Video Friday: The Mother of All Card Tricks

Watch closely… a bit complicated but worth learning. Hell, if David Copperfield can pull Claudia Schiffer, who knows what you could do. MOTHER OF ALL CARD TRICKS REVEALED – video powered by Metacafe...More


‘Jesus is the light’ ashtray

Smokers: You can’t beat a witty ashtray to divert your attention from the fact that you’re breathing in poisonous and addictive fumes. I love that Jesus guy, even though he didn’t smoke – or did he. I’m not sure if the Bible mentions Marlboro? Available from Urban Outfitters, for just £6. BUY IT More groovy […]...More


Fink Herringbone Field Blazer

It’s no longer a no-no to wear a smart jacket with a pair of jeans. Once, only ponytailed balding directors would be seen in that garb, but with a little taste, you can look great with a smart blazer and your fave denim. One fine example is the Fink Herringbone Field Blazer which is cut […]...More


Vintage Milk Bottle Light Shades

A lot of the stuff featured on Brandish is super suave and cool in design (we think so anyway), so to give you the flip side, here’s something quirky, retro and fun… and eco-friendly. Eco Home are selling vintage milk bottle light shades which will look great around the house. All the bottles in the […]...More


Nooka Zot classic watch

Now this is one damn cool watch. So what if it’s really difficult to tell the time – we have mobile phones to do that. The Nooka Zot Classic displays the hours as a progression of 12 dots. This design feature allows the watch to display the month on the same display with the date […]...More


New coloured iPod Shuffles look edible

Mmm, I could eat up Apple’s new coloured iPod Shuffles. Goddamn, they look like hi-tech Quality Street. Spec-wise, they’re identical to the original silver 2nd-gen Shuffle – 1GB of storage, 12 hours battery life, belt-clip, impossibly small, easy to lose etc. BUY IT More gadgets on Brandish...More


Win £1000 cash plus a NavMan N60i sat nav system

Still feeling a bit strapped after Christmas? Well, how about £1000 cash on us, plus the latest N60i sat nav system, courtesy of our sponsor, Navman. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, just send in an image of your favourite place – that’s it! Visitors to the NavPix site can […]...More


Most wanted: Casino Royale on DVD

It’s not even out until 19 March, but the forthcoming DVD release – the usual two-disc collectors’ edition – of new Bond romp ‘Casino Royale’ is already a runaway leader at the top of Amazon’s ‘Hot 100 DVD’ charts. You have been able to download shaky cam-recorded versions of the movie via Bitto...More


Shakespeare ‘Exit Pursued by a Bear’ t-shirt

Good to see the Great Bard, aka Shakey, aka MC Bill, getting some t-shirt slogan love at last. ‘Exit, pursued by a bear…’ is a stage direction from ‘The Winter’s Tale’. As stage directions go, they don’t get more explicit than that. This, and a range of other Shakespeare-inspired tees, is available from con...More


Samsung Techwin SGR-A1 robot sentry – ‘You have less than 20 seconds to comply…’

The SGR-A1 robot sentry is currently being developed by the Korea University and Samsung Techwin Co. The latter has released a promo video showcasing the robot’s capabilities (watch it after the jump). The video shows how the robot tracks its target, and also its ability to shoot at targets that do not respond to an […]...More


Beaver Hat

Let’s face it. It’s cold and miserable outside. In Britain, it’s mostly cold and miserable. If global warming experts are to be believed, then the UK is just going to get colder and colder. One good thing about the chill is that you get to wear more stylish gear, and what better way to make […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Paul Frank Bohemian Duffel Bag

Most men don’t feel like a fool carrying a bag these days. Once upon a time, you may have been beaten to death for being too feminine, but thankfully times have changed. For those gents who want to carry something a bit more stylish than a Head bag (or if you’re reliving your school days, […]...More


Peep Show Mac ads

So the lovely Peep Show boys, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, have taken the corporate shill and done a series of UK-specific ads for Mac. In fairness, if we were going to take the corporate shill, we’d want to take it from Apple too. From behind. Click on the image to watch the ads. They’re […]...More


Everybody’s talking about… Myths of the Near Future, by Klaxons

Any album that gets one star in The Guardian has to be worth a listen – I mean, the paper can’t even get their name right, calling them The Klaxons (just Klaxons, guys – nice research). What, the backlash has begun even before their first long-player hits stores? At least give them their 15 minutes. […]...More


Paul Smith double breasted check jacket

Sir Paul Smith is an English fashion icon. After taking up fashion design after having been injured in a cycling accident, he set up his first shop in Nottingham in 1970 and gradually expanded his retail business into one of the leading design outlets in the world. In his PS Collection, we find this cracking […]...More

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