A.P.C ‘Texas’ tee

Ah to be a boy. Even if you’re a bit of a fashion dandy, as long as you are male your clothing choices are a lot simpler than us womenfolk. Take this A.P.C. t-shirt for instance, it lists all of Texas’ greatest natives, carefully omitting one particular moronic Texan. The people deemed worthy of being […]...More


Hug salt & pepper shaker

Q: How cute is this ‘Hug’ salt & pepper set? A: Very very cute indeed. In fact, it’s probably the cutest salt & pepper set we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something, because we’ve seen a lot of cute salt & pepper sets in our time (not really). So what else can we tell you […]...More


K-Swiss Nautical Zedler slip

K-Swiss has just launched its new Nautical range, and very smart it is too. Our favourite model is this Zedler slip-on. The shoe’s simple design is based on classic canvas deck footwear, but these shoes are just as suited for the streets as the high seas. The coloured stripes spell out ‘K-Swiss’ using the nautical […]...More


Most wanted: Grinderman’s new album (aka Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds)

Nick Cave and three of his Bad Seeds have formed a new rock group, Grinderman. They play vicious, poetic, paint-stripping rock/blues that makes Tom Waits sound like Jason Donovan. They have songs called ‘No Pussy Blues’ and ‘Love Bomb’ and (our favourite) ‘Depth Charge Ethel’. They are, in short, bloody great. Ca...More


Office Lehndorff scarf

This scarf is officially the tits. With every piece of semi-alright menswear being confined to stripes of some kind this is a scarf with a difference. Show people your proud geekery and keen sartorial taste with the robot Office Lehndorff scarf. There are lots more pixel knits on the website, so if the blue/coral combo […]...More


Obey Summer of Love T-Shirt

A lot of retro designs don’t quite cut it do they? They often go for a pastiche as opposed to a design that genuinely reflects the clothing of the time. This is when you end up with silly loons and tie-dye things with tacky peace signs on. Worse still, you could end up with a […]...More


Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend Tee

Many of us know that there are a lot of very nice looking Japanese girls out there. Well, for those of you who would like a Japanese girlfriend, maybe this is your best bet. This T-shirt from ThinkGeek features clear, clean text and a message that is perhaps best translated as "Now accepting applications for […]...More


Samsung X830 Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are getting slicker by the second. Now you can have super suave design with all the hi-tech wizardy as well. It’s called having your cake and scoffing it down in one. Well, one of the coolest phones on the market is the Samsung X830, going for $335. Available in black, orange, white and […]...More


This Shirt Belongs To… You!

This is one of the most unique and brilliant sweatshirts this scribe has ever seen. It features a great little retro logo that says ‘This Shirt Belongs To…’ which, if so desired, can see you adding your own name like you did on those stickers you had as a bairn. In the soft gray sweatshirt […]...More


Simple Sloppy Toe Lace Up

Fashion and morals don’t always go hand-in-hand. Usually, cool stuff is made in dodgy places, and clothes with morals look like something dragged out of Glastonbury Fesitval (ie, not cool at all and quite possibly tie-dye). Well, thankfully, someone has decided to merge the two and make something really stylish and ecologically sound. These l...More


Nixon’s The Banks Watch

Look at this handsome devil. It’s a Nixon watch titled ‘The Banks’. It features great design along with simple and effective technology. It’s got dual time and a second subdial (for those of you who need to synchronise your watches like a ’70s spy). It’s water resistant to 100 meters and made from stainless steel...More


Leroy Jenkins custom floral hoody

Blimey, perhaps if all those nasty hooded chavs were forced to wear a smart floral top like this, rather than the usual sports brands, then they’d be less inclined to beat each other up, film it on their mobiles, and post it on YouTube for kicks. £130 from Flatspot’s online store: BUY IT PS. Leroy […]...More


Gaggia 74886 Deluxe Espresso & Capuccino maker

Gaggia coffee machines sell so well because they prize function over form – which is great, because making a cup of coffee is essentially a functional process. They’re pretty basic machines at heart, easy to use and they last forever. This model does both a mean espresso and a delicious capaccino, or, as old people […]...More


8-ball ashtray

It costs loads, it stinks up your clothes and it can kill you. Yes, smoking is very, very bad in so many different ways – can you tell that Brandish is now a reformed, self-righteous non-smoker? – but if you have to do it, at least use a stylish ashtray, rather than a mug or […]...More


Levi’s DNA Jacket

Levi’s have been cutting denim since 1870. That’s a long time. In that time, they become one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and as a result, have come up with some incredible designs. In their range at the moment is this super suave slim fit denim jacket with a retro spread collar. […]...More

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