Crap Trumps > Top Trumps

The Top Trumps revival is seemingly still going strong, although I’ve seen some space-hoppers being sold in some high-street shops, so maybe they’re about to usurp its ‘ironic retro-toy du jour’ title. Anyway, Firebox is thinking a bit more imaginatively, and is selling Crap Trumps. Like Top Trumps, but featuring "shodd...More


12ft-wide playboy bed

Fed up with that revolving circular bed with extra-bouncy springs and a trapeze that flips out of the canopy? Fear not. Bedheads will be scrambling to upgrade to the Extreme UltraKing, which measures a whopping 12 feet wide by 10 feet long. As a comparison, traditional king-sized beds are usually six feet wide and seven […]...More


Gears of War, for Xbox 360

Gears of War, for Xbox 360, is the greatest video game we’ve played this year. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is immersive. Whereas a lot of new 360 games don’t really look so different from Xbox titles, GoW really does show off Microsoft’s next-gen capabilities, as the clip below shows… BUY IT...More


Five indispensable old-school board games

1 CLUEDO If Columbo played a board game, he’d play Cluedo: ‘Um, Professor Plum, just one more thing…’ A classic that we’ll never tire of. At just over a tenner, you can’t go wrong. BUY IT...More


Nike Air Force 1 Premium

These limited edition sneakers (trainers is such a chavvy word that we’ve stopped using it) look very smart and seasonal, with their hazelnut/orange colour scheme. They’re available from Overkill, a Berlin-based online streetwear shop. Overkill has a great range of stuff and they do deliver to the UK and elsewhere in the EU. Allow 7-10 ...More


La Tete Au Cube buddy throw

If you’re a bit lonely, and thinking of asking that ugly girl out from the chippy just make your Christmas a bit more fun, don’t bother. Why? Well, we’ve come across this excellent throw rug for your sofa which will make you feel loved… and it looks cool too! Designed by La Tete Au Cube […]...More


Hero of the day: Kendo Nagasaki

Name Kendo Nagasaki (but his mum called him Peter Thornley) Job Mysterious masked wrestler. Special Powers Other than being a man of mystery, Kendo had the power of hypnosis. Few unmasked the great man, many tried. He said "There are two sides to me – two sides to everybody. But this is my way of […]...More

Entertainment, Video

Kid Beyond, the human beatbox

This guy is seriously talented. It’s like he’s got a massive drumkit inside his mouth or somethingâ?¦...More


Equalizer LED watch

As you can see from the photo, this watch’s LED display is designed to look like a graphic equaliser. God knows how you’re supposed to tell the time, but then that’s not the point – you don’t buy a watch like this to tell the time, you buy it because it looks damn cool, in […]...More


Sennheiser MX-51 Street earphones

Fed up of those white earphones that came with your iPod? Sennheiser wants YOUR cash to upgrade to something that won’t have muggers trailing you around town. The audio firm has just launched its new Street Line range of personal earphones, which all cost between £10 and £25, but offer plenty of bass-bang for your […]...More

Luggage, Luggage & Travel

The Xmas List, No.3: Leatherman Squirt

Most blokes love multitools. They’re so damn functional and they give off the impression that you’re a hands-on, DIY-lovin’ kind of chap (even if you can’t change a plug). American company Leatherman make the best multitools and they proudly sell all their products with a 25-year guarantee. When you buy a Leatherman, you buy...More


Five cool caps

It’s difficult to get away with wearing a cap these days. They’ve been claimed by American frat boys and British chav kids. Fear not, for it is possible to wear one and not fall into either of those camps, as these five beauties show:1 ADIDAS CITIES RIO CAP Stylish canvas military cap from the Adidas […]...More


Hero of the day: Brian Cant

Name Brian Cant Job Silky voiced kids TV presenter. Special Powers The ability to be everyone’s favourite uncle. He said "Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today ?" They said "Brian Cant made […]...More


Panasonic retro RP-HTX7 headphones

Panasonic have made my dreams come true. I’ve been after some handsome (and retro) headphones for a while, and though it’s easy to find genuinely old ones on eBay, I wanted some that were modern, and therefore, producing a rather lovely sound. So, from clever designer people at Panasonic come the retro style RP-HTX7 with […]...More


Bullseye mobile game

Harbouring fond memories of Bully, speedboats and some of the worst haircut/shirt combos ever seen on a British TV screen? Join the club. But thankfully, you can now relive those happy days with a new mobile game based on Bullseye. Released by Player X, it faithfully recreates the rules, format and cheesy humour of the […]...More

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