Vintage Vinyl Record Bowl

We’re absolutely loving these vintage record bowls, made from classic vinyl LPs. Choose from rock or jazz genres for a unique piece of homeware. They’re not suitable for keeping liquids in (the hole in the middle kind of makes that a no-no), but for anything else you might want to keep in a bowl – […]...More


Noel ‘Garry’ Trainers

We’ve featured a lot of cool footwear on Brandish in our time, but these cool Noel trainers are some of the nicest and swishest. The ‘Garry’ trainers is a french casual shoe that features a neat  velcro-fastener with suede upper in tan, and a gum sole. These handsome sneaks are going for a very reasonable […]...More


Grandmaster Flash T Shirt

Get prepared to ‘flex’ your way around the streets and start saying ‘dope’, ‘wack’ and using bad when you mean good. You can now spread the message (fnarr fnarr) with this killer cotton tee with an old-school Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five graphic embalzoned across the front. Brrrraaaap! It’s...More

Clothing, Luggage & Travel

Haynes Manual bag

Ah the Haynes Manual, brings back memories of when my dad was a mechanic. He would come in from the garage at night, wash his oily hands in Swarfega and then show us all the terrible injuries he’d sustained during the day over a Fosters or Supermalt (for him) and Turkish Delights (for me and […]...More


John Varvatos suede boot

With the weather being a bit bleak at the moment, you’ll need something a bit more robust than a pair trusty (but scuffed) trainers. With a lot of men shying away from shoes for fear of being a bit too formal, let us help by attracting you to these great boots John Varvatos. These suede […]...More


Yardie Cardigan

The Yardie Cardigan is a luxurious number that is made from a luxurious cashmere-wool mix. It was based on the original Duffer Yardie Cardie and is available in two colours (blue and the featured ‘chocolate chip’). Reminscent of the classic teddy knits from the late fifties and early sixties, the Yardie has three vertical stripes [&hell...More


Mini Desk

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t like the classic British Mini or not… if you saw someone with one of these, you’d want one. There is no price on this inventive creation as yet, but whatever the price, you’ll be gagging for a go on one. Why? Well, the Mini Desk is made from […]...More


Alessi Kaj Wristwatch

Lots of watches demand to be looked at by being shiny and fussy. However, for those of you who aren’t magpie eyed, you’ll be interested in this cracking Alessi watch. The Kaj collection designed by Karim Rashid is "symbolic of technology, the cosmos and the passage and cyclical nature of time" apparently. However, the more [&h...More



It’s nice to adorn your walls with a little bit of your soul. Well, until someone creates a soul copying device, you’ll have to make do with the brilliant DNA Art. This genius idea allows you to create abstract art from a sample of your DNA. Each custom piece is as original as you are, […]...More


Apostrophe Chair

It’s all very well buying a three piece suite, but what about the furnishings in your second room? Maybe it’s the room where you keep all your old LPs? Well, you’ll need a decent place to kick back on and what better than this ace Apostrophe Chair? It’s a low curved chair of extra-padded sturdy […]...More


Tuxedo T Shirt

You don’t have to dress up to don formal wear with this cracking T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, the tuxedo tee features the rouched shirt and red bow tie, topping off a dapper look. I’ve not seen anyone sporting one of these for years as they were fashionable in the seventies and favoured by various […]...More


Fender Trainers

Fender have got a huge heritage in making guitars. Jimi Hendrix liked setting fire to his. Kurt Cobain liked to smash his up on stage. That’s not too say they’re rubbish. They are a design classic and an icon in pop culture. Well, Fender have branched out into clothing, and instead of sticking to those […]...More


Vans Leather Slip-On Shoes

Slip-ons? Slip-on shoes? Has the world gone completely mental-ways? Well, no longer is the slip-on shoe the sole property of duffer old geography teachers and grandpa with the advent of skaterwear. For years, Vans have been making slip-on trainers with ska influenced check and the skaters have been lapping them up. Vans have now made […]...More


Video Friday: Empire Strikes Back action figure ad

This is almost enough to give me a nostalgia-inspired erection. I stress ‘almost’....More


Video Friday: The Miller Catfight Boys – new Super Bowl ad

I preferred the Miller Catfight girls....More

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