI love Howies, like Innocent they're a truly loveable company, and their clothes are the antithesis of Primark's throwaway ethos....More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Ted Baker Bag

What can you say about a bag? No really? It holds stuff and looks cool. End. So forgive me for the woolly fashiony stuff I’m about to say. This brilliant khaki Ted Baker bag features logo studs and buckles, and the ubiquitous adjustable strap. The multi pocketed design means you can… oh forget it! It […]...More


Le Coq Sportif Trainers

Le Coq Sportif were once sole property of the football casual. This means that they were sought after on European football trips and seen on these shores kicking people’s heads in. Thankfully things have changed a bit since then and now you wear Le Coq trainers without fear of arrest. So, now we’re all enlightened, […]...More


Topman colourblock hoodie

TopmanhoodieColour-blocking is big news, gone are the retro prints from the flighty echelons of the fashion world....More

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Rich men lover designer manbags

Diormanbag A recent study by the Luxury Institute revealed that when it comes to buying bags wealthy men are much more label conscious than their female counterparts....More

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Dart coathooks

DarthooksFor £20 you can get these great dart coathooks that screw into your wall....More


Adidas Spezial Trainers

All of us gents would spend our whole lives in trainers if we could. They’re comfy and look cooler than shoes. Of course, the daddy of all trainer brands is Adidas. I mean, Run DMC didn’t yell about their Nikes did they? Well, one pair that will look great on your stumps this summer are […]...More

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Pineapple ice cube tray

Summer is well and truly… well… imminent. This means girls in shorts, sitting in beer gardens and having a barbecue. We can’t help you with any of those except the latter. So what is a great little feature for your BBQ? Well, you could start with some unusually shaped ice for your drinks. Where most […]...More


Cassette tape belt buckle

The tape-mad will love this belt buckle from Honorable Mention....More


Tom Bihn french washing instructions

LabelThis is quite an old story, but a good one. Tom Bihn, a US bag manufacturer inserted an short message about the president in their French washing instructions which translates as: "We are sorry ...More


Topman navy jacket

TopmancagSometimes you just want to wear something generic looking, something that doesn't scream I'm Indie/Emo/Kooky/Townie/Suave etc... something that just is....More


Alexander McQueen for Puma


I'm not sure if I like these trainers or not....More


Unruly Heir seersucker hoodie

SeersuckerThe preppy look is great as long as you add a strong dash of subversiveness....More


Fashion inspiration: Stand By Me

Watching, well, falling asleep in front of S...More


Cassette tape wallet

Cassettewallet I think I'm the only person in the world who still has any tapes, admittedly making compilations for friends is so much easier with cds but I used love carrying around my ...More

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