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Stussy utility mini brief bag

Man bags are a tricky thing to get right. These days we seem to have so much portable gear (mobile phone, iPod, PSP, digital camera, wallet etc.) that a small ‘day bag’ is an essential item. If you find that the pockets on your Levi 501s aren’t big enough, then we highly recommend Stussy’s mini […]...More


Robots act out Pulp Fiction scene

Don’t need to add any comments really – the title says it all....More


Global VR virtual pinball machine

This is the ultimate boy’s toy – a virtual pinball machine for the 21st century. It’s built into a proper cabinet, but instead of featuring real balls, bumpers etc, it has a 32-in plasma monitor as the table display. Sweet. It can play six popular pinball games, including Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness and Xenon. […]...More


BBC Planet Earth DVD box-set

Each day until Xmas Day itself Brandish will be featuring one cool item that we recommend you add to your Christmas list. So if you’re stuck for ideas, watch this space. First up, we present the DVD box-set of the Beeb’s spectacular ‘Planet Earth’ documentary series. Planet Earth is the most awesome televisual achievement we...More


Video games in the real world

Ever wondered whether you could recreate your favourite games in real-life? No, not Grand Theft Auto. Click here to watch five of the best video-game re-creations from a bunch of Swedish students doing Pong and Space Invaders and a real-life Punch-Out battle, through to one man spending 60-80 hours shooting and editing his own Counterstrike [&helli...More


Firebox Laserpod Satellite

When it comes to home lighting, you can’t beat a gadget that combines lasers, crystals, lights and LEDs. Yet for some reason, they haven’t yet been made standard issue in new houses. Funny, that. Anyway, to plug the gap, check this Laserpod Satellite from Firebox. It’s an orb-shaped device using laser, light and LED optics [&helli...More


Solarventi SolarVent SV30H Plus water heater

Okay, so this isn’t a gadget, you can’t play with it, and you won’t have mates coming round to gaze at it with barely-disguised awe and envy. But it is rather nifty nonetheless. It’s called the SolarVent SV30H Plus, and it’s the world’s first solar-powered combi water heater and warm air dehumidifier. In other wo...More


Peanut portable speaker

Check out this strange little creature. It’s a tiny speaker that looks like a peanut. For me, that’s reason enough to buy it, but I fear that you’ll need more convincing. Imagine this. You want to fall asleep listening to music, but can’t get comfortable whilst wearing your headphones, and maybe your loudspeakers are a [&hel...More


Hero of the day: Jeff Stelling

Name Jeff Stelling Job Live and on the spot football score announcer and news breaker. Special Powers Managing to store incredible amounts of football infomation in his mind and someone keeping some reserves for getting rather excitable. He said "They’ll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight" They said The Gua...More


James Bond gets his own Sony Ericsson K800i

007 fever is building this week, with the release of new film Casino Royale (check out our Five Greatest Bond Cars post). To coincide with the movie’s launch, O2 has announced plans to sell an exclusive, limited-edition silver Sony Ericsson K800i handset, with loads of Bond content preloaded on it, including wallpapers, ringtones and video [&...More


The world’s smallest satellite phone

Forget about wandering around the caves of the Afghanistan border with a huge satellite phone strapped to your back. Globalstar has just announced the GSP-1700, which it says is the smallest, lightest satellite handset yet. It weighs just over 200 grams, and provides four hours of talk time, and 36 hours of standby. The phone […]...More


NEC robot taster

Well, it’s better than chicken, I suppose. NEC has got together with Mie University to design a robot taster, who can chomp on wine, cheese, meats and canapes and then tell you what they are. Why? Oh, just for the pure robotic fun of it, I daresay. However, there’s a flaw. Apparently when one journalist […]...More


Apple television

Unfortunately, that’s as in ‘a TV that looks like an apple’ rather than ‘a TV made by Apple’. D’oh! Instead, this telly sits inside a bright red apple casing, with doors opening to reveal the screen, and sound coming from the speakers set into those doors. The makers have really pulled the stops out too, [&hellip...More


Hero of the day: Albert Camus

Name Albert Camus Job Ace novelist and exponent of ‘existentialism’ (the philosophy for lazy men). Special Powers Creating anti heroes and giving people the world over the excuse ‘because I felt like it’. He said "Don’t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be [&...More


Penguin Classic mugs

The old boldly coloured Penguin books are design classics. All that reading is a bit of a ball-ache though isn’t it? Thankfully, you can look bookish and be a complete lazy trout by buying one of these ace Penguin Classic Mugs. You can get a Brighton Rock  one, and all you have to do when […]...More

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