Top Five: bags

Manbags have come a long way from Kel from Kath and Kim's grey pleather pouch. There are many bags on the high street to choose from, starting with the bag that kicked off the whole trend....More


Topman sale

Topman have got a sale on, and even though you'll usually find me in Topshop looking at the dresses and shoes I ventured downstairs and picked up a lovely shirt for a mere tenner....More


Pepe Grandad Shirt

It can be a bit tough finding shirts that reside between formal and plain. Well, this Pepe Grandad Shirt, available from Urban Outfitters for £55 is the perfect tonic. It’s got a great cut and of course, with it being a grandad shirt, it’s got the neat collar that you’d expect. This is a shirt […]...More

Lifestyle & Gadgets

Nature Calls Deodorizer

When Andre 3000 sang "I know you like to think yaw shit don’t stink…" he obviously was going to follow it up with a tale of how yaw shit does stink. Well, thankfully, we at Brandish have just the thing for you and your stinky deposits. Just two drops of Ritual’s Nature Calls Toilet Deodorizer […]...More


Death By Powerpoint: A Modern Office Survival Guide

From the author of The Metrosexual Guide to Style comes a brilliantly witty diatribe against the soulless corporate rat race. Death By PowerPoint: A Modern Office Survival Guide ($11) has Michael Flocker offering his wry take on the typical handbook to the self help corporate game with his own unique  slice of humour. Making fun […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Fred Perry Shoulder Bag

Fred Perry is one of those brands that has a unique place in many people’s hearts. It’s loved by fans of all things mod and by people who just like good British clothing. As a sidestep from the vast array of Fred Perry shirts on the market, you should have a look at this super-sharp […]...More


Topman Flip Flop

Okay, the warmer weather is upon us. You don’t want to be wearing your shoes and you don’t fancy a pair of sandals. Fair enough. Then why not go for an old classic? The humble flip-flop is in the new range at Topman and retailing for a great £15. They won’t take up much room […]...More


Street Art Coasters

Coasters are normally very very dull… and normally geared toward the taste range of the lady of the house. Why? Probably because we don’t care about these things… most of the time. For those times when you want to make the effort, or maybe save a new glass table from getting hammered, then buy these […]...More


Spring shorts outfit

I mentioned yesterday that knee high shorts aren't easy to carry off, but it's a bit of a dilemma because purely from a fashion (rather than comfort) perspective 3/4 length trousers are looking a bit dated....More


J Lindeberg retro tank top

J Lindeberg's retro tank top is only for the brave, the retro fractal-like pattern is a bit garish especially in those minty fresh colours....More


Paul Smith brogue detail pumps

I think I've fallen in love. These Paul Smith summer pumps combine brogue detailing with summery denim and colourful eyelets; although he had me at the brogue detailing....More


Pete Turner, king of ‘old rave’

If you've ever been out out clubbing in some of Brighton's more mainstream clubs you'll surely recognise this white-gloved septuagenarian....More


3/4 length trousers from M&S

Once summertime arrives out come the hordes of men in 3/4 length trousers....More

Heroes and Celebrities

David Bowie Vittel advert

It's always a bit depressing when you see your heroes doing adverts, and admittedly this French Vittel advert isn't too bad but it still hurts to see the Thin White Duke hamming it up....More


Keep calm tea-towel

The drudgery of the washing up is enough to drive a po’boy mad. However, a calming influence is at hand in the shape of this dapper tea-towel. The design is from an old World War II poster (advising people what to do in case of an invasion from ze Germans) and was re-discovered by a […]...More

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