Top five autographed rock guitars on eBay

1. Signed guitar from the Freddie Mercury tribute gigBack in 1992, before Brian May had even thought of setting foot on the roof of Buckingham Palace, a galaxy of stars came together to pay tribute to the recently-deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. It was a big bash, and this electro-acoustic guitar was backstage, being scribbled […]...More

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Oki-Ni Freitag messenger bag

You don’t have to be a messenger to get the most out of this limited edition Oki-Ni Freitag messenger bag. It’s got enough secret pockets to hide most of your worldly possessions – illegal drugs, your iPod, little black book etc. and it looks rather good too. It’s cut by hand in Zurich (by Swiss […]...More


Five most wanted Xbox 360 games

5 Pro Evolution Soccer 6To die-hard fans, Konami’s Pro Evo series is akin to a religion – quite right too, as there is no better football game on the planet. The latest in the revered PES canon will be released on 27 October and we can’t wait. It’s a shame that Konami and Microsoft couldn’t […]...More


Sekonda One watch

After featuring the highly desirable (and highly priced) TAG Heuer Monaco watch last week, I thought I’d use this week to feature some stylish watches with more realistic price tags, starting with the Sekonda One range. Launched in 1966, Sekonda has been the biggest selling watch brand in the UK for the past 18 years, […]...More


Top five old-school trainers

Trainer fashions come and go, but some classic looks manage to stay on the shelves for years. Here’s our top five picks – buy a pair of these, safe in the knowledge that they’ll outlive any passing fad. 1. PF Flyers Center Lo Introduced in 1937, PF Flyers are more or less unchanged in over […]...More


Japanese alarm clocks > British alarm clocks

But how do you press the snooze button?...More


Konami King Kong models

Forget sensible expenditure like mortgages, nappies and organic yoghurts. There should be a place in every man’s wallet for random strange Japanese toys based on popular monster movies. Such as this complete set of Konami King Kong models based on the original 1933 movie. I know, I thought Konami just made Pro Evolution Soccer console [&helli...More


Seven ways to light a fire

When was the last time you did a truly satisfying Two-Man Friction Drill? No, it’s not something you’d find on a DVD from certain specialist shops in Soho. It’s a way of lighting a fire using two people rather than one, using a thong or a shoelace. Tsk if you didn’t know that. If you […]...More


Avoid iPod muggers with the Discreet Sound System

‘It’ being the earphones, of course. Those pesky white cords might look cool on silhouetted people dancing to Bob Dylan on the TV, but they’re a magnet for street thugs looking for an easy few quid. Help could be at hand, thankfully. Graduate industrial designer Reece Myers has come up with a ‘Discreet Sound System’, [...More


Audi TT roadster

Audi’s desirable new TT roadster will be a fair bit cheaper than expected when it goes on sale (not until March next year, unfortunately). The drop-top starts at £26,875 for the 2.0-litre model, rising to £31,535 for the 3.2-litre, balls-out Quattro. Not bad Audi, not bad at all. This official picture (you can see the […]...More


Office workers with too much time on their hands

Two colleagues spent all night at their workplace setting this up. Which begs the question… why?...More


Dior Homme wool military coat

We’re going a bit upmarket for our final winter coat of the week – but if you can hold out a bit, you might get this Dior Homme wool military coat at a more affordable price in the new year sales, Very much in the style of an old military overcoat of the 19th century […]...More


Jaeger London, a classic new label

I can’t say I’m a Jaeger regular, but a new range under the name Jaeger London label could change all of that. The label is aimed at a slightly younger crowd (which shouldn’t be hard), but using the cut and the style of the sixties to hit this new target market. The quality is a […]...More


Home-brew beer machine

Home brew? Rubbish. Pub turned into bar? RUUUUUBBBISSSHHHH! Ok gentlemen, what do you suggest? Get some spirits in and get wrecked? Well, to add to your spirits, you can pour yourself a nice pint too with the wonderful Beer Machine. Some Canadians have made home brewed beer that is worthy of supping. Also, it is […]...More


Hero of the day: Ryu from Streetfighter

Name Ryu Honshi. Job Street Fighting Martial Arts Hard Nut. Special Powers Spewing fireballs out of his hands and doing killer dragon punches. He Said "HADOKEN!" They said Ryu is the archetypical fighting game protagonist, and he has provided the basis for many other fighting game characters...More

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