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The 12 most iconic rock and roll band t shirts of all time

There was a time when the only people who would wear band T shirts were metal heads still loyal to their ageing rocker heroes, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin fans, who a decade on hadn’t bought any other new items of clothes, and Teenage Fanclub fans who’d give them a quick iron and pop them on each […]...More


Brandish Christmas List #8 Polka Dot Hankyz

So you want to add a splash of colour to your suit pocket but can’t be bothered spending time folding up and constantly readjusting handkerchiefs. Well a new Brit innovation has come to your rescue. Hankyz sounds perfect for us – the would be dandy who can’t bring themselves to make too much effort. Basically […]...More


Serge Gainsbourg, Francois Hardy, France Gall and the top ten 60s French pop videos

I was at a Tame Impala gig the other week when in the interlude they played a track by France Gall. The girl in front of me was so moved that she spent three minutes trying unsuccessfully to Shazam it. Eventually I told what it was and pointed her in the direction of this - […]...More

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Brandish Christmas List #7 Slayer Christmas Jumper

There are a few notable exceptions, but rock band’s merch tends to be of the cheap and tacky variety. Sure the odd band t-shirt can look amazing, but the rest of the range – no ta. And you can treble that rule when it comes to metal bands. The exception that proves the rule though […]...More

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Pep Guardiola – the most stylish man in football. Here’s the evidence

After winning a host of trophies with his beloved Barca Josep Pep Guardiola is currently in the middle of a sabbatical from the game, quaffing the Espressos, wandering the streets of Manhattan and pondering his next move. With Roberto Di Matteo the latest manager to to be given the Siberian shoulder Pep is odds on […]...More

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Is this the smartest iPhone cycle gadget so far? Wahoo’s RFLKT

Wahoo Fitness is best known for its range of iPhone-friendly gadgets that are normally the preserve of our pals over Connected Health. However RFLKT, which we spotted on Mashable has caught out eye. It is an iPhone powered computer for street bikes which is expected to launch at the end of December or early January, […]...More

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How to wear a scarf – and ten you’d look great in

In Winter, at least, the obvious purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck warm, but sartorially speaking a scarf has a multitude of uses from adding a splash of colour to an otherwise slightly dull suit through to adding a degree of formality to casual clothes. Personally I am a die-hard stripey or […]...More

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The 8 retro gadgets that you actually might want to own – Crosley, Fujifilm, Timex and more

A few years ago retro gadgets seemed like quite a fun idea. Oh how we chuckled when we saw that iPhone case made to resemble a 1970s Motorola brick. And yep I loved all those games consoles styled like ones I had a few decades ago yet stacked out with contemporary processors and graphics cards. […]...More

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The Unmissables – the top ten debut albums of 2012

It is almost the end of the year so time to start compiling those best of 2012 lists, and to kick things off we thought we ‘d take a look at the best debut albums. There has been an explosion of  great new guitar bands this year. From Alabama Shakes in the States through to […]...More

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So you want cheap Cashmere – here are six brands with jumpers for less than £100

Until about five years ago Cashmere jumpers were the preserve of ladies who lunch, golfers and tourists looking to take home something suitably pricey and Scottish (which they had invariably bought on London’s Regent Street !?). But then something very odd happened. Stores like Uniqlo and M&S began to sell Cashmere knitwear at prices that...More


New books for Smiths/Morrissey obsessives – Morrissey International Airport and an updated Mozipedia

There was a time when stalking pop stars was largely the preserve of oddballs with way too much time and money on their hands. Not any more though for in among the Japanese super fans and Scandi wouldbe groupies you are probably going to meet someone looking for material to turn into a book. Step […]...More

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Brandish Christmas List #6 William Fox Fairisle Jumper

One of our favourite knitwear brands is William Fox, who have been in the business of manufacturing top quality sporting goods and and assorted gentlemen’s attire for over a century now. The brand’s new range is available at Present and includes some classics and few quirky items too. My pick of the bunch is this […]...More


Take care of your skin with new Dove Men+Care face range

Just as guys like their women to look their best, women also like their men to be well-groomed. If you fall into the category of men whose skin care regime consists of a quick wash with any old soap, followed by shaving with a blunt, old razor ...More


The cheapest 10inch tablet so far? The £150 Disgo Tablet 9000

Disgo, makers of an acclaimed, but competitively priced 9104 10inch tablet, are back with a new model. And this time the price has dipped below £150. Announced today the disgo Tablet 9000. runs the Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, features a 9.7” TN capacitive display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, a 1.0 […]...More

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What to look for when buying a vintage or used racing bicycle – video

So you you have set your heart set on the type of bike that Eddy Merckx used to spin around the Alps on in the 70s. Well you clearly have taste. There’s no denying that older racing bikes from the 60s through to the 90s have a tad more style than lot of today’s racers […]...More

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