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Wallet 2.0

It was inevitable really: following the boom in Web 2.0 hype, canny product manufacturers are applying the 2.0 magic to, well, any object that’s a bit more advanced than its predecessors. As you would. Take the Wallet 2.0, so named because it uses refill sheets inside, like a Filofax. It comes with five of them, […]...More


James Dyson’s 400mph hand dryer

There isn’t enough loo-related technology in this country, as opposed to Japan, where every public convenience is staffed by robots. Probably. But James Dyson isn’t settling for that. The Brit inventor has announced a new hand dryer that "pumps room-temperature air through a tiny slot at 400mph". He claims it’ll dry both...More


Pitchfork website reviews Jet’s new album

The best album review of all time is still Charles Shaar Murray’s one-word dismissal of Lee Hazelwood’s ‘Poet, Fool or Bum’ album (quoting in full: "Bum"). But it’s run pretty close by music site Pitchfork’s appraisal of Jet’s new ‘Shine On’ LP. Ouch! Acute critical opinion playing to ...More


Five cool toy robots

5 ROBOTAN TOILET-ROLL HOLDERThis ceramic bog-roll holder is available in black, white, yellow or red, from excellent gadget website Audiocubes, which sells all sorts of cool, out-of-stock Japanese stuff. It even comes with a free toilet roll, so you can wipe ‘in a robot stylee’ straight away. The best kind of toilet humour. BUY IT...More


Kung-Fu movie auditions

There’s no way that this video is for real (someone here at Brandish seems to think they were used in spoof ads for the beat-em-up videogame Tekken), but that doesn’t stop it entertaining the hell out of us. They don’t have as much skill as the famous Kung-Fu Baby though....More


Links of the day

Man buys Xbox on eBay, comes wrapped in soiled tracksuit bottoms and towel (see picture). Hadn’t he heard of bubblewrap? [Boing Boing]Napster turns Japanese. [BBC]Cnet UK reveals its gadgets of the year. [Cnet]Interesting interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. [Time]How to dismantle an atomic bomb. Handy to know. [Wired]...More


Five new albums we love

5 THE LETTING GO – BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLYAfter the disappointment of The Brave and the Bold, Will Oldham’s recent collaboration with Tortoise (of whom more below), The Letting Go is a return to the confident form of 2003′s Master and Everyone. Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables) provides wonderfully intimate backing vocals thro...More


Star Wars canvas prints

According to gadget site, they’ve "never really seen anything that caters for the more sophisticated, style-savvy Star Wars fan". What? So you can’t be a style-savvy sophisticate who ALSO enjoys waving a cheap imported plastic light-sabre around down the park? Bah. Anyway, Firebox qualifies its remark with "Un...More


Little People art project

Blogger and artist Slinkachu takes tiny painted models into the grimy streets of London and photographs them in interesting places, such as in front of Big Ben (see picture). The result is the most charming street art project we’ve seen today. LINK [Via Drawn!] After you’ve checked out Slinkachu’s Little People project, pay a visi...More


Battle of the Planets opening credits

‘Fearless young orphans, acting as one…’ What could be better than that?...More


Nuke The Daily Mail

The internetweb can be a frustrating place, but there are ways to cope with it. No, not chucking your PC through the nearest window. Except in extreme circumstances. A better way to let off steam is to afflict an offending website with, say, a plague of flies, or some messy graffiti, or best of all […]...More


Transparent VW Beetle

You probably wouldn’t want to drive it, but it’d look ACE in the driveway. And it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase drive-by-wire. Details are scarce on this see-through Beetle, which I found on Hemmings Auto Blogs, other than that it does work, and is one of the few cars that would probably […]...More


SeventySeven Bass Beats sweat

Despite the admirable efforts of global warming to extend summer into October, we have to face facts – autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to think about wearing more than the summer uniform of t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. We recommend that you start with a cosy hooded sweatshirt, specifically UK label SeventySeven’s Bass ...More


Lyle’s Golden Syrup is Britain’s oldest brand

Lyle’s Golden Syrup has been named as Britain’s oldest brand. Its distinctive green and gold packaging has remained virtually unchanged since 1885. I certainly remember growing up with a tin of Lyle’s perpetually sat in the kitchen cupboard. I think my mum used it as a key ingredient in her cake-baking. If you’re wondering w...More


Carlsberg’s Draughtmaster can turn your home into a pub

Forget canned or bottled lager. Tech Digest has a story on Carlsberg’s new Draughtmaster, a gadget which lets you pull your own draught pints (of Carlsberg Export, naturally) in the comfort of your own home. Finally, a kitchen gadget that men will actually use – think of all those smoothie-blenders and breadmakers rusting in the [&helli...More

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