Katamari Damacy 2D web game

Seriously, don’t waste time reading this post. Just click here and go see a 2D Flash version of legendary (i.e. only geeks know it) game Katamari Damacy. Otherwise known as The One Where You Roll Stuff Up Into A Big Ball. Yes, the graphics are rudimentary, the music gets on your wick after a short […]...More


Renault F1 engine sings ‘God Save the Queen’

Amazing what they can program a Formula 1 car’s engine to do these days… this Renault clearly has much more talent than, say, X Factor’s Chico....More


Toshiba out-of-body VR helmet

Want an out-of-body experience? Forget about strong drugs or jumping in front of a speeding vehicle. All you need is Toshiba’s new VR helmet, which claims to be a lighter, more wearable version of those virtual reality helmets which everyone had in the 1980s. Didn’t we? Anyway, it weighs 3kg, and has a 16-inch screen […]...More


Album of the week: ‘Songs for the Gentle’ by MyMy

My My are three Berlin-based DJs. They make superior house music, for superior houses. If you’re a fan of Ricardo Villalobos, Metro Area, Daft Punk, Isolee, Richie Hawtin etc. then you should buy ‘Songs For the Gentle’, their debut album (out now on Playhouse records). You can stand up and dance to it, or sit […]...More


USB drum kit

Deep in every man’s heart, there’s the desire to spend 20 minutes thumping out the drum solo from Led Zep’s ‘Moby Dick’ while screaming like a wild animal. Really, there is. Even if you don’t even like Led Zeppelin. And imagine how much better this would be if you could record your crashings and bashings [&hellip...More


James Bond’s five coolest cars

1 ASTON MARTIN DB5 The classic Bond car, by a mile. Fitted with machine guns, radar, a bullet shield and the all-important ejector seat, it is still the most famous car in the history of 007 movies. In Goldfinger, the DB5 crashes into a brick wall after a chase involving a couple of black Mercedes, […]...More


Hero of the day: Joe Boyd

Name Joe Boyd Job A one man music happening. Producer, author, promoter and music mogul. Special Powers The ability to be at the right place at the right time and nurish. His CV is a ridiculous read. He’s partly responsible for the Newport Folk Festival, Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Deliverance, the UFO club in London, […]...More


Sunjar light

This sunjar light is perfect for the cold and dreary nights that are setting over the winter months. It’s been designed by a clever sod called Tobi Wong, and this jar actually stores sunlight. What you do, is leave this rascal sitting in the sunlight, and by night, hey presto, it will radiate light! All […]...More


Star Wars Darth Vader popcorn maker

So you were daft enough to think that only softies munch popcorn? Welcome to the dark side my young paduan learner, and create tasty snacks for flicks in this super dope Darth Vader popcorn maker. Now, this bad boy sith machine features a 6 oz. popper inside a smoked glass and chrome cabinet, as well […]...More


Kim Jones Umbro pinstripe bomber jacket

If you’ve never encountered Umbro by Kim Jones, it’s a more designer/high-fashion end of the Umbro empire, designed by Mr Jones, a leading fashion designer (yes, it’s a "he") for companies like Mulberry and Hugo Boss. And this is just one example of his work – a pinstripe bomber jacket. It’s in navy and white...More


Debenhams sliver-and-mesh cufflinks

Everyone needs a good pair of cufflinks – and these silver and mesh cufflinks from St George by Duffer are the best around right now. Based on the "clasp" cufflinks that were widely worn from the 50s to the 70s, they’re made of silver (unlike the more widely seen gold vintage cufflinks), with the clasp […]...More


Top five football boots

1 ADIDAS TUNiT2 Adidas claims its new Tunit2s – as worn by the likes of Arjen Robben and Ashley Cole – are the world’s first fully customisable football boots. What that means is that you can buy them in different kits: the most expensive Premium Pack, which costs a cool £270, includes three different sets […]...More


See the Fonz in panto!

It’s Christmas soon, and there’s a good chance that some of you may have kids pestering you to go to a pantomime. We all know how terrible panto is don’t we? Well, get this! Panto just got hip! How? Well, at the New Wimbledon Theatre in south west London, you’ll be able to see the […]...More


Wii Wii. The only Nintendo blog worth a damn

When you’re done with Brandish (don’t forget to lock up on your way out), check out Shiny Media’s newest puppy, Wii Wii. It’s a fully house-trained, perfectly obedient blog that will cater to your every Nintendo Wii need. Bookmark it now and your life will be that extra bit more exciting. We promise....More


Reservoir Dogs vs A Clockwork Orange

This is the best Reservoir Dogs vs Clockwork Orange video mash-up you’ll see today....More

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