Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis tells the fans – Arsene has plenty of money to spend

Some interesting news courtesy of Arsenal expert Tim Payton, who has been sharing on Twitter and BBC Five Live what exactly went on at the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting tonight. Over 100 fans turned up to quiz Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis about the club’s finances, future and more and, credit to the guy, he apparently spent over two ...More


More good news for United – Vidic is back for the Sunderland game. But for how long?

If United have really missed one player this season it has been their talismanic captain Nemanja Vidic. While things look good for Fergie and the boys at the moment with that six point gap opening up against City and other would be rivals like Arsenal and Chelsea in disarray, the Reds clearly have some defensive […]...More

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The best Christmas gifts for her: gadgets, fashion, accessories and beauty

Let's talk Christmas guys. Have you started thinking about presents for the missus yet, or will you do a mad dash around the shops the last weekend, picking up things ...More


Sitar frenzy – how Ravi Shankar (along with The Byrds and The Beatles) created Psychedelia

Like everyone I am sad to hear of the death of Ravi Shankar this morning. The Indian sitar player, who was arguably the first World Music (as we understand it now) star, wowed them at the Woodstock Festival, was chummy with The Beatles and much of pop’s aristocracy, and did much to popularise Indian arts […]...More


Should he stay or should he go? What the papers/blogs says about Arsene Wenger after the Bradford defeat

So it is time to put the knife into Arsene. With a whiff of blood in their nostrils Fleet Street’s finest haven’t been slow to put the knife in First up The Telegraph which asks – will Arsene Wenger ever win another trophy? “Arsene Knows”, they used to say at the Emirates. “You don’t know […]...More

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Duffle Coats – from Scots Indie bands to Harriet Harman

In some ways Duffle Coats are now classics that in theory anyone should be able to wear at any time. However unless you buy a smart one you run two risks. 1 You might end up looking a little too much like Paddington Bear. 2 Cheap ones can look a bit scruffy and won’t do […]...More

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Aero’s 30s style (On The) Waterfront jacket

Want to look like Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront? Good to see that Aero is resurrecting the thirties style jacket worn by Terry Malloy in the iconic 1954 film. I always associate this type of jackes with the depression era of the 1930s, so given the current economic climate they really ought to be […]...More


Are Arsenal fans really serious about wanting Arsene Wenger to get the sack?

Well, what an incredible game. First up credit where it is due, Bradford played like a side at least two divisions higher than their current league status. However, this should have been an easy win for Arsenal, especially given the strength of the team that Wenger put out, and Arsenal really ought to have had […]...More


45 years since the air crash that killed him we salute the incomparable Otis Redding

Simon Poulter of the brilliant What Would David Bowie Do? salutes one of soul and R&B’s legends. Early one May morning in 1965, Keith Richards woke up in his St. John’s Wood flat with a three-note riff in his head. He grabbed a cassette recorder and an acoustic guitar and quickly committed the riff to […]...More

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Hot stories: Aussie Apple Maps fail, weird Police Christmas videos and Apple’s iPhone 5S update

Top stories from Brandish and our pals… Very strange police Christmas video Yet another Apple Maps fail Christmas Chocolate selection boxes when they were great Some great photos of Eusebio Football boots we have loved – Valsport Era Is Abou Diaby finished? And 4 other great footballer who never got over injuries 5 very cool […]...More


Are Abou Diaby’s Arsenal days over? And four other footballers whose injuries ended promising careers

If Arsene Wenger is a religious man he must thank The Almighty every night for the current form of Jack Wilshere. After over a year on the sidelines the Arsenal midfielder has come slotted back in to the team perfectly and is looking stronger, keener and sharper after every game. Wenger has also seen Aaron […]...More

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Stutterheim brings Swedish old school raincoats to the UK

I am not sure about those grimmest winter in 100 years predictions but the weather is bound to take a turn for the worse in the coming weeks and get colder and damper . So now is probably a really good time to invest in a raincoat that comes from a place where they know […]...More

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Top 5 bands to watch in 2013: Haim, Cheatahs, Palma Violets, Savages, Daughter

A new year, a new start, a new favourite band to devote your life to! With 2013 almost upon us, we’ve hand picked 5 ace new bands to put you ahead of the cool curve next year. Haim, Cheatahs, Palma Violets, Savages and Daughter are all destined for big things in the coming months. Namedrop […]...More


Words you should never have on your Twitter/LinkedIn profile – guru, evangelist, jedi and more

Everyone wants more Twitter followers and there are two ways to get them. 1 Go on to Fiverr and find someone who will magically add 1000 to your list over night 2 Create an intriguing profile, tweet about interesting things, chat with other people on Twitter and be generous in who you follow. Option 1 […]...More


Arsenal to sign Nani. Walcott to United. Has Arsene Wenger completely lost the plot?

Ok, so it is just weeks before the transfer window moves from being a squillion speculative articles to a precious few days when deals can be done, contracts signed and managers re-asessed. So we are still in silly season mode. One story that Gunners fans probably hope is the product of a over active imagination […]...More

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