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Bennie and Olive left/right mittens

http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/sowear_1928_58471458 For the first time this year, I stepped outside and my teeth began to chatter. Yep, the cold is beginning to bite and I need something to keep me warm. Well, I've already got myself a nice Gloverall Duffel coat, so now I need something to keep my hands warm... and these Bennie and Olive...More


Unmask Skype liars with a KishKish lie-detector

Millions of people are using the Skype application to make calls for free over the internetweb, but how many of them are honest, hmm? The KishKish Lie Detector plug-in aims to let you know when you’re getting Porkies Over IP, by analysing the stress levels in their voice. Once downloaded, every time you make a […]...More


Firebox drumming hippies

Last year, I went to San Francisco full of romantic expectations of seeing the place where Flower Power first dawned. One trip to Haight-Ashbury later, I found… lots of beardy people hitting drums with a random rhythm. It was like one of those stalls at Glastonbury that you instinctively avoid after the first day. Anyway, […]...More


Xmas singing toy dog

And it only cost a fiver, according to my Nan (who bought it from a passing charity salesman last week). Which doesn’t make it easy to recommend where you should get one. But nevertheless, it’s ace. Bigmouth Billy Bass has nothing on this Chrimbo pup… Oh, also, in uploading it to YouTube, the audio got […]...More


Japan’s extreme alarm service

Heavy sleepers in Japan can pay good money (around £5) to be woken up by an attendant with a vacuum cleaner. Other methods include wasabi up the nose, cake in the face and wax on the nipples. More vids of bizarre Japanese alarms after the click… [Via Gizmodo]...More


Vertu Ascent Motorsport box-set

Owning a Vertu mobile (Nokia’s luxury mini-brand) is a sign that you have more money than sense – so it’s perfect for Premiership footballers, soap stars and other C-listers. Anyway, Vertu has decided to package all six of its Ascent Racetrack Legend phones into a specially crafted box-set. The collection includes the four current...More


Dolmette chainsaw motorbike

The amazing Dolmette (pictured) is a concept motorbike powered by 24 chainsaw engines. It’s made by German company Dolmar (they make chainsaws, strimmers and other destructive things) and it’s quite a beast – the combined power of those two-dozen chainsaw engines is fed into to a 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission by a series of...More


Spring Court tennis shoes

France’s Spring Court may not be household name over here, but their trainers have graced some very important feet. Serge Gainsbourg used to kick around in well loved and battered pair, but so did the Brit Mod boys in the 60s. If that isn’t recommendation enough, a certain Mr Lennon sported a pair on the […]...More


Speakerdog paper toy

Ben The Illustrator has just released another marvelous Speakerdog paper toy for you to download, cut out and put together. Ben’s Speakerdog character is available in 3 different formats. First is the ‘Original’ which is a nice amber tone, the second is Santadog which is pretty self explainatory and lastly, the Blank one that you ...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

Navman Navpix GPS system

GPS satellite navigation is going to be increasingly popular in 2007, and not just because it puts an end to those testy in-car rows between you and your better half (mainly because you’re united in shouting at the annoyingly plummy satnav voice directions instead). That said, satnav is getting cleverer in a whole bunch of […]...More


John Denver & The Muppets Xmas album

Pah to Phil Spector! Bing Crosby? Schming Crosby more like! And Mariah Carey? Christ. You can throw away all your Christmas albums now, and just buy this. It’s called ‘A Christmas Together’, and is by doomed country singer John Denver and the Muppets. It’s got all the classics: Deck The Halls, We Wish You A […]...More


Powerizers, for wannabe superheroes

Powerizers is a slightly rubbish name for a product, admittedly, but it probably sounds good being bellowed by an American TV ad voiceover artist. Powerizers strap onto your shoes, giving you big boosty muscle-substitutes that allegedly let you jump six feet in the air. I’ve always found a big house spider has that effect on […]...More


Vitamin cool garden gnome

The clever people at Vitamin have come up with a unique twist on the humble garden gnome. Instead of being some bawdy little chap with his arse out, they’ve gone for a beautiful bone china which looks like it’s dropped out of the mind of Pete Fowler (he’s the chap who does the Super Furry […]...More


Ceramic crinkle cups

http://www.clio-home.com/ProductImages/Med_405.jpg People often want to appear quirky and interesting. There's nothing wrong with that unless you go down the novelty tie route, which as we all know, will make you more unpopular than the plague (even if you are trying to be ironic). Well, a nifty little way of doing it is to buy some of these crink...More

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