8-Bit Tie

8-Bit graphics are looked upon with a great fondness by anyone with even a vague interest in gaming. A spate of Nintendo T-Shirts are doing the rounds and Atari has ALWAYS been cool. Well, one trick that has been missed is actually making clothes that look like old blocky graphics. ThinkGeek have come up with […]...More


G Star Officer Shirt

The sun is coming slowly back from his holidays and we need to start sorting our wardrobe out. Lighter jackets are a must as we don’t want to be sweating it out everywhere we go do we? One item that is worth looking at is this G Star Officer Shirt. Now, on closer inspection, it’s […]...More

Clothing, Luggage & Travel

What’s Hot: Zara travel bag

The handbag mania that has swept womenswear is obviously being felt in menswear as shabby bags and rucksacks are no longer de rigeur....More


Dalek Cufflinks

With Doctor Who making waves on our TVS again, it may be worth thinking about getting in on the act. Apart from getting a big ol’ striped scarf a la Tom Baker, you could always go for something a bit more subtle and cheeky. These Dalek cufflinks spring to mind. Retailing at £15, these exterminators […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

M&S overnight bag

Tired of stuffing all your nice gear into rucksacks when you’re going away for a weekend. Half the time, a suitcase is completely unnecessary, so something in between would be perfect no? Well, Marks and Spencer have got this great overnight bag in the sale. It’s made from 100% leather (not including the zips and […]...More


Get The Look: Frenchman

You can always spot a Frenchman from miles away....More

Entertainment, Heroes and Celebrities

Patrick Wolf and Charlotte Church duet

Wolf's a bit of an indie darling so I was really surprised to see him on the Charlotte Church show, and even more surprised when he performed a cover of Prince's "When Doves Cry" with her....More


J Fold Wallet

It’s all very well being a well dressed young pup about town, but if you’re trying to impress someone, and you pull out a knackered old tray wallet that you’ve had since school, you’ll be sending off the wrong signals. To make a decent impression whilst simultaneously flashing your cash and hurting your overdraft, why [&hell...More


Topman polka dot shirt

Topman Design is an offshoot of Topman featuring stylish basics like this grey polka dot shirt (£40). The subtle dots add interest to basic jeans and trainers, but the shirt is smart enough to be worn with trousers and a jacket for a more formal look. If you’ve got olive skin grey is a surprisingly […]...More


Original Penguin Jacquard Polo

Not since 1993, when The Beastie Boys were charging around in old man caps and golf wear has anyone really had the balls to don the clobber of the green. Of course, you could sport some dapper plus-fours, but we wouldn’t advise it. Rather, you should look toward old gent style polos, like this cracking […]...More

Heroes and Celebrities, News

Beckham pipped to be sporting style leader

US men’s fashion experts are hoping that David Beckham will inject a bit of style into the sporting world in America. "Hopefully it will inspire them to lift their game," said Adam Rapoport, style editor at men’s fashion magazine GQ. "I think athletes respond to competition well. If someone’s looking better than the...More


Pleat-front trousers

Slouchy pleated trousers are back, wa-ay back in the 3rd issue of Fantastic Man magazine last year they had a whole spread of slouchy trousers with pleats you haven't seen since the '80s....More


Edgar Allan Poe figure

Star Wars figures a bit old hat? He-Man toys aren’t cutting it anymore? You want something a bit more grown-up and macabre? You obviously need an Edgar Allan Poe action figure. Find yourself piping up "once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…" whilst beating up Darth Vader with your 5.5" tall [&hellip...More


Ace Robot Calculator

What can you say about this really? It’s a calculator. It adds up numbers and stuff. It stops your brain from doing any hard work. Blah blah blah… the reason why this is being featured is because it looks so bloody brilliant! Manufactured by Hog Wild, it has all the usual functions that you would […]...More


Faulty Wonderbra hoarding

Boobs on repeat, enjoy...More

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