Barack Obama Sons of Liberty t-shirt

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When you look at Gordon Brown’s face you realise there hasn’t been a politician as t-shirt friendly as Barack Obama in a long while. Add his vague slogans about change, which lend themselves well to t shirt captions and you have a prime candidate for an ironic t-shirt. Sons of Liberty were one of the quickest off the mark with this Back to the Future inspired top.

Onitsuka Tiger and Mini do the business

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The 80’s trend started out as one movement
but then fragmented into whatever you took to be 80’s. On one side was the
coloured jeans 80’s trend, thankfully that was short lived. On the other side
was the 80’s as seen in the film “The
“, starring down-to-earth cockney superbloke Danny Dyer. If you’re
looking to complete your superbloke look then these Onitsuka Tiger trainers
should do the job. Or the business, if you’re into bad puns.