Top five useless inventions

Inventors. Who’d be one? After watching the Dragon’s Den, you can see what  torrid time they get. It must be hit and miss too. I bet Trevor Bayliss cam e up with some howlers before making a wind-up radio. Well, let’s look at some bizarre devices that some people think we need. 1. In 1909, […]...More


Algol portable TV

Go to buy a TV, and you’re pretty much faced with a mass of androgynous blinking plasma screens. All function and nil design. Thankfully, there is another option. The stunning Algol portable TV, designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper in the early ’60s. It’s managed to retain the original’s striking design but comes equi...More


Hero of the day: Withnail

Name Withnail. Job Failing vinegar-tongued thespian. Special powers The ability to get very drunk, shoot his mouth off, act like a coward then deliver a superlative one liner (‘Don’t threaten me with a dead fish!’). He said ‘Balls! We want the finest wines availible to humanity. We want them here, and we want them now.’...More


Adidas reissue Gazelle City series

The Gazelle was first launched by Adidas in 1968 as an all-round training shoe. Of course, it went on to be one of the most iconic trainers in history. Now, Adidas has re-introduced the Gazelle City Series, with the best of the bunch being the Tokyo Shoe which comes in white and red, with a […]...More


Xmas shopping, 1986 style

We’re in October and should really be thinking about Christmas shopping. Well, to give you a hand, have a look at what we were buying from Curry’s twenty years ago. I’d gladly take a ZX Spectrum (with a free joystick and software) this year....More


Top five stylish 60s stars

The sixties had loads of cool blokes, and being honest, half of us still dress like them. Whether you think you’re Mod-esque in your suit, or pulling on a box fresh tracksuit, the boys in the sixties had beaten you to the punch. 1. Steve McQueen. A man with effortless cool. Sharp trousers coupled with […]...More



You’ve always dreamed of being in a band… the women… the drugs… the adulation… well, Brandish can’t offer you such dreams without talent, but we can help you to create a picture of a cassette with your name and album title on it. It sounds boring, but the last 20 minutes has just seen the […]...More


Paul Smith boater scarf

With cold weather upon us, it’s time to put your Birkenstocks away, and pull out the woolens. With bloke’s accessorising properly these days, you’ll no doubt want a nice scarf to live up to your nice coat, and one place to look is Paul Smith’s fine range of English boater scarves. Naturally you don’t have […]...More


Lego brick ice-cube tray

Ok. So you’re having some people ’round your house. Maybe the footy is on? Maybe that girl has come and you want to impress her. Well, instead of being a fool and trying to eat bits of Lego, why not produce some ice cubes that are shaped like Lego bricks? It’ll show your humour and […]...More


Hero of the day: Boba Fett

Name Boba Fett Job Bad-ass bounty hunter in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Special powers Other than being completely nails, Boba is the only person to give Darth Vader some lip and get away with it. He’s also a clone of his rock hard dad, Jango, who is the basis for the entire clone army. […]...More


Samsung launch 10-megapixel camphone

Samsung has upped the camphone ante with its SCH-B600 model, which it has just launched in Korea. The B600 packs a 10-megapixel camera, the first mobile to boast such a high-spec shooter. The SCH-B600 features 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and an LED autofocus feature for clearer, sharper images, even in crappy light. There’s […]...More


Sony’s robot dance troupe

We really want our own troupe of Sony robot dancers. So if you’re listening Sony, get in touch…...More


Hero of the day: Keith Moon

Name Keith John Moon (August 23, 1946 – September 7, 1978) Job Madcap drummer and hell raiser with The Who. Special powers Being the greatest ever drummer to have walked the planet whilst being under the influence of enough booze that would kill a bull seal. He said "I still think I’m the best ‘Keith […]...More


Why is mobile TV trying to rewind our viewing habits?

Excessive hype is part and parcel of the mobile industry, so it’s no surprise to see mobile TV being presented as a televised revolution on your phone. And yes, even on a two-inch screen, watching TV is surprisingly rewarding – at least until Apple gets its arse into gear to launch downloadable shows for iPods […]...More


The flirtiest blogger ever

Sometimes you have to take a long, hard look at yourself, and question what kind of hollow-eyed internet junkie you’ve turned into. Such as when you find yourself reading a weather blog PURELY because you think the blogger’s avatar is giving you the eye. It’s not right. I’m hoping if I keep the page open […]...More

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