Video Watch with OLED Screen

Ever since I was a child, I’d always hoped for a super futuristic watch that I could talk into and watch TV on it. Or something like that. Well, by jove, it’s arrived! Sort of. ThinkGeek’s Video Watch with OLED Screen ($130) is ready to change us all into futuristic beings in an affordable way. […]...More


Heroes of day: Bert and Ernie

Names Bert, Ernie. Job Muppets Special Powers Ernie’s special power is the gift of childlike mischief. Bert is much more cynical and often tires of Ernie’s pranks and gaffes – he loves Ernie really though. Ernie said ‘You’ve got a banana in your ear!’ Bert said ‘What? I can’t hear you. I’ve got ...More


The MotoGP board game. Fun for all the family (and hairy bikers)

Motorbike blog Helmet Hair (great name) alerts us to this new MotoGP board game, which has to be one of the first of its kind. The rules sound pretty straightforward: choose the team you want to ride for, roll and dice and away you go. BUY IT Click below to see a video ad for […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Eastpak Lemmy ‘Blind Faith’ limited edition bag

This limited edition, padded rucksack, by Eastpak, features exclusive artwork by rock god Lemmy (Motorhead’s lead singer, if you didn’t know). The warty rocker’s ‘Blind Faith’ design shows a thunderbolt striking down from the sky. Eastpak   will donate 10% of the retail price to the charity nominated by the artist...More


Cathode Nixie Watch

There are a lot of cool retro things out there, but none as original and unusual as this cathode Nixie Watch from Cathode Corner. The watch uses two nixie tubes – neon display tubes once used in sixties calculators – to display the hours, minutes, and seconds in order through the flicking of the wrist. […]...More

Entertainment, Grooming

Yellow Submarine Bath Radio

For those of you cool enough to have a bath as opposed to a shower, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to whack the stereo up as loud as it will go to listen to tunes while you soak. The submarine bathtime radio (available in black and a nice yellow one […]...More


Would you buy Asda’s £19 suit?

Asda has just launched what it claims is Britain’s cheapest suit. Customers can now pick up the suit for just £19 as part of Asda’s George clothing range. Normally the jacket would retail at £19 and the trousers at £6 – still bloody cheap. I’m not sure I could face wearing a suit that costs […]...More


The Monday survival kit

From now on, every Monday we’ll put together a Brandish survival kit for your perusal, featuring a DVD, an album, a video game, a book and something 100% free. To help get you through the week… The DVD – An Inconvenient TruthA lecture on global warming by Al Gore (you know, the Democrat who almost […]...More


Apple TV – better than the iPhone?

We’ve already listed our reasons why the iPhone sucks – to be honest, we’re much more interested in Apple TV (formerly iTV), the company’s smart new set-top box. It’s essentially an iPod for your telly, coming with 720p video output through component video, optical and analogue audio, and HDMI ports. It packs in a 40GB...More


Buy your own TucTuc on eBay. It’s the only way to travel

Today (Mon 15th Jan.), from midday, you will be able to bid on eBay to buy your very own TucTuc (or motorised rickshaw – they are also commonly known as tuk-tuks). TucTuc Limited is auctioning off two of its famous TucTuc fleet, launched in Brighton and Hove (as an alternative taxi service) in July 2006. […]...More


The Simpsons Pinball Party machine

Damn, we’d love to get our hands on this Simpsons Pinball Party machine, complete with talking Homer head and skateboarding Homer [spotted on Uncrate]. There are a couple of drawbacks though… 1) It costs $4,999. Doh.2) It’s only available, through Brookstone, in the States and Canada. Doh again. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on...More


Paul Smith leather bomber jacket

Thanks to global warming – thanks, global warming – it’s almost time to ditch your winter jacket and replace it with something better suited to springtime, like this navy blue leather bomber jacket, by Paul Smith. Available through Triads’ online store, in navy blue (pictured) or brown.The price? If you have to ask… BU...More


Free stuff: Best of Bootie 2006 mash-up album

Avail yourself of this free music download from Bootie, which includes some of the best mash-ups of last year. Highlights include a showdown between Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and Run DMC’s ‘Tricky’, and DJ Moule’s ‘Black Sabotage’, which pits Led Zeppelin against The Beastie Boys. [Via Boing B...More


Stussy Blondie Western Snap hooded sweat

A cosy-yet-cool hooded sweater from one of the hippest clothing labels on the planet. Available from online shop Flatspot for £99 (no-one said Stussy was cheap), with the financial consolation of free shipping to any location in the UK. BUY IT More clothing on Brandish...More


2K Experimental Jetset John & Paul & Ringo & George Beatles t-shirt

We’re rather taken with this Beatles t-shirt. It’s available in a range of colour schemes via Flatspot’s online store, priced £30. They also do a sweet Rolling Stones version, which reads ‘Keith & Mick & Bill & Charlie & Brian’. BUY IT (click on 2K t-shirts link in sidebar) More cool clothing on Brandi...More

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