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Banner Bags made from recycled tarps

Who knew recycled bags could look this good? Banner Bags use recycled PVC banners or truck tarpaulins to make bags for men and women. Totes, handbags, sports, courier, laptop bags, there is a wide range of style to choose from. Liverpool council have commissioned Banner Bags to recycle all their promotional material from their ‘City […...More


Bobby Grindrod on dressing dandy

Bobby Grindrod of Friends of the Bride was telling the Metro this morning about his love of dressing smart and dandyism. "I look at record covers mainly from the early ’70s" he said "They’re my influences, really; people such as Frank Sinatra and Bobby Gentry". The trendy young thing used to be a mod but […]...More


Ginch Gonch underwear

Ginch Gonch do undies for men and women; I’ve had to censor the picture on the left as the size of the model’s thighs is frankly obscene. Do they offer free steroids with their pants or what? Anyway their range is quite fun and kitsch and includes ‘Jolly Cocks’, ‘Wiener Eater’, and ‘Red Bandana’ print...More


Mihara Yasuhiro for Puma

Japanese designer Yasuhiro Mihara’s latest collaboration with Puma throws up some pretty interesting things. Psychedelic patterns, gold leather, studs and rivet details gives your everyday sneaks an out-of-the-ordinary touch. Mihara also has his own shop in Japan, called Sosu (prime number) selling men’s and women’s clothing and a...More


David Beckham strikes a pose for Adidas

Blaps! David Beckham’s new pictures for a campaign for Adidas makes him look like a wannabe gangster rapper, but more Vanilla Ice than Eminem. Don’t you think his leg looks really hairy? This is probably an attempt to rebrand him for the American market, ahead of his multi-million-dollar move to join ‘soccer’ team L.A. Galax...More


Howies recycled tyre belt

Velo-re make these very cool belts for Howies from recycled bike tyres. Each belt is unique and handmade and comes with a brief history of where it came from and how far it has travelled. That’s what I look for in a belt – a back story. The belt comes in two styles – slick […]...More


The Departed on DVD

The Departed is not the movie Martin Scorsese should have finally won a ‘Best Director’ Oscar for (he should have won one for both Goodfellas and Raging Bull), but it’s still a damn enjoyable film. It’s a remake of Infernal Affairs, a cult Hong Kong action film about the criss-crossing fortunes of an undercover cop […...More


Space Age retro alarm clock

This cool retro alarm clock can be yours for just £6.95, an absolute steal. As well as telling the time, it also tells you what day of the month it is, perfect for when you wake up hungover and unsure if it’s a weekday (time to get up) or the weekend (lie in for hours). […]...More


Lazy Oaf tourist tee

Lazy oaf have got a heck of a lot of cool t-shirts. My favourite is their snap happy tee, kind of like a new version of the tux tee it makes you dressed for business in about 30 seconds. Perfect for wearing with lemon yellow shorts and old sneakers for a retro tourist look. They […]...More


Become a male model, or the object of ridicule

Fancy being a model? The London Paper is running a competition to find a male model, you must send a head shot and full-length body shot to their email address. The competition closes at midnight tonight, so make your you get those pics ready in time. At Shiny Towers we loved the guy with his […]...More


Aldo summer trainers

Aldo have been making waves in the womenswear world with their Chloe rip-off wedges, and their men’s stuff seems to be catching up. These trainers (£44.99) keep it simple without looking too boring and the halfway between grey and beige tones means they’ll look great with browns, navys or blacks. I can see these becoming […]...More


Umbro by Kim Jones

Umbro must be looking to move away from their beer boy image with their collaboration with Kim Jones. Understandably so, as the usual stuff is a bit naff, but the Kim Jones collections are fresh and cater for a range of styles. My favourite items from his A/W 07 collections are the wetlook windcheaters, I’m […]...More


Men and tweezers

Over at See Jack Shop he is discussing eyebrow grooming, but I’m not so sure that UK men are that up for some magnifying mirror and tweezer action. I’ve seen Japanese men with shaved eyebrows but apart from a few averted monobrow massacres and uber-gay men who also wear foundation you don’t see many groomed […]...More


Fly ‘Flag’ boot on sale at Kurt Geiger

I have a soft sport for Fly shoes, and at the moment Kurt Geiger have got some Fly Flag boots reduced to £45. It’s different without being try-hard, I like the utilitarian rubber heel and toe which is offset by the red stitching and golden suede. I also like the way they have a nostalgic […]...More


Style Icon: Simon Amstell

Simon Amstell is a bit of a hero of mine, obviously he doesn’t have a long history of sartorial excellence but he’s a pretty good dresser and funny to boot. I used to drag myself out of bed on 9.30 on a Sunday, brew up some coffee and watch him and Miquita Oliver terrorise talentless […]...More

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