A flat that swings in the wind

Let’s face it, the view out of most flats isn’t that good. Grey skies, dirty streets, dog-eared St George flags… But imagine if you could change your view on a whim. That’s the idea behind The Wind-Shaped Pavilion, a concept building designed by Michael Jantzen. It’s designed as a large fabric structure with six segmen...More


Soopa Sprinter online game

Forget that Excel spreadsheet you’re working on. It’s Friday, so why not go to the pub pound your keyboard into submission with this cool web game? It’s called Soopa Sprinter, and puts you in the scuffed trainers of a hoodie, who has to dash along the street leaping bins, clambering over walls, and hugging David […]...More


Top five iPod accessories

5 ALTEC LANSING INMOTION iM7 One of the best all-round dock/speaker systems for the iPod. It’s light and small enough to be truly portable, but it also kicks out enough sound to fill all but the largest of rooms. Oh, and it’s also about 70 quid cheaper than Apple’s bulky iPod Hi-Fi. BUY IT...More


Hero of the day: Chuck Norris

Name Carlos Ray ‘Chuck’ Norris. Job Martial arts legend, all-American hero. Special powers Kicking ‘ass’, wearing tight jeans/cowboy boots, maintaining a well-groomed beard. He says ‘Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.’ They say ‘Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris...More

Clothing, Video

DJ sets world record for T-shirt wearing

155 t-shirts to be precise, put on over the course of four hours by Matt McAllister, a DJ on Californian talk-radio station 99.9 KTYD. Watch until the end, when he’s obviously struggling to keep a straight face....More


Guy converts basement into amusement arcade

So this is the story of a regular American guy called Jeff Kinder. One day Jeff decided to convert his crappy basement into an Eighties-style videogame arcade, or ‘Dragon’s Lair’, as he likes to call it. As you do. He pretty much had to destroy half his house to do this. Was this epic feat […]...More


Hero of the day: Bob Ross

Name Bob Ross. Job TV artist – Bob Ross was America’s answer to Rolf Harris. His TV show, The Joy of Painting, was watched by millions. He passed away in 1995. Special powers Painting log cabins and mountain scenes. Using his awesomely relaxing ‘Voice of God’ to send you to sleep. He says ‘I’m just […]...More


Angry Nintendo Nerd

‘F**k this game!’ Angry Nintendo Nerd tells it like it is. If you’ve ever played Double Dragon III on the NES then this will definitely strike chords of nostalgia and frustration. If, like us, you haven’t, well, it’s still pretty damn funny (features NSFW language), especially the bit about the typo – ‘They...More


Mad scientist test tube lighting

It may look like something Dr Frankenstein would keep in his lab, but in fact this set of lamps is something you can make yourself. Even if you’re don’t have the skills of your average lunatic scientist. The instructions can be found on Instructables, with my favourite bit being the dire disclaimer at the start:...More


VW guitar

So let me get this straight. VW has teamed up with guitar firm First Act to make an axe that you can play through your car’s sound system? Isn’t that a bit dangerous? Imagine if Clarkson gets his hands on it, and starts test-driving motors while cranking out the solo from Born To Be Wild. […]...More


Hero of the day: Man-at-Arms

Name Duncan, aka Man-at-Arms. Job Watching He-Man’s back, inventing shit, being foster father to Teela. Special powers Master of all weapons. Uncle-like wisdom. Looking like Nigel Mansell. He says ‘I got your back He-Man, don’t worry ’bout a thing…’ (Or something like that) They say ‘He has an understanding...More


Links of the day

Introducing the USB-powered hamster wheel. If you don’t already own a hamster, here’s the perfect reason to buy one. [Stuff]New Creative Xtreme Fidelity gizmo claims to make your MP3s sound better than CDs. Could it be magic? [Tech Digest]Nokia unveils Wibree – just like Bluetooth but more energy efficient. [BBC]Cool video of the ...More


Five t-shirts we like right now

5 ‘DRINK WATER’ BY AIRSIDESensible advice for your chest. Designed by Ian Stevenson for Airside. BUY IT...More


Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard

Brandish won’t feature keyboards very often, because keyboards are fricking dull. However, we’ll obviously make an exception for a keyboard that a) claims to be the ‘world’s most advanced keyboard’ and b) looks like it’s been ripped out of Darth Vader‘s TIE fighter. Logitech’s new diNovo Edge is creat...More


iPod dominos video

$60,000 worth of iPods. One high-street gadget store. A neat idea for a domino-themed TV advert. Genius. Obviously, don’t try this at home. Although if you’re rich enough to own that many iPods, you can probably afford to do it....More

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