The Xmas List, No.10: ‘Songs For Christmas’ by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens’s splendid, seasonal new album (try saying that after a gallon of mulled wine) is a boxset wich pulls together five years’ worth of his Xmas-themed EPs: namely ‘Noel’, ‘Hark!’, ‘Ding! Dong!’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Peace’. Normally we wouldn’t touch Christmas music wit...More


Why your PlayStation3 could help to cure cancer

And Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s… No, this isn’t some new real-time medical strategy game. It’s something called Cure@PlayStation3, and it’s an application which you can download to your PS3, and then while the console’s on standby (for example, overnight), it crunches numbers for Stanford University boffins wh...More


Vertu Signature Duo is not cheap

The ultra-expensive Vertu handsets have been around for a while now, although unless you’re a.) a footballer, b.) a Russian ‘businessman’, or c.) Gwyneth Paltrow, you won’t have ever considered buying one. Still, they’re fun to dream about, and that’s particularly true of the latest Signature Duo model. It’...More


Perfect bodies duvet cover

Sex life gone a bit… stale? Finding excuses to stay up surfing the internetweb rather than face your other half in the sack again? Having regular encounters with Mr Floppy? WHAT KIND OF A MAN ARE YOU, EH? YOU’RE A DISGRACE! Oh, hang on, sorry, I was intending to be sensitive. What I meant to […]...More


Seinfeld KKKramer T-Shirt

T-Shirt Hell’s KKKramer t-shirt is probably the hottest t-shirt on the planet right now. It pokes politically incorrect fun at disgraced Seinfeld actor Michael Richards (aka lovable buffoon Kramer – although he’s not so lovable right now). If you’ve just got back from your annual holiday to the moon (nice this time of year, ...More


Silent Bob Clerks action figure

With Kevin Smith finding fame with a million students again (and his old fans of course) with Clerks 2, it’s quite handy that these comic book style figures have come out. You can get your hands on all the characters, but it only seems fair to show off the man who makes it all happen, […]...More


Andy Warhol soup cans

Fancy a bit of PopArt in your house? Well, for a very nicely priced $12 per can, you can have a limited edition Andy Warhol soup can with authentic reproductions of Warhol designed labels. It’s printed on special quality paper and with Andy’s signature (reproduced obviously as he’s… well… dead). The tins actually conta...More


Sandisk Sansa E280, the iPod nano killer

If you’re thinking of buying an iPod Nano for Xmas, either for yourself or a loved one, we recommend you read this first… Sansa’s E series of flash-based MP3 players does everything the Nano does and much more besides. We’ve read several reviews which conclude that the Sansa is a genuine iPod killer and when […]...More


Don’t mess with the TankChair

It’s called the TankChair, and it’s basically an extreme off-road wheelchair that owes more than a little to, well, tanks. It laughs in the face of streams, mud, snow, sand and gravel, and bumps up and down stairs without a hitch. Oh, and if someone annoys you, it’s great for showing them just who’s boss. […]...More


PlayStation 3 Hybrid Nike Air Max 90s

When Nike met Sony and decided to make sweet gaming-trainer love, the results were predictably desirable. Meet the PlayStation 3 Hybrid Air Max 90s. It’s a bit of a mouthful, I know. Only 24 pairs were ever made, and they’re the first Nike Airs to have a Hologram Swoosh on apparently. The patent leather upper […]...More


Jigsaw wine rack

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stop buying wine by the bottle in Sainsburys according to what’s on a £2-off deal, and start building up a proper wine cellar. But if you’re lacking a cellar, check out this Puzzle Wine Rack, which consists of modular units that can be […]...More


Nintendo DS MP3 player add-on

Nintendo can do no wrong at the moment. Its MP3 add-on for the DS will be launched on 8th December (the same launch date as the Wii, btw). The add-on will work with the DS Lite and original DS, as well as the Game Boy Advance SP and diddy Game Boy Micro. The cartridge-based player […]...More


Five manly aftershaves, so you won’t smell like a big girl

1 HUGO BOSS IN MOTION Hugo Boss make some of the most tasteful men’s scents. Boss’s In Motion is aimed at sporty, adrenaline-addicted types. Its top notes are Bergamot Oil, Basil Flower and Violet Leaves, meaning it smells fresh and energetic. Or something like that. BUY IT...More


Hero of the day: Oliver Postgate

Name Oliver Postgate Job The Elvis, Beatles and Dylan of kids TV all rolled in one. In short, genius and programme maker. Special Powers Creating other worlds, incredible characters and superb stories . He said "In our time we had been able to found great kingdoms of mountains, ice and snow in our cowsheds. In […]...More


Cocktail arcade table

If you want to show off, what better way to do it than having your very own cocktail table arcade machine? Yep, it’s a fully functioning retro arcade machine that has shatterproof glass and tough old buttons to withstand you and your mates furiously thrashing out battle after heated battle. However, one huge difference between […]...More

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