Nintendo Family Tree t-shirt

To cash in on Nintendo Wii fever, Nerdy Shirts have just released this awesomely desirable ‘Nintendo Family Tree’ t-shirt. Yes, we know it’s slightly geeky to be this excited about this particular t-shirt, but then us and Nintendo go back a long way, right back to the days of the NES and Game Boy, then […]...More


Airdrummer electronic drumsticks We've all been there. Stood on the middle of a dancefloor - blind drunk - playing terrible air drums whilst all around us pirouette like ballerinas. Well, thankfully, you can get a bit of practice in at home without looking like a complete chump. Dear reader, welcome to...More


Linerider online game

Has anyone tried the sublime online game, Linerider, yet? Basically, it’s a game that you draw yourself, and send a little chap on a sledge down the various precarious hills that you’ve created. Sounds a bit dull from the off, but this game is more addictive than crack, and once mastered, is more than rewarding. […]...More


The Wine Diet book

Now this is a diet Brandish can thoroughly recommend. No food, just Chianti in the morning, Chardonnay in the afternoon, followed by six bottles of Sainsbury’s cheapest table plonk in the evening, and then unconsciousness. Repeat. Sadly, that isn’t what The Wine Diet is about. Instead, it’s a new book by Roger Corder, which offers...More


Indoor skydiving

Yep, you heard that right. And no, it’s not something you can only do inside the tall chimney bit of the Tate Modern museum (and besides, that’s full of slides at the moment). Instead, indoor skydiving is apparently a bit like this: "Imagine a wind tunnel that could be used for testing the aerodynamics of […]...More


The Xmas List, No.15: Sennheiser MX75 sport earphones

These new Sennheiser Sport MX75s are zesty. I mean, look at ‘em – they’re darn zesty, aren’t they? Like a chilled can of Sprite. They boast Sennheiser’s nifty ‘Twist-To-Fit’ system (does exactly what is says on the tin) and are sweat- and water-resistant. Most importantly, they sound really good, with lots ...More


Converse All-Star tartan hi

You need pretty big balls to wear these tartan-print Converse Allstars, because they’re not exactly subtle. They’re perfect for attention-seekers and Scotsmen though – and especially attention-seeking Scotsmen. We like ‘em. BUY THEM For more cool stuff to wear, on your feet and other places, check out our CLOTHING archive....More


The spray-on condom: safe sex in a can

What’s more likely to make you blush? Nipping into the toilets or your local chemist or for a "packet of three" or buying a can of condom spray? Well, I’d say the latter, but scientists working at the Institute for Condom Consultancy (yes, it’s really called that) are developing such a thing. It’s not a […]...More


Suck UK magnetic bottle opener

Sick of scrambling around looking in stupid places to find your bottle opener? Your girlfriend has left the wine opener in the bathroom after her scented candles/trashy novel/glass of wine in the bath evening, and you just can’t wait to crack open your fine ale that you got in for the footy. Well, instead of […]...More


The Xmas List, No.14: Griffin tweed flight jacket

Griffin is one of our favourite British design studios. They do great, slightly eccentric twists on British clothing classics, like this tweed flight jacket, which is actually made in Italy – try to ignore the Shoreditch cap/sunglasses combo, which is a bit twattish, and concentrate instead on the jacket. The jacket is not 100% tweed [&hellip...More

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Mezzo D9 folding bike

The nifty Mezzo D9 is the brainchild of ex-Formula 1 designer Jon Whyte, who now dabbles in bicycle design. It takes just 20 seconds to put together and, unlike some folding bikes, you couldn’t injure yourself with the D9 if you tried – the catches are expertly designed and the folding mechanism is very easy […]...More


Radio-controlled Porsche Cayenne

This nice little runner differs from most radio-controlled cars in that it’s equipped with a little digital camera, which transmits images to your remote handset. The car has a 250K pixel camera on the windscreen (you can just about make it out in this picture), which transmits all it sees to a 2.2-inch colour LCD […]...More


Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster

Lamborghini has given its gorgeous Murcielago roadster an upgrade – now it’ll do more than 200mph, which is scary-fast. Launched at the LA motor show this week, the LP640 roadster gets the same mechanical and cosmetic tweaks as the LP640 hard-top: new rear lights, a chunkier body kit and a tweaked version of the V12 […]...More


Five wooly hats for winter

1 STUSSY 89 RUGBY STRIPE BEANIE A striped acrylic knit with Stussy World Tour screenprint. Available in three different colour schemes. BUY IT...More


Monster hoodie

Most garb you see is rather dour and serious, which is what makes this particular hoodie so great! Fans of the famous Japanese monster character Domo-kun will have already spotted its face adorning the chest, which makes for a killer design. It’s a good quality 100% cotton and features the outrageous face of Japan’s most […]...More

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