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What’s Hot: Ray Ban Wayfarers

Wayfarers are the trendiest sunnies around at the moment...More


Women think men find size zero sexy

A survey conducted for New Woman magazine indicated that 58% women thought that men found size zero attractive. Without wanting to get into the whole "I like a bit of meat of my woman" debate, unless you’re 5 foot nothing size zero is gross. I’m quite surprised that women actually think that heterosexual males prefer […...More


Bespoke suits on the web from A Suit That Fits

It’s the future! So if you need a bespoke suit now you can buy it on the internet. A Suit That Fits offer a bespoke service online and will deliver the finished product within 6-8 weeks. I would advise spending the extra £20 it costs to go and have a fitting, as that’s what really […]...More


Vintage Ray Gun

Who wants a ray gun? Of course the answer is that EVERYONE wants a ray gun. Everyone certainly wants a retro ray gun that evokes the "nostalgia of a lost age of exploration and discovery, and possess an intentional sense of humour and fun" according to the official blurb. I just think it looks really […]...More


Lyle & Scott Dennis the Menace jumper

Jumpers are ace. They keep you warm in winter in amongst your many layers and they make a fine replacement for a coat when the weather cheers up a bit. To make a fine impression, why not go all out and get this dapper Dennis The Menace jumper from Lyle & Scott? Lyle and Scott […]...More


We like short shorts (L&P Kiwi ad)

The Aussie contingent at work were going wild over this video, it’s an advert for L&P who are "World famous in New Zealand". L&P, or Lemon and Paeroa is a refreshing carbonated lemon drink, drunk all over New Zealand. The advert shows the rise in popularity of ‘stubbies’ which I always thought was those small [&h...More


Extras: The Complete Second Series, on DVD

I liked the second series of Extras, much more so than the first series. Too many people fell into the trap of relentlessly comparing it to The Office, but they’re completely different animals – just enjoy Extras for what it is: a well-made, extremely well-written sitcom that works on several levels. Most importantly, Extras is [&hellip...More


Fly 53 Love Thy Fly grey marl T-shirt

This t-shirt won’t change your life, but I wanted to post it because I’m a big fan of Fly 53′s stuff – they make very cool clothes (especially shirts) that you can still wear in your thirties without looking like a desperate skateboy wannabe. This violence-themed design features a cosh, knuckle duster and cutthroat razor. [&...More


American Apparel striped fleece zip hoody

Don’t let the sunshine fool you – it’s not summer for a while, and it’s still damn chilly at night, which is where this striped hoody, made by American Apparel, comes in. It’ll keep you warm – but not too warm – and also make you look like you’re in a band, which has to […]...More


Yes No Maybe clothing

I can’t look at any ‘Yes No Maybe’ clothing without thinking of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song but that’s me and my jingle obsessed brain. I usually hate smug slogan t-shirts but the ‘bukkake ruined my carpet’ one is actually quite funny. I think it’s the mundane mention of a carpet that stops [&helli...More


Majestic Shipton and Heneage stag slipper

If you’re going to lounge around, do it in style. Shipton and Heneage make traditional shoes, including my most hated shoe: the deck shoe; but they also make some damn fine slippers. It’s probably a bit iffy to take style tips from Alan Partidge, but I’m sure he’d understand the benefits of lounging in a […]...More


Prada turban at Vogue Hommes

The latest fashion shoot for Vogue Hommes International featured the ubiquitous Prada turban that everybody’s been trying out. Carine Roitfeld (love that woman) seems to have lucked out as the turban looks the best I’ve seen in her her shoot. I don’t expect legions of men to rush out, grappling with shower caps and granny [&hellip...More


Goliath Slipfielder Trainers

These Goliath Slipfielders are a casual, cricket inspired trainer which, as a brand, have been knocking around since 1937. So, if you’re into cricket and like a bit of heritage on your feet, these are the sneaks for you. Failing that, you could always pop ‘em on your feet and get too drunk on a […]...More


Ganesh Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Whilst having a little stroll earlier, I noticed that I could see a thing. The spring time sun was burning my retinas off and I needed something to avert the glare. Obviously, I’ve got some nice shades, but naturally, I fancy some new ones. One eye-catching pair are these lovely AM Ganesh sunglasses in tortoise […]...More


And Design Nekko single-flower vase

The Nekko Single Flower Vase is brought to you by Japanese lifestyle/interior design company And Design. It featuring a very simple, modern design of a plant’s root as a flower pot. Perfect if you’re so tight that you never buy flowers in bunches. It’s made of high quality plastic and available in a range of […]...More

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