Footwear, Top Five

Top Five smart trainers

Smart trainers are a great staple, perfect for smartening up casualwear and making suits look less stuffy, so I've picked five that will easily take you from work to the weekend....More

Accessories, Watches

Paul Frank ‘Big In Japan’ watch

Pfwatch"I got the style but not the grace, I got the clothes but not the face, I got the bread but not the butter I got the winda but not the shutter" starts Tom Waits' great song 'Big In Jap...More


Clarks Originals Re Heat shoe


I love Clarks Originals, I may hate pie-crust shoes more than anything but some of their less copied styles are lovely....More


Tesco summer basics


Tesco have got some great summer basics that are simple and deceptively expensive looking and will look great teamed with some of your old favourites....More


G-Sus hoodie

GsusFancy looking like a Mexican Wrestler on his day off? G-Sus have come up with their fancy Powerm...More


White out


White was touted as the in colour last summer, and the look is still as hot this summer....More


Pope Benedict XVI gives shoes to needy

Pope_2 Pope Benedict XVI showed his Christian side on Saturday when got himself a pair of red Moreschi kangaroo skin loafers as he also received 15,000 more pairs to give to the needy....More

Heroes and Celebrities, News

Puma’s French 77 launch party


Freddie Ljungberg, Leah Wood and Lemar all attended a party at Claridges for the launch of Puma's French 77....More


Extra long shoes, good or bad?

Longshoes I don't understand it myself but ultra long shoes seem to be all the rage at the moment....More


French Connection Buick Boot


Boots may not be top of your list right now but these Buick boots from French Connection (£130) are great....More


How to: Cardigans

Topmancardie_2 The rise of the cardigan has surely sounded the death knell for the blazer and jeans look....More


Converse John Varvatos Jack Purcell Slip EV White

John and Jack are combined to create this classic, more mature laceless Converse sneaker. You read that correctly… LACELESS. This means you can strut down the road looking like Run DMC (only you won’t be able to holler about ‘My Adidas’).  The Jack Purcell Slip EV, designed by John Varvatos for Converse, does away with ...More


Ben Sherman Foxton polo

Ben Sherman, if we’re being honest, have been churning out so-so mod-esque clothing for ages. I mean, you’d never see a real mod dressed in their new lines would you? That said, it doesn’t mean all their gear is average. This smart little number is simple and stylish and features a great little red and […]...More


Wrangler short sleeved shirt

Time to get the short sleeved shirts out gents, the sunshine is finally here! Of course, many of us already own short sleeves, but they are mostly in the form of T-Shirts and the like. The folks at Wrangler have brought this shirt out just in the nick of time and it’s simple, yet suave. […]...More


Firetrap lace-ups

These Firetrap shoes are a gem. Just the other day I was out with my boyfriend and he wondered out loud why all lace-ups have to have clownlike extended toes....More

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