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The Nordic invasion: Why Scandinavian brands are rising in popularity among British men

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 6th, 2012

Menswear has traditionally taken a background role in the world of fashion, letting women mode reign the catwalks, column inches and shopping baskets. But over the last couple of years something has been brewing and these days menswear is as interesting – if not more – than the apparel made for women.

Leading the leading the pack are brands that come from the North – no not Newcastle, not even Scotland. We’re talking about brands that hail from the Nordic countries, the countries of snow, darkness and ingenuity. But why is Scandinavian menswear proving so popular on the isles known for their traditions?

Why are Scandinavian brands so popular among British men?

Anyone who has spent some time scouring the high street and internet for interesting menswear will have taken note of brands from Denmark, Norway and especially Sweden.

As a born and raised Scandinavian who is now living the life of an expat in my adopted home town of London – a modern day Viking, without the violence – it is fascinating to see the Scandi influence on British menswear these days. I won’t go into much detail about how amazing Scandinavian culture, lifestyle and designs are as this could be considered rude of me (but they really are).

But something of the Nordic minimalistic design has captured the interest of British men. Perhaps it is the focus on functionality (never underestimate the power of the humble fleece jacket when it’s minus 25 degrees outside!), as knitwear and weatherproof garments are seeing yet another season of popularity, combined with style and comfort.

The Scandinavian way of life

Of course the influx of Nordic flavour in all areas of life in recent years will have helped put the Norse firmly on the map: TV shows (The Killing!), furniture and housewares (Ikea is a favourite), music (think First Aid Kit and Sigur Ros), and not to forget the food and drink (meatballs, salmon, reindeer, sickly sweet cider).

It also helps that the hipsters and stylish geeks in London (and other cities) have embraced what us Norse consider practical mountain wear to be part of their uniform. Who doesn’t like a Fjellraven backpack for city hiking to the summit (read: riding a fixie bike to Dalston).

Whatever the reason is, as a Scandi expat, one thing is certain: Britain is starting to feel (even more) like home…

If you’re after some inspiration on which Scandinavian brands to include in your wardrobe, check out the gallery below. Just be warned, as with most Scandinavian things they also come with the price tag to match.


Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

Pamuk blue sweater. Available from Acne for £240




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London Fashion Week – Acne Fall 2011 collection

By Laura on February 23rd, 2011

When Acne creative director Jonny Johansson was asked about the Men’s Fall 2011 collection he shrugged and stated “All the tailoring—I thought that was in the moment, something fresh. I’m tired of all this heritage, the older models or whatever. It’s time for something young.” Here at Brandish we completely agree!

The collection includes a series of overcoats paired with suit pants, as well as very sartorial two-piecers. With TV influences like Mad Men the suit is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger generations and it’s labels like Acne that they’ll turn to.

The collection over all is very youthful with slightly cropped pants and low-buttoning jackets in different styles all in Italian bonded wool. The pallet sees accents of raspberry, royal blue, or teal. Johansson stated that the clothing was made for “that moment when you’re not grown up and at the same time, not a kid. The kind of sexual energy that brings.”

See pictures from the star studded Acne Autumn 2011 show in the gallery below.

Mr. Hudson

Picture 1 of 9
Picture 1 of 9

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Oki-Ni Summer Sale Picks.

By ThomasHewetson on June 20th, 2010

With many online boutiques starting there summer sales this week, I thought a pick from a couple wouldn’t go amiss. Oki-Ni have a huge sale on and it really is the chance to pick up something beautiful and rare at a bargain price.pendletonshorts.jpg

Shorts by Pendleton x Opening Ceremony £165 £99

The first pick is these Pendleton x Opening Ceremony shorts. Such a wonderful collaboration teaming American Heritage with urban pieces, these shorts are one of the only pieces in the range with checks instead of Navajo print and it works perfectly.

acneposh.jpgTrousers by Acne £245 £147
These Acne Pitched Posh Trousers are a slightly different shape from just a tapered leg, with a balloon shape giving the trousers a very slim ankle but a relaxed fit throughout the rest of the trouser. Made from 56% linen and 44% cotton these are a light trouser for the summer and would look great turned up with some pastel brogues for a smart but forward look.

chronicles.jpgLeather Jacket by Chronicles Of Never £1155 £693
This unstructured crumple effect leather has the edges left raw for an ‘organic effect’ and I have to say it works beautifully. The unstructured silhouette works well with a skinny bottom half and it’s been styled well with a longer length t-shirt underneath.

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High-end chinos breathe life into khaki

By cchapman on June 22nd, 2009

high_end_chinos.jpgChinos have in recent times experienced something of a role change – from bland slacks favoured by American tourists to fashion item, worn high on the ankle as a foil for brave colours and occasional irony. In a recent twist, the quality of the garment itself is changing. I’m seeing a lot of high-end chinos out there, suggesting that £20 Uniqlo, utilitarian numbers are being replaced by the high thread count, near-sateen of the designer chino. As the summer sales commence and prices are slashed, there’s every opportunity to find the perfect pair. Here are two of the best to measure your sales finds against.

ACNE Van Straight chinos, ASOS, Sateen beige trousers by YMC at Liberty`

Additional image source: Mister Mort

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White jeans: only in summer

By Colin Chapman on May 29th, 2009

Club_Tropicana.jpgSummer is definitely fashion’s silliest season, when you can throw (some) caution to the wind and don styles you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in. With this in mind, how about some white jeans? Instantly reminiscent of Club Tropicana-era Wham, act up the Euro playboy with a strong-coloured V-neck T-shirt from American Apparel (lavender, pink, mint) and a floral print. These jeans from Acne break the pristine mold by adding horizontal rips at the thigh, whilst with these hibiscus-print espadrilles who needs a Hawaiian shirt? With a liberal splash of Kouros you will be ready to tear up the dancefloors of Europe .. just don’t forget to pack the Vanish stick.

Mic White Trashed Jeans: Acne, Hibiscus print espadrilles, ASOS


Time to turn heads: Ikitabi Ninja Slippers

By Colin Chapman on May 22nd, 2009

Ninja_slippers.jpgWith so much attention in menswear having been given to ‘ironic’ preppy wear and reversioned Americana recently, it’s quite refreshing to recommend something a bit edgier and less mainstream. These split-toe, Japanese Ikitabi canvas boots currently at OkiNi will certainly turn heads.

Based on traditional Japanese slippers or tabi with the addition of rubber soles, I’m already sold on the attention to detail and the apparently ergonomic effect on your gait. For full Murakami-inspired hipness, partner with simple, pared-back shapes. This black denim suit by ACNE is a perfect combination. Or make use of the neutral beige colourway and pair with pink chinos. Jump through for product details.

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Summer Totes: only for the lighthearted

By Colin Chapman on February 18th, 2009

There’s something very liberating about the tote bag for guys. Clearly ‘recreational’ in outlook – its very simplicity makes it clear that you’re not lugging a laptop and however Boho your leatherware is there’s nothing quite so carefree as a simple cotton tote. We’ve been there with slogans and brand names in the last couple of years, both as intentional shout-outs and as the sought-after-though-indirectly-fashionable (hello Daunt Books bag carriers).

The most refreshing option for your cotton tote bag then is something purely graphic: Topman have great, cheap options available in abstract diamond or mesh patterns. Acne has a gorgeous still life print. Though my favourite remains Deer Dana who make up totes in any of their hand-drawn T-shirt designs – the most well-known of which being the Agyness Deyn print, as worn by, ahem Agyness Deyn. So now the only thing left to do is to check what’s needed for the park/beach/lunch date: Kiehls SPF moisturiser, Penguin Classic, chunky headphones and moleskine notepad. Go be carefree.

Items: Left, Deer Dana, centre, both Topman, right Acne

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Super-size Tee

By Colin Chapman on February 16th, 2009

As we move towards T-shirt weather you may be stocking up on the inevitable summer tops. Try updating your silhouette by buying your T-shirts one size larger and pairing with slim jeans. Playing with proportion in this way instantly makes a simple T and jeans combo look more interesting and de jour.

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Acne’s Pop Classics throws some great (new) shapes

By Colin Chapman on February 11th, 2009

As the days lengthen, the volume has definitely been turned up on Spring fashion options. A clear voice amongst the throng, ACNE have just launched their SS09 POP Classics collection. Inspired by reminiscence of ‘the freedom of our teenage years‘ (a serious lot those Swedes), the collection features lovely, bleached-out pastels and some groundbreaking shapes.

T-shirts come in luxurious, sexy jersey with ‘stretched-out’ or ‘deep round’ necklines and an overall looseness in shape – perfect for playing with proportion alongside some slim jeans. More unusual (at least for men) are the ‘carrot’ and ‘balloon’ leg trousers which can be worn alongside those loose T-shirts with some smart shoes to add gravity. Speaking of shoes, how about seeing last summer’s Happy Days loafers in primary colours? You’d certainly turn heads in these though not sure what The Fonz would think about it all.

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my-wardrobe do menswear, stocking APC, Cold Method and Acne

By admin on January 9th, 2009

acne cold method apc my wardrobe menswear.jpg
Click image to emlarge, from left: Cold Method, APC and Acne

have been doing men’s accessories for a while now but January sees the launch of their menswear clothing section.
Featuring clothes by Cold Method, APC and Acne it’s another site which raises the bar for menswear and should put some oomph into your wishlists for Spring 09.

What’s more they’ve got a competition so good I might even enter myself, you can win £1000 shopping experience for yourself and a female friend. Of course you could always go the sneaky route and pick a partner with no interest in fashion at all. Hmm, I wonder if my dad’s busy…

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Lanvin x Acne High tops

By admin on July 9th, 2008

lanvinxacnetrainers.JPGAlthough the Lanvin x Acne collaboration looks to be women’s only, they’re still teaming up to release some high tops that can (presumably) also be worn by men. At the moment, there’s next to no information available on them, apart from the fact that they’ll be out in November and that Kanye West will probably buy them. From the looks of it, we can assume that it will be the classic Lanvin high top shape with Acne denim on top.

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Acne X Lanvin Denim

By admin on May 1st, 2008


Lanvin clearly like what Acne did with Fantastic Man, as they’ve decided to start making denim with the Swedish company. Acne’s previous collaborations bode well for this upcoming one, as the Gentleman’s jean were a great addition and should have been more widely available.

The good news about this is that these two companies almost can’t fail to make something great. The bad news is that it looks likely to be a women’s only line, judging from Alber Elbaz’s comments. It may just have been that FWD didn’t ask about the possibility of a menswear line, so we can still hope. It’s set for a 2009 launch.

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Acne Jeans – Why settle for less?

By admin on April 17th, 2008

acnejeans.jpgWhy do people put such a low price limit when jeans shopping? Don’t give me the price nonsense either. If you spend £50 on jeans which develop holes after 3 months, then you’ll need to replace them. Do this 3 or 4 times a year and you’ll spend £150-200 on the same awful pair of jeans. So why not save that money up and get these Acne Jeans?

Sure, at £177 you could get cheaper jeans but why put yourself through that ordeal? It would be the equivalent of watching Lead Balloon instead of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Bill instead of The Wire. Dane Cook instead of Bill Hicks. Taxi Driver instead of….you get my drift. It would be a bad choice.

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Acne collaborate with Fantastic Man for their ‘Gentleman’s Jeans’

By admin on April 10th, 2008

fantastic man acne jean gentleman's gert jonkers.jpg
The Dutch duo behind the beloved Fantastic Man magazine have teamed up with Acne to produce the ‘Gentleman’s Jeans’, a pair of slightly tapered slim-ish fitting dark denim jeans. The Fantastic Man editors Gert Jonkers & Jop van Bennekom describe it thus:
“It’s reminiscent of a style that we’d see on our fathers and uncles — the dreaded pleated denim chino — but then updated and made wonderful for today and for ourselves.”

Taking the origins of jeans as workwear as a starting point Acne have adapted the classic trousers for the modern man, and they suit formal wear as much as a casual look. They are available from Acne’s online store for £170.

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