David Beckham to be face of L’Oreal haircare?

David Beckham has been reportedly offered a £10 million contract to be the face L’Oreal. Selling hair products will no doubt enhance his status in LA where he’s playing in Los Angeles Galaxy. It won’t be the first time David Beckham has lent his famous name to advertising, he has also been associated with Gillette […]...More


Unc Jam & Smurfen ‘Tears from Asia’ t-shirt

Unc Jam & Smurfen is a brand new London-based label, producing high-quality t-shirts in limited numbers. They currently have a number of t-shirts from the current collection available on their site, with more in the pipeline. This striking little monchrome number is called ‘Tears from Asia’ and it’ll set you back just £24. Th...More


G-Star Core Base Slim Shirt

Unless you have the money to splash out on a tailored shirt, getting a decent fit can be a bit tricky. Often, taller lads end up with shirts that flap around the back, and the shorter man ends up with a strangled neck. Well, the G-Star slim shirt looks to address that by being a […]...More


Next block stripe cardigan

Men of Britain. Buy yourself a cardigan now. Cardigans are a fine replacement for the humble sweater and will not make you look like one of your old teachers. There are loads of great knits out there, and for those of you who don’t want to go bust on buying some swish cashmere cardigan, why […]...More


Album of the week: The Sound of Silver, by LCD Soundsystem

I can’t tell you how much I love this album already, and I only bought it yesterday. If you liked the first album by LCD Soundsystem (James Murphy and chums), then you’ll like the second album even more. Murphy sticks to the same formula that won him acclaim in the first place, chucking all of […]...More


Lyle & Scott striped polo shirt

Polo shirts are big big news for blokes this summer, or so the fashion experts say. Stripes are also in – when are they out? – so we recommend you look at this natty number from traditional Scottish label Lyle & Scott, a brand that’s deservedly enjoying something of a renaissance right now. This shirt […]...More


Sixties-style retro cube shelves

These wooden shelving cubes, in retro white, wouldn’t look out of place on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Neither would they look out of place in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Put stuff in ‘em or on ‘em, or simply use them as groovy (did I just say that?) sculptures. They’re […]...More


Joystick Junkies Space Invader tee

Joystick Junkies’ Space Invader tee is a brilliant way to pledge your allegiance to all things pixel-related. The design comes in a nifty foil print on a black ultrasoft tee. The company have got tons more computer/arcade game related tees and hoodies, so if Space Invaders wasn’t your thing you could sport for example, a […]...More


Russell Crowe kits out footie players in Armani

Russell Crowe’s Australian rugby team "The South Sydney Rabbitohs" will now travel to matches in Armani tailor-made suits designed to "pick up on the team’s rich history." The gruff Australian has tried to update the team’s image by making games more family friendly, and hopes these new new suits will make the ...More


Robot T Shirt

It’s time for some more retro-futurism stuff! Retro-future is basically anything that looks old, but looks forward. Like snazzy new TVs with all the newest features… but it looks like something from a fifties living room. Anyway, this Tee encapsulates both of these things by showing off a robot messing with an old computer, and [&hellip...More


D&G Test Card watch

D&G aren’t the company who would normally be associated with weird and wonderful retro designs. Amazingly, D&G have come up with something that is both retro and incredibly quirky with this Test Card watch. The watch is inspired by the first ever BBC "electronically generated" test card. Features include quartz movement, one...More


Thanko gold ingot USB hub

The new heavy-duty ‘Gold Ingot’ USB hub from Thanko features eight USB2.0 ports for faster and better connections to PC or Mac. It also lights up when the USB is connected to the hub. The hub adopts 2 power sources: USB and AC adapter. Available in gold, gold and, er, gold. Available exclusively via Audiocubes. […]...More


Acronym SS-J2A softshell hooded jacket

The ultimate hooded sweatshirt for all seasons, the beautifully simple SS-J2A features sleeve vents, mesh-lined pockets, and a mesh-lined hood, make the J2A considerably lighter than the original J2. Acronym’s stuff is not cheap, but it is impeccably well-made and will last for years, if it’s not nicked first. Available from The Glade, ...More


Dekline Villain Sport trainers

Blimey, it’s so hot outside Brandish Towers that we’re out on the roof with our shirts off (as much as we’d like to claim Diet Coke physiques, it’s not a pretty sight) – and it’s only March! Maybe there is something to be said for global warming… However, we have now popped indoors to tell […]...More


Gola Cougar trainers

I’m not much of a trainers fan but Gola trainers are my favourites because, to paraphrase S Club7: "ain’t no trainer like an old school trainer". Overlook their pie-crust trainer hybrid monstrosity for a minute and check out the lovely colour combinations of the Cougar shoe. Gola also do a nifty range of retro sports […...More

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