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Adam Kimmel Bandana Roll-Up Sleeve Shirts inspired by Snoop Dogg

By Laura on May 3rd, 2011

Personally I have never really thought of Snoop Dogg as much of a fashion icon, but that is exactly where Adam Kimmel got his inspiration for his latest series of roll-up shirts. Utilizing a custom bandana print reflective of Snoop’s personal style, the shirts feature several different cashmere/cotton designs incorporated into the roll-up part of both T-shirts and button-downs. Overall creating an refreshing take on the classic T. Shirts are available through Por Vocacao.

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BBlessing: hot New York boutique’s summer stock online

By Colin Chapman on March 18th, 2009

Spring/Summer stock is starting to roll in to BBlessing‘s online store. Known for stocking hot US brands like Patrick Ervell, Adam Kimmel and Rag and Bone, BBlessing’s own line is definitely worth checking out. Attention to detail is always spot on and the quality of the garments needs to be experienced to really appreciate their unique take on streetwear meets formality.

The latest BBlessing collection inspired (with typical obscurity) by ‘the mythology surrounding the legend of plane-hijacker DB Cooper’ comes in a rich colour palette of blues, greens, washed greys and tans, more tangibly ‘inspired by the textures and tones of the Pacific Northwest’.

Stand-out pieces include the selvedge denim jacket – made formal by being lined – and these beautiful, pleated linen shorts.

The physical store with it’s crack-pipe chandeliers and American Gothic aesthetic is a must-see stop-off if you really want to experience the excitement of the menswear scene in New York. Right in the heart of the hipster-centric Lower East Side it doesn’t get any better, though their website offers a great taster and a good shopping experience in itself.

BBlessing -181 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

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“Come to fix the taps?” Dare to wear: the boilersuit

By Colin Chapman on March 18th, 2009

The latest Fantastic Man should be on the shelves of your favourite magazine seller anytime now (or available in advance exclusively from RD Franks). Amongst the many, many items of note is a boilersuit modelled by stylist Elgar Johnson. The boilersuit is one of those trends that, despite predictions, hasn’t taken off. Last summer APC had a gorgeous denim version (as derided/modelled by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian mag) whilst Adam Kimmel has this luxury version, again in denim. Nether were very prevalent on the street but maybe it’s second summer lucky for the coverall?

Elgar certainly shows off his boilersuit to great effect. Minimally styled with Reebok trainers, Uniqlo T and a tool bag, his simple look is clearly the way to go with the all-in-one. An eye-catching printed T-shirt visible through the unbuttoned-front, plain hi-top trainers and a top layer of oversized plaid shirt for warmth would be my suggestion. Worn with confidence, this could be a sexy, comfortable look .. try not to overstyle it though or you may end up looking like you’re on the way to a gay fetish night. So leave the mlutch at home!

Adam Kimmel denim boilersuit from The Corner, or unbranded from utility clothing suppliers everywhere.


Adam Kimmel polo neck

By admin on August 12th, 2008

adam kimmel grey jumper knit polo.jpgPolo necks are still too Alan Partridge for me; as much as I love our man from Norwich the thought of actually wearing one fills me with dread. Polo necks conjure up images of saintly vicars and friend’s dads, not high fashion.

Adam Kimmel‘s slouchy cowl-neck version of the polo is perfect for fellow fence-sitters, you can roll it up if you’re feeling brave or keep the collar down. The marl-y grey colour is versatile and smart enough for formal looks, and the black trim adds definition to the silhouette. Snap it up for £270 from The Corner.

Click image to enlarge

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One to watch? Adam Kimmel

By admin on January 14th, 2008


Pitti Uomo is a massive tradeshow which takes place in Milan just before Milan Fashion week. The organisers pride themselves that this is the place to identify new trends and being asked to show there is like finding one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets.
This year, Pitti asked New Yorker Adam Kimmel to present his new collection which he did on Thursday at a banquet for his closest friends. His closest friends happen to include the major players of the New York art scene including Ryan McGinley, Nate Lowamn, Christopher Bollen and Casey Spooner. These friends also happen to star in his look-books.
Disappointingly I think it’s a case of ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’ which is behind the hype, as I’m afraid to say I can’t see anything particular impressive about his collections. This bin man jacket, available from Hejfina, is the most inspiring thing I could find in his current collection, but maybe I’m missing something….

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