Space Invaders gear

This Christmas, you can go Space Invader mad. First of all, you can wrap yourself up in this super cool Space Invaders Scarf from b2d4 which is made from 100% Merino Wool, making the scarf warm, comfy and most importantly, stylish. It comes in a range of three different colors, with the pick of the […]...More

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Ress Kutschen toboggan

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know, then once you’ve got your beady butchers ’round this, you’ll be learning how to do ancient Native American snow dances to bring the white stuff down this Yuletide. This super fast and super sophisticated toboggan is made from steam-bent beechwood [...More


Vespa scooter for kids

When you were a kiddie, you probably wanted a motorised thing to drive around on. I recall hearing the unmistakable wrrrr of an electronic motorbike struggling up a shallow hill. Well, I imagine that they’ve got much better since then, and what better way to spoil a young wannabe mod child than with an a […]...More


Ipod Nano gelaskins

These lovely GelaSkins, which come decorated in a range of quirky artwork (this is a Super Mario/Luigi tribute) are designed to fit the new iPod Nanos. They’re thin, protective covers made with high grade vinyl and patented adhesive technology. An ultra-clear, scratch resistant, glossy coating is then applied to the GelaSkin for added durabil...More


Undoboy Super Bastard box toys

We like the fact that there is a toy out there with the name ‘Super-Bastard’. That’s somehow reassuring and it sounds good to say aloud: ‘Super-Bastard’. What a superhero he would be. Anyway, we digress. Super-Bastard is a ‘box-art toy’, designed by Undoboy. Each S-B is made of cardboard, with four differen...More


4VOO’S make-up range for men

Sister site Kiss and Makeup brings us ill tidings of a new range of makeup for men. American cosmetics company 4VOO (‘for vous’ – ‘for you’, geddit!) does a nice, metrosexual line in men’s makeup. Why not try 4VOO’s ‘Confidence Corrector’, which, thrillingly, promises to ‘banish dark circl...More


Parrot bluetooth picture frame

You may be looking at this and yawning to yourself thinking ‘why on Earth would I want to buy a picture frame?’. Well gents, it’s because this little wiz’ is not just your average picture frame. Why? Well, this rascal is rigged up with bluetooth (or "bloody blue teeth or summat" as my Dad calls […]...More


Hannsdribbling LCD football TV

This, the cryptically named ‘HANNSdribbling’, is a hand-stitched leather football with a 10-inch LCD telly built into it – so now you can watch the footy on the footy. We don’t recommend that you actually play football with it though. LCD screens don’t like being kicked around – and the football, although it̵...More


Talking Transformer action figure

Don’t lie. Everybody loves Transformers. They were so very very very cool indeed. They pissed all over that Citroen advert with the ice skating robot car in it. In fact, you’d never see Optimus Prime ice skating! Shooting guns and being authorititive maybe… anyway… time to roll back the years with this ace Transformers 20th ...More


The Xmas List, No.11: Wired mag subscription

Here at Brandish we advocate the power of the internet, naturally. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not room in our lives for the odd branch or two of dead-tree media. There are still some very good printed magazines out there, and we figure that a gift subscription makes for a neat Xmas gift. Wired, […]...More


Jack Daniel’s chess set

My chess skills are hazy at the best of times, so heaven knows how I’d cope with the game if I was drinking a shot for every piece I took. Happily, this Jack Daniel’s chess set isn’t what you’d think – a whisky version of those vodka-shot chess sets that were popular a couple of […]...More


Boffins working on male birth-control pill

Got a hot date tonight? Forget popping Viagra before heading out (well, except you Grandad…). British boffins have come up with a male contraceptive pill which contains chemicals that prevent ejaculation for a few hours. It sounds frankly worrying to me – do you end up going for six hours? – but offers an alternative […]...More


Make sweet music with an iBuzz Two MP3 vibrator

You can’t trust your iPod’s shuffle mode to supply a suitable bedroom soundtrack. One minute you’re gettin’ it on to Marvin Gaye or R Kelly, the next you’re being blasted with the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk to F***’. It’s a bit of a passion-killer (unless you’re a big Dead Kennedys fan and/...More


Meizu portable media player

Last month, our pals at TechDigest mentioned the possibility of the Meizu portable media player heading to the UK. Well, it’s now been confirmed and retailing from £79.99. The Meizu is a dinky little number that weighs in at 55g. Despite its size, the flash-based player still manages to pack in a 2.4-inch high-definition display […]...More


Pointer trainers

Check these rascals out! Pointer, who I confess I haven’t heard much about are making a fine line in footwear that is rivalling Converse Chuck Taylor’s for kickabout retro trainers. They’re pretty widely available, and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but these are my pick of the bunch. Chuck’s were once the […]...More

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